Awesomely Bad Dresses

This recent post on WTF Burando had got me thinking about all the awesomely bad Lolita dresses that I love. Sometimes a Lolita dress is just so tacky that you can't help but love it! Some of these might not be strictly Lolita, but they've all appeared either a Lolita publication or in a Lolita shop.

Why it's awful- It looks like it's made completely out of organza, it's got great big bell sleeves that make her look like a big organza ball, her extra floofy bloomers seem to be sticking out a good 6 inches, and she has a very large and floppy bonnet, probably also made out of organza.
Why I love it- Metamorphose has made quite a few of these lace (or organza) monster dresses in the past, and when I first got into Lolita is when they first started making them, so for a time something like this was a big deal. I get all warm and fuzzy and nostalgic when I see something like this. I want it, to impress 17 year old me.

Why it's awful- Arm warmers, WTF is going on around her neck area, and inexplicable fringed bloomers that are practically pants.
Why I love it- I have no idea. It just looks like fun. And maybe because without the bloomers it would be pretty, but dammit, the bloomers are the best part!

Why it's awful- It's old lady makeup.
Why I love it- But she's such a pretty old lady!

Why it's awful- It's super short, made out of what looks like stretch velvet, she's wearing sheer tights, and it's topped with a very infantile bonnet. It looks like a cheap western Goth decided to try Lolita after only hearing about it briefly.
Why I love it- Maybe it's because she's holding that crucifix, but it's just so uber-goth. It's so tacky 90's Goth that I just love it.

Why it's awful- It's minty blue/green and black, covered in crap, and it looks like something a clown would wear.
Why I love it- It looks like something a clown would wear : D

Why it's awful- It's a hot mess and it makes my eyes bleed just looking at it. It has stupid little peasant blouse half sleeves.
Why I love it- It's pink and black and just looks like a whole lot of fun!

Why it's awful- It's made out of PVC, it's a tube top, and has cheap crosses along the bottom.
Why I love it- It looks like some of the super tacky stuff Mana used to wear, and I would have loved that. Plus, for some reason I've had the urge to get a PVC Lolita piece, if I did it would be something like this.

Why it's awful- She looks like Santa Clause.
Why I love it- I love Santa Clause!

Well, that's a few pieces off my awesomely bad dresses list! I've got a few more in mind but I've got to hunt down some scans. If you're interested in more Lolita of questionable taste, check out the LJ community, WTF Burando. What awful dresses would you like to have hiding in the back of your closet?


  1. Haha, I have always been in love with the last one! XD I don't think I could ever wear something like that outside of a photo studio, but it is just too cute and tacky for not liking it.

  2. I actually really love that first Meta dress too xD I'd totally wear it because I have a thing for that fabric.

  3. All these pics are nostalgia for me, thanks for the laughs! The F+F dress is a replica of a Moitie dress actually. The Santalita outfit is the best because even the model is going all WTF at the stylist in the corner, who I bet is trying to keep h**self from ROFLs.

  4. it's funny. I often ask my friends: "Should I buy this dress or this dress?". And I always end buying the dress, which everybody hate!! I don't know why, but I love to wear controversal pieces XD

  5. I always thought the last one was the most Russian lolita outfit I had ever seen.

  6. I loved the PVC Moitié dress on which the F+F version is based... I still love it, actually XD The original is underbust and the ruffles in the bottom are not so fluffy, and in the photo it looked like a gorgeous blue (although nowadays I think it was probably black, but looked like blue because of the lighting+photoshopping =P)
    I also love the tranny platforms he wears with lolita, nowadays the general consensus is that they are a no-no but I think they are so cool <3

    Another tacky item I love is the second blouse of this page:
    In fact, anything that has one or more big crosses slapped on it I find tacky, since it's so estereotipically goth... but can't help but loving for the same reason XD

  7. "Why it's awful- It's minty blue/green and black, covered in crap, and it looks like something a clown would wear.
    Why I love it- It looks like something a clown would wear : D"

    I(quite literally) lol'd.

  8. I spotted this BTSSB one the other day...I like the black colourway, but the black and white one is really horribly Ita.

    1. xD You really think so? I think the black and white one is pretty normal blackxwhite Lolita. It's pretty cute!


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