Gothic & Lolita Bible 38

The 38th Gothic & Lolita Bible has been out for a little bit now, but it's finally been scanned and put up online (You can find it here). As I have mentioned before, I haven't bought a G&LB in a long time because they have become pretty much impossible to find in my area. We used to have a comic book shop keeping them in stock, but they seem to have stopped some time last year, probably because I was the only one buying them!

I whined about the glamor shots on the covers in my review of volume 37, commenting on the fact that they really take a bit of the magic of the mook away from me and so I was a little disappointed to see yet another glamor shot on the cover of volume 38. But, I've still got my fingers crossed for the day they start putting art on the cover again! I liked this volume a little bit more than I did the previous one, there was nothing that really blew my mind, and the patterns really sucked (There was what I think is an apron and a whole lot of Christmas ornaments) but there were lots of lovely coordinates and photos. I'll share a few of my favorite of them with you here. Click the thumbnails for bigger pictures.

In this volume's photo shoots I've noticed a lot of huge curly, multi-color wigs. This is something they've done for years in photo shoots, so it's probably not supposed to be "the next big thing", but I certainly did notice more gigantic curly wigs in this issue than in previous. Something else I noticed, which could possibly just be chalked up to the fact that this is the Winter volume, is a lot of more classical outfits. With the exception of an ultra-pink Mamicimam ad that featured a girl wearing an outfit that looked like it was made completely of pink stuffed bunnies, there were hardly any OTT Sweet outfits. Even Angelic Pretty's ads in this volume were very subdued.

The street snaps (the last 4 pictures above being street snaps) also featured a lot of Classic Lolita and quite a number of girls that looked like they stepped out of a 2004 issue of G&LB. I'm, of course, talking about the old school style. There were a few Sweet Lolita's snapped, but they were all generally tame.

Is it because this is simply a Winter issue, where colors are a bit darker and styles are a bit more Classical, or is it because of the rising popularity of the Dolly-kei style and a general disinterest in the uber-pastel OTT Sweet Lolita trend that has been the style to wear since about 2007?I can't really say until I see the Spring issue. If the photo shoots and street snaps go back to cotton candy colored wigs a mile high and prints that would look right at home painted on a nursery school wall then, oops, never mind, seasonal trends as usual. But if the next Spring issue features dusty pastels and lighter floral prints, then maybe Lolita trends are finally taking that turn for the Classic that everyone (well, most everyone) has been predicting and hoping for for the past couple of years!

One final thing I'll leave you with from this volume is this ad, for cheapo contact lenses.

That's probably the least cutest pose since the duck face. WTF are these girls doing with their mouths?


  1. It could just be the seasonal change. Ever since the early 19th century when fashion magazines became huge, people have always worn much darker colors during the autumn and winter. What about earlier autumn/winter issues of the GLB, though? Is there a similar shift in styles in those issues? I don't follow the mook, so I don't really know what trends are "in" until someone mentions them on EGL.

    But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that dolly kei and mori girl will both find themselves mixed with classic lolita. I love all three styles so much ^_^

  2. It could indeed just be winter that brings out the subdued colours. Although I prefer light and bright colours because winter can be pretty dark and dull. I am all for the rise of old-school and classic, they're my favourites. I just can't get into wearing OTT.

    Those girls in the last picture are scary looking, like living dolls out of a horror movie. Maybe that's going a little too far ;)

  3. I wonder if OTT prints will become a seasonal thing like sailor? Since sweet brands like AP are broadening their prints i think they could create seasonal trends for more uber sweet prints being a summer thing.

  4. Like everyone has said, is more of a seasonal thing.
    I'm sure we will see more OTT after winter is over. AP has released a new print and is still very OTT.

  5. I am SO happy that there is someone else out there who dislikes "duckface" as much as I do! XD

  6. all the subdued colours, and classical designs! this is why i love winter and autumn hahah

    anddd, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  7. Even though the comic shop doesnt keep them in stock on the shelves, if you ASK them to order it, (or look through the monthly Diamond Preview catalog for it) they should be just as able to as before. And if they aren't willing to, ask any place that sells new comics. Diamond has a monopoly on the DC/Marvel (most american comic publishers) distro, that they have an account with them and can get it. (worked in a comic shop, trust me. If you dont have any local, start looking further out, im sure you can find one that will order/mail it to you)

  8. I'm really intrigued by the longer skirt trend I'm seeing, especially with those skirts a lessened emphasis on poof. I think I'd like to try it, but because I'm short, I'm afraid it would look like I'm swimming in it.

  9. Dunno what are they doing, lol.
    AWESOME, gotta look for that edition of G&LB : )

  10. Those eyes are totally photoshopped on. If I'm not wrong, it's actually Aoki Misako? lol.

  11. i know that lolita runs pretty much independently of mainstream fashion, but the shift from OTT sweet to a more subdued classic style may also reflect economic trends. Whenever there is a downturn in the economy (and the recession hit Japan pretty hard from what I understand due to their already low interest rates), fashion pulls in the rains a bit, puts away the glitter and the glam, and reflects the "mood", if you will. Perhaps lolita is experiencing a similar reflection?

    Another cultural explanation is that a lot of lolitas, especially brand designers, are growing up, and the shift to classic may reflect that too.

    Anyway, love your blog, first time commenter, ect...

  12. I hope it takes a turn for the classic...I'm new to lolita so I prefer the muted color palettes...or just less-froufrou than the sweet stylings.

    Those faces in the ad look horrible.... :T Their mouths look CG'd on :T:T ew.

    PS: I ran across a Gothic&Lolita ENSEMBLE at a bookstore in NYC a few weeks ago and I've been wondering about it. I'm fairly certain that the E&G BIBLE is just that and will have it on the cover...but what is E&G Ensemble?

    PPS: Happy New Year!!

  13. Ensemble is just a Bible spin off! If I recall correctly Ensemble features mostly one particular model, Misako. Other than that I think it's exactly the same as the other Bibles, it was just something they did for their 10th anniversary.

    There have been a few spin offs in the past, a couple Extras which were mainly the crafts, Hair & Makeup, and Boudoir (I think that was a Bible spin off!) which I think was mostly just pictures of clothes.

    Happy New Year to you too!

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  15. The Gothic & Lolita Bible 38 is now available online, despite the difficulty in finding physical copies. The content is enjoyable, with lovely coordinates and photos. The Winter issue features more classical outfits and fewer OTT Sweet outfits. Street snaps reveal Classic Lolita styles, contrasting with the uber-pastel OTT Sweet Lolita trend. The Spring issue may feature dusty pastels and lighter floral prints. mejor abogado para planificación patrimonial


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