Happy Blogaversary Giveaway

Finally! I got all of my stuff together for the giveaway! This giveaway is in celebration of my blogs one year birthday, 250,000+ hits, and 500+ followers. Since these are all big milestones for my blog, that all happened within a couple weeks of each other I want to make this giveaway a big one.

This is all the stuff I'm giving away. Now, as awesome as it would be if one person won all this, I decided I wanted to share the wealth, so instead of one winner there will be five winners. Two grand prize winners: one Sweet Lolita pack and one Classic Lolita pack, and 3 runners up who will win a pin and some stationery destash. With the exception of the stationery and the craft supplies, I made all of the things in this giveaway! I plan on adding a few of the items in these giveaway packs to my shop eventually, so you all are getting a sneak peek! Now, let's see what the individual prizes are!

Classic Lolita Grand Prize

This set includes a pink and red rose corsage with an ostrich feather, a pair of Mori Girl inspired hair bows, an Alice in Wonderland puffy cell strap, and an assortment of beads from my personal mix of amber and bronze colored beads, because I like to make themed bead mixes so I have an easy source of inspiration when it's craft time.

This is the bead mix, it's an assortment of new, vintage, and handmade beads in an assortment of materials. The 2 big things are domino pendants I've made, there's also a few freshwater pearls, brass stampings, shell pieces, hand-blown glass, and semi-precious chips. Anything that has a decadent antique feel goes into this bead mix!

Here's the rose clip, not much to say about it, I just wanted to get a better picture of it. It's a small-ish rose corsage on a barrette with a white ostrich feather tucked into it.

While it's not my personal style, I really do enjoy the vintage, girly elegance of the Mori Girl style. These simple, and I do mean simple, hair pins were made with the Mori Girl in mind. They are simply raw edged bows, made from vintage floral fabric on little silver hair pins. A quick note about these, the backs, where the hair pins are attached are not pretty. These were an experiment in adding bows to a hair piece and next time I would definitely go with a hair pin that doesn't have a little round glueing pad on it.

The last item in the Classic Lolita prize pack is a puffy Alice cell charm. A while ago I came across some Fairy-kei/Spank cell charms and pins that were cute printed fabric that was made into a little shaped pillow. I loved the idea and thought it was adorable, but I am not too big on the sweetness of Fairy-kei, so I decided to Classic it up a bit with some Alice themed fabric. The fabric is custom printed with a colored illustration from Alice In Wonderland. The backside is covered in vintage calico fabric. As you can see (I put this next to my own puffy cell charm that I made of the Mad Hatter) these are quite large, so unless you don't mind giant cell charms this might be better suited as a key chain. The plus side is they are very light because they are just little pillows, so they're fun to squeeze. At least, I'm always squeezing mine.

Sweet Lolita Grand Prize

This set includes a big pink bow brooch, a gummy bear cell charm, a cupcake ring, and a little deco'd tin filled with deco supplies.

This is the assortment of random deco supplies. It's a hodge podge of stuff from my deco box. There are resin cabochons, metal roses, ribbons, puffy bunny heads, and an assortment of rhinestones. It's not a huge amount of stuff, but it's definitely enough to cover something like a compact or a small container.

Here's a closeup of the brooch. It's made with an iridescent pink fabric, reminiscent of the ballgowns Barbie wore in the 80's, covered in pink tulle with iridescent sequins sandwiched between the layers. It's decorated with a couple gold chains and a sweet and glittery bear.

The cell charm in this pack features a couple little polymer clay gummy bears. These aren't real gummy bears coated in resin or gummy bear shaped cabochons, I made them myself! First, I made a clay gummy bear, baked it, then made a mold from it. I then used translucent polymer clay to make a ton of gummy bears, which I then coated in lots of gloss.

I've deco'd a small tin in a black and white theme. There are lots of black rhinestones, white pearls, and cute cabochons covering this tin.

Runner Up Prize

Besides the two lucky people who will win one of the above prize packs, 3 people will win smaller prize packs that include a little pin with a little chibi self portrait, because I know you all want to wear a picture of me pinned to your bag XD Recognize the picture from the Blogaversary post? Also included is some destash kawaii stationery, because I have way too much of it. Destash, for those of you that don't know, means that these were from my own personal stationery stash, thus I am de-stashing them by giving them away.

A close up of the pin, it's about an inch and a half tall and is from my adventures in Shrinky Dinks. The pins are not all the same color, 2 are black and the other one is dark red, you won't get to pick which one you would like, it will be random.

Now, onto the rules and the how-to-enters. You will get 2 entry points just by leaving a comment on this post, each entry point you can put towards either the Sweet or the Classic prize pack. You may either split up the points or put them all on one pack, the more points you put towards one pack, the more entries you get when it comes time to pick a winner. You can get an extra 2 points by posting a link and giving a shout out to this giveaway on your own blog, livejournal, myspace, facebook, twitter, or other personal website and giving a link to the page you posted the shout out on in your comment. You may not spam communities with links though, that will get you zero points. These extra 2 points can be split up however you want as well. You cannot put your points towards a pin and stationery pack, as those are a second place prize and everyone will just get one entry point for them. If you forget to mention where you would like your points to go, I will just split them evenly between the 2 packs. Each person who enters may only win one pack, no one can win both packs, and either of the 2 grand prize winners cannot win a pin pack. It will be 5 different people winning each prize pack.

Each point would be, so to say, a name in a hat for either of the prizes. If you put all of yours towards one, you have a much greater chance of winning that particular one, but if you split them up, you'll have a chance at both of them. You won't have a chance to win a pack if you don't put at least one point towards it. It's to keep someone from winning a pack that is not their style.

With your entry, please include your name and email address (it can be in the name/email fields of the comment box, you do not have to write your email address in the message,I will see it privately) and to prove that you read this far, a brief note about what Lolita means to you, whether you wear it, or simply admire it. Comments without this simple little request will not be accepted!

Here's a quick rundown of what you need in your comment to enter:
  • Your name and email address (doesn't have to be in the message, just so long as those boxes are filled out in the comment)
  • A link to where you mentioned the giveaway (optional)
  • How you would like your points divided up
  • A brief note about what Lolita means to you

I hope this isn't too confusing to you! If it is, hopefully this will help, your entry should look a bit like this:
"Hi! I would like to enter! Lolita means a lot to me because it is pretty and I like pretty things, such as unicorns :D I posted a link to your giveaway here www.my-awesome-lolita-website.com I would like 3 of my points to go towards the Sweet prize and 1 towards the Classic prize!"

The grand prizes are only eligible to people within the US. Sorry, but I don't want to be hit with high shipping prices by shipping overseas! However, if you live outside of the US you can still enter for a chance to win the stationery and pin. Please note if you are outside of the US.

Entries will be accepted up until 11:59pm Eastern time Thursday, August 5th. After that I will randomly select a winner and post the results within the following few days. When I select a winner I will contact them to let them know, if they do not respond to my emails within a week I will select another winner.

Don't forget, in honor of F Yeah's blogaversary I'll also be having a sale on my Etsy shop, Ophanim, and giving 10% off to readers of my blog. Just include the code "F Yeah Birthday" with your payment and I'll refund 10% of the price before shipping. This sale will last until August 14th!

Wow, that's a lot of info for one giveaway XD I hope you're not too confused? If you are, just leave a comment and I'll try to clear any thing up for you!


  1. Hi its sophia alexandra aburnjournalheart@gmail.com and I posted here http://nonodejavu.blogspot.com/2010/07/applique.html Lolita means to me simply beauty (feeling beautiful and having beautiful things)! I would like to put my four points toward the sweet pack. I adore the gummies you made is really cool that you made your own mold!

  2. Oookay. I think I've got everything down; your example really helps. A list of requirements would be cool too, but... maybe that little last bit is to make sure everyone reads anything.

    In any case, happy bloggiversary! I look forwards to reading more of your interesting and cute entries in the future~ To me, lolita is an expression of self. Lolita fashion helps me bring out my girly side; at the same time, it helps me boost my self confidence. As a growing Lolita, I'm still learning, but some day I hope that the lolita style will comfortably become a way for me to live. xD

    I've posted on myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/528357789 (I'm not sure how to post the exact link, but it should be the most recent thing I've posted)

    All four of my points are going to the Classic set. I've got my fingers crossed for the grand prize; don't know what I'd do with those beads...

    Thank you for sharing this awesome event with us! And good luck to every pretty lady out there going for this~

    ~Clare (but please use icitea for my name)

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  3. Oh a bullet list is a good idea! I've added that now, and thank you for the entry :3

  4. Congratulations on your blogaversary!
    ~Loli Andrea

  5. hello give all my points to sweet lolita prize american-chopstix@yahoo.com is my email and my site were i mentioned your blog's give away http://heatherisalive.blogspot.com/2010/07/i-curled-my-hair-today-cause-i-had.html
    lolita means a lot to me a while back before i knew what it was i was in a very dark place slipping in to depression and sweet lolita pulled me right out perking me up and giving me self confidence i still have days when i get really sad but looking and wearing the only sweet lolita dress i own makes me happy

  6. sorry american_chopstix@yahoo.com

  7. Happy Blogaversary! I'd definately like to enter.
    I made a post to my LJ about your blog.
    Lolita, to me, is beyond just a fashion. I definately fall into the 'lifestyler' category, so it's just become an integral part of how I go about my life.
    My name is Megan, and I'd like to put all of my points toward the Classic set, pretty please. =)

  8. I've been super excited about this giveaway! I love the things you make. Anyways, I tweeted about your giveaway here: http://twitter.com/moonfacemary I'd like all four of my points to go to the classic set. To me, lolita is a way for me to feel pretty and like a princess. It makes me feel special.

  9. I posted on my LJ here:http://theosakakoneko.livejournal.com/484593.html but I don't know if it counts since it's, you know, flocked and all. Regardless, I want all my things to go to classic, whether 2 or 4! That feather rose corsage...gorgeous!!! :D

    Lolita to me...damn. It's been my life for so long now. I guess it's just the ultimate expression of my sense of beauty!

    I looooove that Alice charm!! <3<3<3 You so awesome girl.

  10. Happy blogaversary, so very exciting! :D I would like to place all my points towards the Classic set please. I have posted a link over on my twitter: http://www.twitter.com/macarontea

    Lolita to me much more than a state of mind, it is an outward expression of my inward self. It is a way to show my love of beautiful and sometimes highly detailed things; of a slower pace amongst the high pace of daily life. Beauty as art, art is beauty.

  11. Congratulations on the blogaversary! I love all the little charms in the Classic prize ^ ^ I'd like my two points put there. My email address is tehkellymonster@gmail.com

    Lolita for me is more a fashion and obsession than a lifestyle. I think about it constantly, but I don't live the lifestyle and I don't wear it everyday. It's a hobby for me. Congrats again!

  12. http://vomitrocity.livejournal.com/183596.html
    My name and e-mail address are in the text boxes. :3
    I would like all of my points to go toward the Sweet Pack, even though I have no idea how someone wins! XD
    Is it like a drawing?

    I used to think Lolita was just pretty clothes, but it is so much more than that to me now. Because of Lolita I have made friends with wonderful people that I never even would have met otherwise. To me, Lolita means originality and personalization. 50 girls can all get together in the same dress and look completely different! Also, it is an excellent barometer of how the internet really effects our lives. Lolita would not be what it is without technology, regardless of what time period it is based off of and inspired by!

  13. http://twitter.com/MandaSaysDFTBA

    Please put all of my entries in for the classical prize.

    Lolita is showing your flair for old fashion threads and being confident in your own skin.

  14. Yep, it's a drawing. Each point will basically get you an extra name in the hat. For example all 4 of yours would go in the sweet hat, so you have a much higher chance of wining that particular one. It's like a raffle where you would buy a certain number of tickets and put however many of them you want towards various things. You can't win something you don't put a ticket in, but you have a much higher chance of winning something you want. It's to make sure that someone the winner receives a pack they actually want.

  15. e-mail: thelonias@gmail.com
    For me right now, Lolita is a hobby because I haven't really gotten that much yet, but I'm working on it!

    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/thelonia2010
    I would like for all points to go to the Classic Prize, thanks!!

  16. Not an entry as I'm not in the US, but can I ask where you got the flowers for the rose clip from? They look amazing, as does the clip!

  17. NonMagicPoet6@yahoo.com
    I'd like all my points to go towards the Classic Lolita prize
    Lolita is elegance, grace, an excuse for me to be prim and proper, to work on my manners, to wear a long swishy skirt and feel special.

  18. Thank you! The roses are from a local craft store, sadly it's the only craft store I've been in that sell that particular kind of fake rose, and I've looked all over!

    You can still enter for a chance to win the pins if you would like.

  19. Hi! i live in canada so i guess in just in for the stationary :( i enjoy lolita because it means i can wear pretty things and enjoy a pretty lifestyle in short.

  20. http://odditydolly.blogspot.com/2010/07/giveaway.html

    i forgot to add the link to where i posted the giveaway ^^;;

  21. Hello~
    I mentioned this giveaway on my tumblr:
    I would like all of my points to go toward the Classic Lolita set.
    What does Lolita mean to me? Hm... well... before I discovered Lolita, I never felt very cute, or pretty, or elegant. When I tried on my first Lolita dress though I felt so beautiful! Lolita (along with help from my bf) has given me so much self confidence!

  22. Hi, I'm Mariko. Lolita means a lot to me because I love to make things around me more beautiful, and lolita inspires me to do so.
    Oh, and I'd like my points to be split up between the two, they are both so nice!

  23. Hello, my name is Florence. I've found Lolita to means much more than an impeccable delicate aesthetic but also an important message that I hold with alot of pride. Today's strict standart of coolness and socially acceptable is being loud and ke$ha like. The more you go against old values such as elegance, class and politeness, the more you loose chances of being considerated as cool and trendy. The fact that im being looked down for wearing feminine and elegant clothing makes me extremly proud to do so beacause I know im obeying no one else's criterias than my own to make of myself a strong being who believes in the beauty of what I love.

    I think feminity and elegance is extremly refreshing in our world today and, and I think there is nothing more beautiful than the beauty of feminity and delicateness that we seem to go against since more than 20 years. Lolita is my dove of light to show the world that it is possible to be intelligent and still find pleasure in being girly.

    I would like all of my points to go toward the Classic Lolita set!
    here is my email sugary.peach@live.com and my livejournal (where most of my lolita picture entries go as well) http://petitemoon.livejournal.com

    Thank you very much!

  24. I would love to enter your contest! I love Lolita because it gives me every excuse and resource I could ever need to be a pretty princess. I also Tweeted about your contest (twitter.com/chicabelle16). Please split my points up evenly between the two packs, I love them both!

  25. Hihi! My name is Grace! And I'm just starting out but Lolita is something that makes me happy. That's all there is to it? Maybe more- but I guess being with other people who enjoy Lolita makes my life brighter I guess. Besides all that I want create a space where other Lolita can enjoy it without the harshness of a mundane life. I want to make a boutique to sell Lolita clothes in the US so a Lolita can walk down the street say, and buy clothes! <3 <3

    Goodluck! And congrats!

    I'm linking this to my LJ, My DA and my Youtube <3 thanks!

  26. Hi! My name is Knottia, and Lolita means so much to me. I am a model and have a deep interest in fashion, style, and visual art. I am interested in using the items being given away in my wardrobe for photo shoots and in costuming I wear to various events all over the northeast! Lolita is a style and a way of life. ;-D

    I posted this on Model Mayhem, which is where I do most of my networking: http://www.modelmayhem.com/po.php?thread_id=613061

    I would like all of my points given to the classic Lolita set.

  27. Hello! :) I'm Amy. To me, lolita is just the best expression of my aesthetic taste, beautiful clothes and a great way to make friends!
    I am not in the U.S., so I won't bother dictating where any points should be. :)
    Congratulations on your blogs first year!

  28. Heylo~ My name is Allie. My email address is theantikira@yahoo.com o 3o
    My facebook :D
    I would like 3 points to go toward the sweet, and one toward the classic, if you please owo
    And to me, lolita means freedom. It's the freedom to dream and to be the princess of your own little world. It also means elegance and modesty in a world where showing as much skin as possible is every woman's ideal fashion.
    Not the best definition, I know . . .

  29. Hello! My name is Ashley. To me, Lolita means independence. I'm no longer complying with what other people around me expect me to wear. I'm doing my own thing, and I'm wearing it proudly.

    I've posted links to the giveaway on my facebook, tumblr, Dressed to a Tea signature, my Livejournal, and on my blog.

    I'd love all of my points to go towards the Classic Lolita prize! Thank you, and Congratulations on your first year!

  30. Hi! I'm Kira and really admire lolita for its expression of a more elegant time in modern days. I linked to this on my twitter http://twitter.com/Ligbi
    I would like all my points in the Classic Lolita category. This contest is very sweet of you to do, Congratulations.

  31. Ah sorry! I would like to have my points towards the Classic category, please <3

  32. Hello! My name is Angie and my email address is Angie_Tracey@hotmail.com. I unfortunately can't enter for the grand prizes because I live in Canada, so I would like to instead enter to win the stationery and pin.

    To me, lolita means rebellion. Society has been pushing the idea on women that you must be sexy in order to be beautiful, you must dress to please men, and you must base your self worth on whether or not you meet their standards. Lolita allows me to reject those notions and set my own standards. By wearing lolita I'm proving that even if a woman wears modest clothing she can be beautiful. By wearing lolita I am wearing what I want to wear and NOT what men want me to wear. Lolita gives me the power to realize my own self worth and not let others decide it for me.

  33. I've tweeted about it here: http://twitter.com/StarSpangled/status/19108250348

    Aaand now to my comment!

    My name is Holly and my email address is kemurilover (at) gmail (dot) com.
    I'd like all of my points to be put toward the classic prize, please! c:
    What Lolita means to me:
    To me, it means a safe haven. It means that I can discuss a fashion I love with people who enjoy it; who aren't judgemental in the same way that my 'IRL' friend are; it means that I can wear something that appeals to me as a lifestyle and a fashion, something that restores my confidence- lost after so many years in a shallow school environment- and lets me feel beautiful without needing an empty comment at a party or a leering look. It has taught me many things: skills helpful for design, a job I'd like to pursue (how to be individual and creative within a strict 'brief'), craft, sewing, ingenuity and also thick-skin-growing!

  34. My name is Gloria and this is what Lolita means to me:
    A chance to be modest while being elegant and enjoying myself. It's like a special treat just for me. I would like for all of my points to go toward the classic prize, please!

  35. Greetings, my name is Isaak, and I'd like to congratulate you on your marvelous achievements! You've been able to come so far as to have this giveaway. For the sake of aspiring Lolitas [and others of various related fashions] please continue to do your best in the future.

    Lolita to me is a goal. Not for myself, but for Toriberry, whom I am good friends with. For her, you and your blog are her inspiration and helping guidelines on her journey to transform herself into a Classic Lolita. And so I want to see her blossom forthwith into what she has chosen to become, knowing every step of the way she has my support. In the eyes of the onlooker that I am, Lolita is that petite and delicate young woman with a countenance full of confidence, be she Gothic, Sweet, Wa, or Classic Lolita. She wears cute skirts and petticoats with pride in her heart, and lightness in her soul.

    As I parallel Toriberry's journey to Lolita, becoming an Aristocrat in my own right, I wish her and all prospective or established Lolitas good luck. And let me take your picture.

    I have posted the link to my facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=562227512

    And I would like all four of my points to go to the Classic Lolita prize. Good luck to all contestants, and big thanks and congrats to Caro-chan.

    Eternally yours,
    Marquis Isaak

  36. Hello! ^___^ My name is Lu and my email address is lu.yoshiko.yang@gmail.com. I would love to enter this giveaway! Becoming a Lolita is one of my biggest dreams. Sadly, all I can do right now is admire it. Lolita means a lot to me because I want to show many people that it's a very nice fashion. Many people think I'm weird and dislike Lolita when I talk about how pretty-ful the dresses are. I want to express my creativity with super cute and pretty Lolita clothing (^_−)−☆

    I have posted your a link to your giveaway here on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=1185034580

    I would like all of my four points to go to the Sweet Lolita prize. Congrats on the one year & may your future be even brighter!

    Your happy blog reader,
    Lu Yang

  37. My email: Master_ciel@live.com
    Link to my mentioning: http://mycandycastle.blogspot.com/2010/07/new-giveaway.html

    Err, I guess I'll put the 4 points in the Classic Set. I really like the phone charms. Serious want.

    Lolita, to me, is actually going to be a signal for adulthood, funnily enough. I'm going to be able to wear it next year, when I turn 18. It's also the only style I could see myself in and actually think I look worthwhile. I'm so sick of wearing the t-shirts my mother buys for me constantly. I'm not allowed to wear dresses, so this wearing lolita fashion means a lot to me. I'll finally be able to say I've worn the fashion so that people will believe me when I say that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to these clothes. So, er, yeah. I think I'm talking too much, sorry.

  38. Hi, I'd like to enter but I don't have a blog or twitter to also post a link to (maybe by next month, I guess I could comment again?). I'd like both my points to go towards the sweet pack (LOVE that deco'd tin!)

    The best way to describe what lolita means to me is with what I basically thought when I first saw it: "You mean I can be gothic and a little edgy AND elegant and adorable? SIGN ME UP!"

  39. Happy Blogaversary! Thanks for all the posts so far. :) I'm looking forward to many more!

    For me, your example "what lolita means to you" sentence pretty much summed up my feelings! Haha XD From the first time I saw pictures of lolita, I was in love. When I'm able to wear it, I feel really cute, and so I'm very happy. I suppose it has a lot to do with self-image and learning to like myself and the way I look.

    I posted a link to this giveaway on my tumblr (I hope that counts!): http://strawberriesandcupcakes.tumblr.com/post/843912482/http-fyeahlolita-blogspot-com-2010-07-handmade-lolita

    I'd like all my points to go to the sweet prize, please! :)

  40. My Email: emi.rose@charter.net

    Hi! My name is Emily and I just began reading your blog awhile back. I am absolutely in love with it. I first discovered F Yeah Lolita through your posts on BJDs. :) Happy Blogging~

    I posted a link to the giveaway on my Tumblog:

    I would like all points to go towards the sweet lolita prize please. ♥

    Lolita means to me having self-confidence and being able to wear what I love and what I feel beautiful in no matter how many unusual stares or disapproving looks I receive. Lolita helps me feel confident in myself and keeps my hopes and spirit high. It means believing in yourself, achieving goals, and looking super cute!

  41. Hi! Please enter me! Lolita means a lot to me because I feel a close connection with the design aesthetic and the lifestyle! I love the combination of elegance with the historical background, yet all the modern influences added on.
    Please evenly distribute my points!
    I gave a shout out on my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/karrokick

  42. Hiiii~! My name's Mika and my email is osharecafe@live.com

    I mentioned this giveaway on my Tumblr: http://mikarose.tumblr.com/post/844011157/nyaaaaaaw

    I'd very much love for all of my points to go toward the Sweet Lolita pack. It's so super cute. :3

    Lolita to me is not just a fashion, but a whole lifestyle. I believe that it's all about elegance and propriety, which is what I love most about it. When I wear Lolita, I feel so much more like a proper miss, than at any other point. It makes me feel so pretty and elegant. That's what Lolita means to me.

  43. Hi, I'm Tremolo, and I'm from the UK, so I can't enter for the main prizes (boo), but I'd still like to enter.
    I mentioned this on my Twitter: http://twitter.com/alicewoodsie/statuses/19243037072
    Lolita to me, at times it is a fashion, but I've made so many friends through it, and it's given me loads more of a chance to show my personality though my clothes. I always feel really great wearing Lolita, be it brand, offbrand or handmade, and I hope everyone else feels the same way. ^^
    My email is ally-the-cardcaptor@hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk.

  44. Hi, I'm from the UK so will just be enetering for the stationary :3 OT but the first picture I thought the pins of you were ninjas!

    To me lolita means being able to feel confident being myself. Wearing lolita I always feel special and even though I am standing out from the crowd I feel much better about myself and actually less self concious than when I'm in jeans and tshirt and blending in.

    I have also tweeted this http://twitter.com/MaelstromHime/status/19246178952

    Thanks for the giveaway and writing such an awesome blog x

  45. Hello, I am entereing only for the stationery since I live in Europe. Lolita for me means victorian elegance: I only love classic lolita and that kind of look is the only one that appeals to me. It smells of old books, forgotten memories and pressed flowers.
    My email is erica(dot)terranova(at)gmail(dot)com

  46. Congrats! That's an amazing achievement!

    Raelynn : xnovaxgalx@aol.com
    I'd like my points to go entirely to the Classic package, please.
    Lolita, to me, is about the beauty of the past. The elegance of the Victorian Era and the magnificence of the fashion of the time. The unforgettable treasures of the past. Lolita is a way to pay your respects to the past, while still living in the present and being part of the modern world. A perfect mix.

  47. My name is Becca. Lolita lets me express my inner beauty and personality through elegant things, and gives me an opportunity to refine myself and bond with others who love to feel beautiful and like the same things.
    I posted a link at my livejournal: http://heart-witch.livejournal.com/15680.html
    I'd like it if you could please put 3 of my points to the Sweet Prize and 1 to the Classic. :3 Thank you!

  48. "To me, Beauty is the wonder of wonders" --Henry Wotton, The Picture of Dorian Gray
    This is why I love Lolita. Lolita is, above all else, beauty.
    The Classic Prize has won my heart, so all of my points shall go there.

  49. Hello, I love all of the prizes in this giveaway! Absolutely gorgeous! :D To me, lolita is just gorgeous clothes that I would love to (and will someday) wear regularly! Also, I posted a shout-out at my Livejournal here: http://mintysheepdog.livejournal.com/ . I'd like all 4 points to go to the classic pack, please! It's absolutely beautiful!

  50. Lolita, to me, is something that gives me a bit of the aesthetics of the Victorian era, even if I don't actually dress in it at the moment (almost there!) My name is Kara and e-mail is moonchaii80@yahoo.com (just making sure everything is in here) I would like all my points to go toward the Classic set, I think everything in that set is gorgeous

  51. Hallo! I'm Kelly.
    To me, Lolita is like being the princess I couldn't/didn't want to be when I was kid. I love the frills and the elegance.
    My email is azn_anime_fangurl@yahoo.com [yeah, i made it up when i was in...7th grade? i think?] and I also posted about this on my livejournal: http://faerieharp.livejournal.com/2573.html
    I'd like for all my points to go toward the Classic prize. Thanks. ;3

  52. Hello :)
    My name is jodi, and my email is sunnypinksky@aol.com.
    I would like my points to go to the sweet prize pack.
    I posted a link here: http://tuesday72093.livejournal.com/1872.html
    Lolita means alot to me. It means I can feel comfortable and pretty, even though what everyone else wears doesn't apeal to me. It means I can express myself, and feel confident.

  53. Hihi! I'm Salaam(or Sami). e-mail: hilalbright@hotmail.com
    I would like all my points to go to the sweet prize.
    Link here: http://samichami.blogspot.com/2010/07/fyeah-lolita-giveaway.html
    I love lolita. I love the colors pink, so I lean more towards sweet lolita. I'm a child at heart and lolita gives me happiness.

  54. My name is Grace. My e-mail is Oneladyofthering@aol.com.
    I mentioned this giveaway on my LJ (http://sinomerae.livejournal.com).
    I would like to divide up my points 2 for the Classic Grand Prize and 2 towards the runner up stationary and pin prize.
    To me, Lolita means freedom to dress how I want. It means I can feel pretty, and still be non-mainstream. I absolutely adore looking cute, and Lolita is perfect for that asthetic.

  55. My name is Bridget and my email is in the box. <3 I've mentioned this giveaway in my journal on DeviantArt: http://technicolor-werewolf.deviantart.com/journal/33727214/

    I would like to put two points toward Classic and two points toward Sweet.

    For me, Lolita is both beauty and a rebellion against everything/one in my life that attempts to change and hurt me. It's a way to say that I am worth something, no matter what other people tell me, and to bring life and love into my world. I can't dress in it very often yet, but it always makes me feel wonderful. Plus, the clothes have a beauty, elegance, and attention to detail that I don't see in many other places, and which I love.

  56. Hello! My name is Eleonore, my email is egyption.mau@hotmail.com
    I'd love to enter your giveaway (your blog is so informative and inspirational) :D Please count 2 of my points to the classic and 2 of my points to the sweet grand prize.
    I tweeted about it here: http://twitter.com/egyptionmau (the most recent tweet)

    I'm fairly new to the fashion, but Lolita seems to be built on all the ingredients I love; elegance, girlishness, modesty, dolliness, cuteness and antique feel, all wrapped up in a gorgeous sugary fruit cake.
    Thank you, have a lovely day :D

  57. To me, lolita is being able to dress in a way that suits me - cute and adorable. Plus, the ruffles, lace, bows, and Victorian-ish really don't hurt. It's dressing better than most other people, which is really fun. It's elegance and beauty, rather than trashy and slutty like pop culture is. It's different, unique... and the most fun way to play dress up.

    I'm like to put all points towards the Classic.

    I'm posted a MySpace blog about your giveaway and told a little about it.


  58. Lolita is a reminder (to me) of a simpler time, and a reminder that every girl is beautiful and radiant in her own way. That less is more and way prettier! It helped me find my inner beauty and makes me see how much I have without even putting on a stitch of make-up!

    I'd like all my points to Classic.

    Posted this on my Facebook page! I LOVE YOUR BONNETS! They are beautiful!


  59. I have mentioned this contest in my latest blog entry here-http://pinkcottoncandyfloss.blogspot.com/2010/07/contests.html
    Lolita means a lot to me because it makes me feel elegant and beautiful. I never used to put so much effort into the way I dressed and so each time I put on my lolita, it makes me feel extra pretty.
    I would like my points split evenly! Thanks for the awesome give away and for all your inspiration!

  60. Hi! My name is Cindy and my email is cindytruong210@yahoo.com
    I'm still not officially a lolita yet but I have long admired the fashion. To me, lolita is a way to better express myself. It's a way to make yourself feel beautiful and elegant while dressing modestly. In the mainstream fashion that I see nowadays, it's all about showing off as much skin as possible. My 8-year-old cousin has shorter skirts and shorts than I do!

    I posted about the contest here:
    and here:

    I would like all my points to go toward the Classic Lolita pack, if you pleased!
    ^ - ^ Congrats on reaching all of those milestones and happy anniversary!

  61. so it's for US only...
    anyway sign me up for the stationary
    i'm annett and my e-mail address is meine_eigene_mail@yahoo.de

  62. okay, i commented:) yay for two points!

  63. oh wait, oh my goodness im sorry for spamming, but i have to post again.
    im Paije and my email is imsomekindofawesome@yahoo.com

    lolita allows me to be a child, and to take up posh hobbies, and ignore boys. lolita lets me be my own princess and keep my modesty in a world geared toward un-ladylike sorts of things. also, i just love looking like a doll.

    oh, and i would very much like all my points to go to the sweet lolita pack<3 please and thankyou.

    also i posted links to your giveaway here;


    and here;


    love your blog, byebye<3

  64. Hello~ My name is Monica and my email is monimanalo@gmail.com

    I've put the link to the giveaway on my tumblr at http://superpuppies.tumblr.com/ (you actually follow me :D thank you for that, too!). I'd like for all the points to go towards the sweet pack.

    As for what lolita means for me, I feel like it's something just for myself. Outside of the online communities and meetups, I'm basically the only lolita in my life. My friends and boyfriend are tolerant, some friends even find it cute and beautiful, and a few of those who see it as interesting are somewhat interested. But I don't ask them to help me with outfits or to shop or to buy me loli things for birthday presents. It's almost like I have my own loli corner of my life.

  65. Hi my name is scarlett and my email is vampyrejade@yahoo.com

    I posted the link on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=100000996690262

    I will go all in on the sweet pack please. *Crosses Fingers*

    What lolita means for me, and as a newbie I'm still discovering that but so far It is a elegant style where I can express myself, feel and be beautiful without feeling like an old maid just b/c I don't dress all skanky.

  66. Not trying to spam but just in case you don't have a facebook, I posted it on twitter. Idk why i didn't do that in the first place: https://twitter.com/kittykarla

  67. # Your name and email address - Erin: ambrosiakondasora@gmail.com
    # A link to where you mentioned the giveaway - http://twitter.com/eristell_neko
    # How you would like your points divided up - One in each.
    # A brief note about what Lolita means to you - To me, lolita means getting to dress up and feel like a princess again, like I did when I was little. I love being able to recapture that feeling of being pretty and girly, and I just don't get it from other clothes.

  68. Hello there! I'm Martha and my email is tea.partay@yahoo.com.


    I posted about this on my blog. It's down near the bottom of the above post. :D

    To me, Lolita is an extension of myself. XD (Especially Sweet Lolita). I've always been extremely girly and frilly...and pink. XD So being able to participate in a fashion where frills are up front and center...it makes me happy. I'm able to be me.

    I'd like all my points to go to the Sweet Package please.

    Happy Blogaversary!

  69. I would like to put in my points towards the Classic pack. My name is Maya and my email is rockoutwithmybachout (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Lolita to me means I can be a princess. In the awful times of life I can escape, and in the good times the world looks that much more beautiful. I love looking at everything with an eye for frills, and I really like being able to see others enjoy themselves in the same way.

  70. Happy Blogaversaryyyy! :D

    I've always had a liking for the more formal, elegant things, even when I was little, and lolita fashion has helped me to take that interest and refine it. In a society that is becoming more and more interested in inches of cleavage and cheap polyester, lolita fashion opposes those things with the ideas of elegant silhouettes and well-made, quality items. It's also about understanding the beauty of a hot cup of well-brewed tea in a bone china cup, the sound of birds, and wearing something that feels like it was made from a time when high quality was the norm. It's about letting yourself slow down and not getting lost in a world that's losing touch with what's real.

    Here's my link to the post I made about your giveaway: http://miaka-ryuzaki.livejournal.com/126053.html . I'd like all four points to go toward your sweet prize. :)

    I look forward to another year of posts from you! <3

  71. In case my e-mail doesn't show up, it's miaka[dot]ryuzaki[at]gmail[dot]com. :D

  72. Sorry, just noticed when i tried to link it linked just to my blog, here's the actual post.... :/

    Reading all the comments is fun. Thank you for doing this :)

  73. I am Emily Donnelly, minu_puppy_1@hotmail.com


    Lolita is a way to stay young in your heart forever, It is a way to show your cute and feminine side. It is a way to break from your norm and into a small community where you can be what you want to be. It is a way for me to be different, besides decora. Decora and lolita, they are my secret pleasures, well not so secret when you go one wearing them XD

    anyway I would like all my points into the sweet lolita one please and thanks you darling!

  74. Hi, I'm Mariko. Lolita means a lot to me because I love to make things around me more beautiful, and lolita inspires me to do so.
    Oh, and I'd like my points to be split up between the two, they are both so nice!

  75. Oops, ignore this post. I remembered making the myspace post but not being able to post here, and I thought I hadn't yet. Oops, sorry, my bad.

  76. To me, lolita means being myself. I love frills, lace, victorian inspired things, dress, all things rediculously cute... and I love that I can wear all that. Plus, dressing better than everyone else is always fun.

    I'm Ashlee and I would like all my point to go towards Classic.

    I mentioned the giveaway a while ago on my myspace blog.

  77. Hi! I'd like to enter!

    Lolita is expression. I really feel like myself when I wear lolita. Many of my close friends say, "Yes, that's totally you". I'm still new and unable to wear lolita daily, but it's something I can hope and strive for. Lolita gives me that goal and it makes me feel like my true self.

    I mentioned your giveaway on my blog at: http://buhaynimari.blogspot.com/2010/07/f-yeah-lolita-blog-giveaway.html

    I'd also like to put in all my points for the classic prize!


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