BtSSB's new Beauty and the Rose Promise print

I am currently pining away over Baby's newest print, the Beauty and the Rose Promise print. The first thing I love about it is that it's printed on a fabric with a really beautiful luster. The other things I love about it are the awesome print (gray on black!), the details, and the beautiful cuts. The only problem I have with it, besides the fact that I can't afford it! is the fact that the JSK seems to be empire waisted. Why is it that all the new JSKs Baby is releasing have empire waists? While many of Baby's new pieces seem to be more accommodating to larger sizes than they were before, they aren't using a very flattering cut for all the sizes they can reach. I love the bodice details on the JSK, the straps, the lace, the charms, and even the waist details, I just wish it had a full length bodice.

Another great thing about this JSK is all the colors it comes in! While they only have finished dresses is black, there are fabric swatches of four different colors. Including this very Moitie-esque blue.

While I am no Manatard, I do love Moitie's blue and black combo, and I'm very glad other brands are starting to use the blue and black in their gothic pieces. That being said, that rose under glass, yeah, I can't see it and not see a cartoony looking condom XD Regardless of that, I really love this print, and hope, one day, to make it mine. I'm always tempted to buy black dresses, but maybe this time I want it in blue.


  1. It seems like this print is a big hit with all the Lolita community so far. I must admit it is a lovely and dreamy looking print.

  2. Damn you. Now I will never see that without seeing...that. XP

  3. I totally love this print! The hardest part is deciding between the jsk and the skirt lol


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