Japanese to English Lolita Translations

This page is to share various Japanese-to-English translations that I've found online. These are from a variety of sources originally, from websites to published essays to magazines and are on a variety of topics from random chatter to lifestyle ideas, these aren't all necessary useful info, but it's always interesting to read about Lolita in Japan! I originally posted these on LJ.

A tumblr devoted to some random translations of various Japanese chatter about Lolita, a lot of Yahoo Japan questions

A bunch of various translations of recent Novala Takemoto essays, one or two other misc. translated things

A parent's reaction upon seeing her child's teacher in Lolita 2012

Lolita chatter about how to price used clothes 2012

16 fashion keywords for spring from Kera 2012

London V&A article in Japanese newspaper 2012

Japanese blog post translation about the current state of lolita 2011

Translation of GLB "Board Game" of Lolita-ness 2011

A goofy little comic about St. Mana from one of the Bibles, at the bottom of the post 2011

Are You A Pure Gothic & Lolita quiz pt 1 2010

Are You a Pure Gothic & Lolita quiz pt 2 2010

100 Question Baton 2010

Novala's Rules on the Lolita  2006

Let's Learn the Maiden's Way with Mr. Novala Takemoto 2006

Manners for Lolitas & Aristocrates from G&L Bible #4 2005

Conversations on 2chan, general bitching and random chatter 2005

A Day in Gothic & Lolita Life 2005

The History of GosuLoli Timeline from Rococ vol 1 2004

Three-way interview with Novala Takemoto, Mana, and Mihara Mitsukazu 2001

Some more Lolitas on 2chan complaining 2001-2002

Novala Takemoto's I Don't Need Things Like Friends 1998

Novala's A Psychology Gente On Love 1998

Novala's The Lolita's Shell 1998

Novala's Princesses Love Being Mean 1998 (?)

 An archived site of a bunch misc. Novala translations.


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