Goals for 2011

Happy belated new years everyone! Since everyone else is talking about their goals I figured I would share a few of my own, and since it's 2011, and since I fancy 11 my lucky number, I'll make 11 goals for each category.

11 F Yeah Lolita Goals
  1. Update my banner. I have been meaning to change the "Fuck Yeah Lolita" part to "Fyeahlolita.com" ever since I got my url!
  2. Make some blog business cards featuring that fat little unicorn up there!
  3. At least10 posts per month. Hopefully 2011 will have no more sad months with only 5 or 6 posts.
  4. Make my layout better. My layout's coding is kind of bloated because I've been editing the same layout for about a year now. I really do hate coding though.
  5. Post more outfit and coordinate shots. Even if it's just clothes of mine laid out all fancy on my bed or something like that. I enjoy seeing other people's coordinates so I would like to add more to my blog.
  6. Make at least 1 tutorial every month. I have a feeling this is one of the goals that I won't succeed in!
  7. Host at least 1 more giveaway and 1 contest. Giveaways are always fun and I've been just dying to make you all compete against each other some how XD
  8. Get 1 million hits and 1,500 followers Halfway there to a million and only a few dozen more followers till 1,000, so I'm going to be ambitious and hope for 1,5000 this year.
  9. Clean up my tags. My tags are kind of all over the place and I think I have way too many of them listed on the side bar. Ideally I would like to have more specific tags for each post and only have about a dozen of them listed on the side.
  10. Add more of my original art to the blog. I would love to do the occasional post related doodle, instead of just using photos from the Bibles.
  11. Take nice pictures of all of my Lolita clothes and get them posted online. Either as a virtual closet on my site, or just on my neglected Poupee.

11 Lolita Goals
  1. Learn to sew! Last year this was a goal of mine too and, you know what, I sort of succeeded in it. I got a sewing machine a couple months ago that wasn't 30 years old and found out that sewing isn't as frustrating as I thought it was. I've been making little things on it like bows and soft bonnets, and I would like to work up to larger pieces like skirts and JSKs sometime this year.
  2. Add more red to my wardrobe. Last year I added a few red pieces to my wardrobe because I wanted to add some more classical colors to my wardrobe. I now have a very small (compared to my black or pink and black Lolita clothes) collection of red pieces and I just love it! I hope to add more red accessories this year, like a nice pair of red shoes.
  3. Try a few crossover styles. I'd like to step outside of my loli comfort zone and try something like Mori x Lolita or Dolly x Lolita or whatever new fashions that pop up in 2011 and are the next big thing to mix into Lolita.
  4. Do more stuff with my hair. With my everyday Lolita style I tend to just wear my hair down and I'd at least like to start curling it a bit or even wearing it up every now and then.
  5. Hunt down some more old school pieces. I recently started collecting older Lolita pieces and I would like to try to add a few more to my wardrobe in 2011. My oldest piece is a 2001 Meta dress, if I can, I would like to find something older than that!
  6. Either get rid of the last few rarely worn pieces or get everything into a dresser or on a clothes rack of some sort. It's kind of sad, but I have so many Lolita and goth clothes that I am actually keeping some just piled in hampers in a spare bedroom. I hope to put an end to that this year buy at least buying a clothing rack.
  7. Rotate my wardrobe a bit and wear some stuff I rarely ever wear. This has to do with my problem above. I have so many clothes that I just forget about a lot of them! Sometimes things that are just in the back of my armoire or in the other room get forgotten about for a very long time! I hope to rediscover a few pieces this year.
  8. Add some more indie pieces to my wardrobe. There are so many great indie brands out there, both in the West and in Japan, and I would love to add a few of their pieces to my wardrobe.
  9. Design a fabric and get a dress made with it. I've always wanted to have my very own custom fabric, and I even have a number of ideas and sketches and even some half finished designs. This year I hope to actually finish something and get it made into, at the very least, a skirt.
  10. Get more socks and tights. I'm pretty boring when it comes to socks, I have 4 or 5 different pairs of black OTKs and a small number of socks with fancy designs on them. This year I really need to get some more! Especially to go with my ever expanding Classic Lolita wardrobe. I could really use some cream colored socks.
  11. Wear narrow headdress more often. I really love them and I'd like to get a few that I can wear with my everyday Lolita wardrobe. For 2011 I'm going to bring them back!
Can I do all this?! Maybe, maybe not, but I'm hoping that I can. And at least for the first week or two of January, before I forget about it completely, I'll try.

What are your goals, hopes or resolutions for 2011? Both for Lolita and, if you have one, for your blog?


  1. Hey I cannot wait to see any of your goals turning into reality! Both blog and lolita! :D For me are a few, I need indeed post more often in my loli blog and specially, start to post both in spanish and english! And as lolita, I really need loose weight to fit in AP skirt waist >.< and try to wear more lolita clothes when I go to office! In Blizzard where I work I see often many gothics, nerds, punks ... but not lolitas (well in general in Ireland aren't many)

    Be sure I will keep reading your blog in 2011 to see how is going for your goals, specially the sewing one!

  2. Oooh, that's an impressive list! I don't have anything so lofty- mostly just get my shit together with blogging (On top of getting a bit more professional-looking, I feel like I've been "phoning in" with so many of my entries and just posting something to post it on schedule, instead of working hard to create pieces I'm proud of) and with my studies- it's hard to believe that fall 2009 I had a 3.8 GPA and now I'm just praying it's high enough to keep my financial aid! I need to really just force myself to care more about my studies, lol - that's my main goal for the next few semesters. Dean's List '11? Only time will tell!

  3. I want to start a lolita wig shop on etsy and sell some at an anime convention or two.

  4. Those are a lot of goals, good luck with them. I will root for you okay!

  5. I'd like to expand my lolita/steampunk wardrobes extensively now that I'm employed (waiting on a large Fan+Friend order that I'm super excited about). And I'd like to start posting more regularly (and about more meaningful things) on my blog.

  6. Impressive list, indeed! Everybody here in the comments seems to have great goals too. Mine are starting to wear lolita :D

  7. I would love to see more of your own artwork!

  8. Very big list there ;) Though all looking very achievable! I don't think you should worry about making 10 posts a month though. Quality > quantity, so if you need more time to make a quality post then it'll be worth the wait for us readers :D

    I'd definitely love to see more narrow headdresses myself!

  9. I realised I had this blog on my feed, but not followed. I fixed that :D


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