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I was looking around on DeviantArt and I came across this generator. You press a button and it gives you a random assortment of Lolita related words. It was pretty fun to click it and see what I got, and it started giving me a few generated phrases that I thought actually sounded pretty fantastic! So, I busted out the Photoshop and drew some little fashion sketches of the phrases it gave me.

Enchanted Rhinestone JSK
Why don't more brands use rhinestones on their pieces? Some brands are pretty liberal with the glitter, and a few elegant rhinestones are just so much more classy looking than plain old glittery paint!

Spotted Castle Cardigan
Pretty self explanatory! Polka-dots and castles on a cardigan, with some glitter to make it even more OTT.

Poodle Romance Headdress
I was going to just skip over this one because I couldn't think of how to put a romantic poodle on your head and then I realized that the answer was pom-poms! A simple pink headdress with 3 big white pom-poms on either side, to make you sort of look like you have poodle hair. Nothing says "romance" like sharing a hairstyle with a dog!

Kitten Parade Skirt
Has this been done before? A kitten parade seems like such an obvious choice for a Lolita print, that I would be surprised if someone hasn't done it some where. I had Innocent World in mind when I drew it.

Mermaid Diary Blouse
I don't really know if mermaids keep diaries, or how to include that subject on a blouse, so instead I just opted for a fancy Victorian blouse (Diary=Fancy=Victorian was my train of thought) in a mermaidy color with some pearl details.

Cherry Choir Bow
I love that bright magenta color that Baby the Stars Shine Bright sometimes uses, I am pretty sure they refer to it as "cherry", so inspired by that color, and including some cherries as well, I drew this little bow.

Cake Cherub Stockings
This one had me thinking for a little bit! There were so many different ways to depict "Cake cherub", cherubs holding cakes, cakes with cherubs flying out of it, cherubs made out of cake (that thought kind of disturbs me actually), cherubs dancing all over a cake, a cake decorated with frosting cherub designs. I quickly decided on cakes with cherub wings, as that seemed the most logical choice.

Fantasy Glade Nightgown
If I didn't have the word "nightgown" at the end, I probably would have drawn a deep green print of trees and a stream, but it just seems too frivolous to wear a brand print to bed! So I just chose a nice forest green and a romantic styling.

Some other great ones that I didn't get a chance to illustrate were Marie Antoinette Heart Apron, Stripey Coffin Bloomers, Rose Ace-of-spades Wristcuffs, Gothic Dove Sunhat, Precious Orchard Coat, and Floral Chandelier Maiden. I can really imagine all of those as being something actual Lolita brands release!

I love silly generators like these, they sometimes can really help to inspire you, try clicking around on it and see what you can come up with!

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  1. I wish Kitten Parade were real.  I really do love it.


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