Before you get in contact with me, check out this FAQ to see if your question has already been answered!

What is Lolita? 
That answer can be found on this page!

How do I do Lolita on a budget?
Check out this page for a number of posts on that!

How do I make my own Lolita things? 
I have tons of tutorials linked on this page for all sorts of Lolita related projects, from clothes to accessories to beauty.

Is this _____ Lolita?
You can ask these sorts of questions on my formspring, I might have the chance to get to them! Chances are though, that if you have to ask, it might not necessarily be. However, just about anything (within reason!) can be worked into a Lolita outfit.

Can I use one of your posts as a reference for a paper/blog post/panel/etc?
Sure thing! I just request that you credit or reference my blog. If it's for a paper and you need to credit, I go by Carolyn Dee. If it's not for a paper, I just go by Caro.

Can I translate one of your posts into a different language for my blog/website/forum/etc? 
You're welcome to translate any of my post into any language, so long as you provide a link back to the original post here on F Yeah Lolita. If you've translated a post of mine, leave me a comment here with the link just because I'm curious :)

Will you link to my blog?
It really depends! I don't specifically promote any blog unless I particularly like it or find it relevant. If I enjoy your blog in general, and it's related to Lolita, I'll most likely add it to the blog links in the side bar. If you want me to check out your blog, just comment around here (Relevant comments, please! Comments specifically asking for people to read your blog will be marked as spam) I tend to check out everyone who comments blog, and add the ones I particularly like to the sidebar.

Will you promote my project?
Maybe! It depends on what sort of project it is, if it's something I am particularly interested in, such as a Lolita related event, I will probably be happy to make a post about it.

Would you review a product of mine?
Possibly! It depends entirely upon what it is! If you run a Lolita related shop or brand, contact me and we might be able to work something out. I love indie brands and shops and would be happy to help promote any up-and-coming shops! Please keep in mind that all reviews will be completely honest.

What about sponsorship or affiliates?
Again, it really depends on your shop and brand, I would prefer all sponsors to be related to the Lolita fashion and lifestyle or related fashion trends (Goth, Victorian, Jfashion, etc).

Will you host a giveaway for my shop/brand/etc?
Maybe! This one also depends completely on the giveaway. As mentioned above, I would love to help promote up-and-coming shops, so just let me know what you're planning and we might be able to work something out.

Can I advertise on your blog with a banner?
Possibly! I use Project Wonderful to do ads, which I have been enjoying a ton. You can check out my profile page on PW here. I'm also testing out Passionfruit Ads, see the details for that below:

Why should I advertise on F Yeah Lolita? 
F Yeah Lolita is definitely one of the most talked about, read, and linked Lolita fashion blogs out there, I am proud to say! My blog is long-running and well known and is often one of the first Google results for a number of search terms dealing with the fashion. I get over 60,000 hits a month, have over 2,500 followers, over 1,200 likes on Facebook, and over 2,000 followers on Twitter! Fans of Lolita intersect with a number of other interests including anime and Japan, alternative fashion, nerd culture, DIY and crafters, and historical enthusiasts.


  1. Loli + glasses = ?

    Something not addressed in your FAQs, or ANYWHERE ELSE I can find on the internet. I'm new to loli (and really can't afford much of it right now - poor poor art student) and I wear glasses to see. I'm not a fan of the idea of poking myself in the eye to see every day, but can't figure out if loli looks remotely decent when wearing glasses because it DOESN'T SEEM TO EXIST. Please help.

    1. xD It's not addressed because it's so irrelevant! It's like Lolita + having all your fingers or Lolita + eyelashes.

      There are tons and tons of Lolitas with glasses (Hi, I'm one of them xD), and you can find lots of pictures of them if you just look around people's casual outfit shots. It might only be hard to find because you're actually searching for it. Most Lolitas who happen to wear glasses aren't going to tag themselves as wearing glasses, because it's just part of their face.

    2. Thanks for quick response. :) Good to hear that's the case. I was thinking since it's based on period clothing from a time when glasses were less common it might look weird. I guess I should just look at more loli pictures in general instead of looking specifically for it.

  2. You should do a post on trustworthy websites to buy from and un-trustworthy ones. Maybe you have already done that in a post, and if so, could you reply with a link to it? It would be great if you could!
    Thanks for your time.

  3. Does anyone know where you can et donated/free lolita clothing/wigsI'm a beginner and I don't have much money...

  4. Also I sell chokers I'm trying to save up money to buy lolita clothing so it would be very nice if you bought some c:

  5. Can I wear a gothic lolita outfit with teddy bear?

  6. Can boys wear lolita?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


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