Lolita Conventions: Frill

In the US, Lolita gatherings have been pretty much limited to local meetups, anime conventions, and the rare brand-sponsored tea party, there have been very few "official" lolita gatherings in the US. Luckily, this year we're lucky enough to have another one come along, Frill!

I regret not blogging about this convention until just now, because Frill is this upcoming weekend (June 09-10th 2012!), but I have seriously been sulking a bit about this happening at the other end of a 20 hour train/car ride for me. So, because of my sulking, pre-reg tickets are all sold out, but you can still purchase tickets at the door. This two-day convention (However, I believe this close to the con, sunday is all sold out, as it is a separate event?) features a lot of the same sort of things you would expect from any other convention, panels, shopping, contests, even a dance, only everything is catered towards the Lolita.

I actually only recently found out (last week!) that those who owned shops and couldn't attend can send in items to be sold at the boutique, so I jumped on that opportunity to, at the very least, attend in spirit by sending in some stuff from my, so rarely on Etsy, shop. If this convention sees a second year, especially a second year that is a little further north up the coast, I would really love to attend in person!

This is what I'm sending up! I sort of freaked when I realized I had no more tags printed up, so I chopped up a bunch of scrapbooking paper and decided to go back to the individually packaged route!

As Lolita grows more and more popular, I would absolutely love to see more conventions and even just one-day events catering to the Lolita the future! I think they're fantastic ways to get the Lolita community together, and an awesome excuse to put on your finest and take a day trip! One of my favorite oh-gosh-it's-so-not-fair-that-I-can't-be-there events in the Lolita world is Sweden's yearly Lolita Flea market (Sadly, I can't find working pictures from recent years, as the market seems to get bigger each year, 2011 apparently had over 1000 visitors, but here's a post from it's still-very-successful first year), which is the sort of event that I would absolutely love to see happen in the US, and preferably not nearly a whole day's drive away from me!

If you had a Lolita convention happen near you, what kind of events would you love to see? At anime conventions I am a huge fan of the, somewhat boring to most people, panels about the early years in the fandom and otaku culture, which I think extends to Lolita, as is pretty obvious from my interest in all things Old School Lolita, so these are the sorts of things I would love to see in a Lolita convention. I can imagine a panel about the early days of Lolita, including display pieces of the sorts of things Lolita brands released over a decade ago! Of course, I also am also a pretty enthusiastic shopper, so any sort of flea market, swap meet, or consignment I would be all over as well!


  1. I found out about this way too late! Maybe next year we can all plan to go down together to go to the 2nd year? Sounds like it is going to be an awesome time!

    Great job by those organizing it!

  2. I probably wouldn't attend a convention about Lolita. To be honest, I haven't met very many Lolitas in person that I get along with. 

  3. Hmm, I'd love to see workshops incorporated into a lolita convention - sewing tutorials, maybe social media advice like lolita blogging, or even just how to take better outfit shots, things like that. I'm all thumbs so learning a simple lolita sewing project at, say, a two-hour workshop would be a great skill and fun time for me :) The flea market looks like a lot of fun too, a more formal version of the con-time swap that usually happens.

    Your white bonnet looks beautiful, by the way!

  4. Hey, which one is worse? Being 20 hours and not being able to attend, or being 2 hours away and not being able to attend? Hopefully this event will continue to happen so that I may one day attend it. Even though I cannot go, I really look forward to seeing the posts from people who were able to!

  5. Ah! I'm way too late on learning about how the boutique works >.> I had no idea I could've just sent things to be seen and tried on.  I think Frill sounds super awesome and I wish I could go :(

  6. Caro-chan:
    What an awesome surprise to read your post about Frill. Thank you. Looking forward to shopping for your lovely items at our boutique.

    There is most definitely a need for events that truly focus on the Lolita Lifestyle. Year one of Frill will be a shopping extravaganza with 15+ Indie Designers showing their fashions. Panels all during the day focused on Lolita topics of interest. Plus games, yummy food and treats.  Then a party "Frill After Dark" Sat evening. Sunday is a Tea Luncheon. The amazing thing (which validates exactly what you are saying) is that 40% of the registered attendees are from outside of Georgia. What an opportunity to share experiences and make new Lolita girlfriends from all over the US!

    We will be planning a second year. But, as you all can imagine, it takes lot of time, effort and resources. But well worth it! We would love to have feedback as to what activities other Lolitas would like to see at Frill in the future. Please feel free to post on our facebook page!

    Andrea Baker
    Frill Co-Chair

  7.  Thanks for more info on it :D It's very exciting to hear that so many people who are coming are traveling from outside of Georgia! Maybe next year I can be one of those people as well!

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