Blogging Resources

This is just a sort of jumble of various blogging references for Lolita and other kawaii bloggers! These are from all over the place in terms of when they were written in some cases, but they're all still relevant for today's Lolita bloggers.

Blogs about blogging
Independent Fashion Bloggers
Kawaii Blogging Tips
Code It Pretty
Primp My Blog

Lolita blogger specific groups
Lolibloggers Facebook group
Lolita Blog Carnival- Weekly Lolita blogging prompts and blog promotion

Advice and discussion specifically for Lolita bloggers
So You Want To Start a Lolita Blog?- F Yeah Lolita 
Questions for blog owners- EGL
Different types of Lolita blog- Inside The Mind of a Teenage Lolita
Operation Loliblog- Miss Lumpy 
Keeping yourself inspired- F Yeah Lolita

General blogging advice and tips
25 Tips for Building a Better Beauty Blog - The Beauty Brains
21 Ways to Create Compelling Content- Copyblogger
Goth Blogging 101: Idea Generating
Blogging for Costumers 
How often should I blog?
20 Goth blogging resources

Lolita memes
Polyvore's Lolita Fashion 50
Lolita Baton 100 Q&A
Lolita Level Up
Lolita Ask Box Questions 1
Lolita Ask Box Questions 2
Lolita Ask Box Questions 3
30 Days of Lolita
Lolita 52
45 questions for all Lolitas 
50 Questions, 50 Ways To Get To Know Me- Lolita Version 
TMI Lolita edition 
Super Lolita picture meme 
Another Lolita Questionnaire part 1, part 2
Lolita Asks
Closet Confidential

Misc. resources
Japanese search terms- How to write items and brand names in Japanese
Setting Up Your Blogging Space, part 1 (decor)- Violet LeBeaux
Setting Up Your Blogging Space, part 2 (decor)- Violet LeBeaux
Setting Up Your Blogging Space, part 3 (decor)- Violet LeBeaux

Some random kawaii stuff
✩Text icons✩
Emoticons (◡‿◡❀)
Shapecather: Unicode Character Recognition 👽 
Cute Backgrounds

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