I Want To Make Comic Inspired Coords Too!

Lately I've been seeing a ton of really adorable Avengers coordinates out there, and while I loved the heck out of this movie and ended up seeing it twice (Apparently everyone else wants to see it as much as I do, because when I saw it last week, the theater was just as crowded as when I saw it the day after it came out! I feel like I am going to have to make it a 3rd time if I want to experience this movie from someplace better than the second row!), I feel like I can't really ever see myself wearing a red-white-and-blue coordinate, especially not a purple-brown-and-green one! So I got to thinking, what's a comic that, stylewise, is a little more my speed? The Sandman, of course! While not exactly a traditional superhero comic and there probably aren't going to be any movies based on the series anytime soon, it's still one of my favorite series out there. And heck, The Sandman had a huge effect on the fashion choices of many Goths for the last 20+ years, so it's no small stretch to be able to make some of the styles work for Gothic Lolita too!

I chose to just do a few coordinates inspired by a few members of the Endless (and gang) because, well, if you're familiar with the comic, you'll know that at least one member of the Endless is very... minimalistic when it comes to clothing choices.

This one was actually pretty difficult to put together! If mostly for the fact that Morpheus isn't always the most fashion-forward guy out there. But, I tried to put together something that I thought would be appropriate, so I chose a very formal looking OP, and a cape lined in red (because most Lolita capes don't exactly come in flame-print, thank goodness). A red gem necklace and a pouch-like purse are a nod to Morpheus' iconic ruby and sand pouch, but I was hard pressed to find a Lolita appropriate gas-mask.


This one was really fun to put together! And it's definitely something I would love to wear. I started with a light and breezy OP, for a little bit more of a casual look, and added some iconic 80's Goth accessories, and topped it off with a top hat I think Death herself would enjoy, as well as a black parasol. While ankhs are pretty much never seen in Lolita, it's sort of impossible to make a Death themed coordinate that doesn't feature one!

I actually spent a bit of time trying to decide if I wanted to make this particular outfit boystyle or not, but then I decided to go with the slightly more obvious choice of making an Erololi coordinate. I sort of compromised with the boystyle and went with a bloomers-based Ero coordinate, which is not really something people tend to wear in real life when they wear Ero, as it looks too much like you just forgot to put your dress on in the morning, but I think it's very appropriate for Desire.

 I actually thought this set was going to be a piece of cake, because I thought it would be easy to find a brown hooded Lolita capelet! I sort of just assumed that Classic brands release them all the time, but apparently not. I spent forever hunting down this one! I figured a Destiny inspired coordinate would be very fussy, old school, and stick very strictly to the "rules". For an even more Destiny appropriate coordinate, I'd probably replace the long strap on the book purse with a chain strap!


Okay, so this isn't one of the Endless, but I sort of wanted to do a raven-themed boystyle coordinate! While not exactly something you would see the character that Matthew was on would wear, it's sort of more of an "all of Morpheus' ravens, in general" coordinate. Honestly, I think this is more of a Lucian styled coordinate, but he's not a raven any more, but a librarian. If you haven't read the series, does any of this make any sense to you XD? I'm guessing it doesn't.

Princess Barbara
This post needs a little bit more pink! And who's the pinkest (okay, so really it's more of a purple...) character in The Sandman? Probably Princess Barbara, dream self of a very multifaceted woman named Barbie. I've paired up some fit-for-a-princess pieces, including a JSK with a corset-like waist, with a big gem pendant that could make a pretty good Porpentine.

I could have done a few more coordinates, as there are just tons and tons of characters in the Sandman, many of them fabulously dressed (like that foppish rabbit-headed vampire or Wanda), but I chose to pick a few favorite characters instead.

Marvel mainstream, DC imprint, and anything in between, do you have any comic book characters you have found yourself particularly inspired to lolify? Like I mentioned, I really loved seeing a lot of the Avengers coordinates online and I'd love to see anything else comic book related people have come up with!


  1. Oh my goodness, I love you for this. Especially since Death is my Goth and Gothic Lolita fashion icon. These are really creative and excellent!

    Also, I'm an exception to the not-liking-to-wear-bloomers-alone thing. I love wearing bloomers as frilly shorts, but only occasionally. :D

  2. I LOVE this post!!  I really, really adore that Death coord, but they are all really awesome :D  A Delirium coord would probably be really cool too!  As for other comic characters, I can't really think of any myself because now all I can think of is Sandman, haha.

  3. I really love the Matthew coord! Right now I'd like to see a coordinate inspired not on a character from a comic, but from a movie: Queen Ravenna. If you haven't seen Snow White and the Huntsman yet, I made a post about the costume design for this character in my blog: http://resistfashionassimilation.blogspot.com/2012/06/costume-design-queen-ravenna-from-snow.html

  4. Actually, the Princess Barbara coord reminds me of the outfit Wanda was wearing when Barbie sees her in a dream on the Greyhound bus =D. Though that's probably just because it's pink and white and has a slightly puffy skirt.

  5. Ah, I love this! So much!
    It may not be a comic, but I've been putting together a Castiel themed coordinate, from the TV show Supernatural, for the Chicago Supernatural Con; I'm just waiting to stop procrastinating on sewing the trench coat.But I'm so tempted to break out my John Constantine: Hellblazer comics now and see if I can make an outfit from what I've got in my closet (even if Constantine is about as un-rori as it gets. XD ).

  6. Fantastic post that can be used for inspiration on building any comic or fandom inspired cord :D I'm working on a Thor inspired coordinate :) !!

  7. These coords are wonderful. :D Myself, I'd like to make _Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle_-inspired coords. (Technically it's a manga, but mangas are comic books, too.) CLAMP (the creators) tend to put their characters in beautiful outfits, and there are more than a few that I've dreamed of lolifying. XD

  8. I'm so flattered you like my Thor coordinate :D I love these sets, Desire is probably my favorite, I love ero outfits with just bloomers!

  9. Common misconception, actually- ALL gas masks are lolita-appropriate! I loooove all of these coordinates; they're all incredibly well-suited to their comic counterparts.

  10. you win. you win, so hard. these are great <3 I love Sandman. Desire's is adorable and Destiny's is great!

  11. I have to ask — what do you use for the collages? I've been searching for something like that for ages!

    I love the coords, by the way. I've never heard of The Sandman before, but the characters sound amazing!

  12. Ahhhh! You like Sandman!!!!!

    I swear, you keep becoming my lolita idol more and more! Great co-ords, by the way.

  13. I decided to simply do a couple of directions propelled by a couple of individuals from the Unending (and group) since, all things considered, on the off chance that you knew all about the comic, you'll realize that no less than one individual from the Perpetual is very... moderate with regards to attire decisions.

    This post needs somewhat more pink! Furthermore, who's the pinkest (OK, so actually it's all the more a purple...) character in The Sandman? Likely Princess Barbara, dream self of an exceptionally multi-layered lady named Barbie. I've brought together some fit-for-a-princess pieces, incorporating a JSK with an undergarment like midsection, with a major jewel pendant that could make a very decent Porpentine.

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