Lolita Bathing Suits

It's pretty much officially summer here, and for many people that means a trip to the beach, but what's a Lolita to do? She wants to frolic on the seaside with everyone else, but a shiny neon bikini and tan lines are just so not rori. Most Lolitas who enjoy a swim every now and then have wondered how to make the experience just a little more Lolita, and while you certainly don't have to Lolify every part of your life, it's fun to try!

Brand released swimwear
Occasionally Lolita brands will release what they consider a Lolita appropriate swim set. These are usually pretty cute, but are often very expensive and only come in very petite sizes.

Here are a few brand swimsuits from past collections, these all feature special prints, some of the prints are even exactly the same as are on their dresses.

The indie brand Ergi also released a very cute swimsuit suitable for Lolitas.

Finding loliable mainstream swimwear
If you don't want to drop $150 on a burando swimsuit, you can easily find a swimsuit in mainstream stores that is sure to satisfy your cravings for ruffles. It just might take a bit of hunting! Try all the standard places, Forever 21, Delias, Hot Topic, Aeropostale, wherever swim suits are sold you're bound to find a good one. Just like with Lolita, sometimes accessorizing is the key. You are, of course, not going to be swimming in hats or bracelets, but if you are going to be spending as much time out of the water as you are in, you might as well dress up a bit. Here are some beachy coordinates that I think still have the spirit of Lolita in them.

First up, a Gothic Lolita coordinate. A simple black tankini paired up with some Mana approved sunglasses, a gauzy cover up, and some blue accessories make this beach coordinate a little bit Moitie inspired. Leave the blue lipstick and pale foundation at home and instead slather on the sunblock, hide under your big black hat, and maybe even a black parasol too to keep out of the sun.

This next coordinate is for the Sweet Lolita. A ruffly bikini in your preferred coordinate color paired with a white frilly cover up, some classic heart shaped glasses, and a few pink accessories. Top off the look with a cute straw hat with a flower tucked in the brim!

How the Victorian's did it

Many Lolitas often think fondly to the days of old when they think of bathing suits. After all, a proper lady would never be caught at the sea side in today's modern bathing suits. As awesome as it would be to go to the beach in a real Victorian swim suit, it's not very practical. They were pretty much just dresses you wore while you just so happened to be standing in the ocean. But, if you do insist, and don't mind the expense, funny looks, and general hassle you'll probably have to go through if you wear one, the online shop Recollections sells reproductions of Victorian era swimsuits.

If you are interested in learning a bit about Victorian era swim wear, check out this awesome article on it from Victoriana.


  1. I love the second one *___* i want those glasses and bathingsuit!!
    everything is very retro i think

  2. i want one of those beand swimsuits :D

  3. You know I don't like any of those XD

  4. This is a great post. I remember seeing a great Lolita-able swimsuit at Target a few years back. It was white eyelet with ruffles...super cute!

  5. You can buy some "loliable" Victorian swimsuits here, too! (Sorry the link is so long.)|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=ladies%20emporium&__utmv=-&__utmk=214918423

  6. That first one... I've wanted that style of bathing suit for so long. I had no idea BtSSB made one. Cute cute <3

    This is a great post too~ My own suit is so unloli. Haha.

  7. I really like the ones linked by Kyoda, they could make lovely dresses. I like the last set you did, in pink, it's lovely. I don't like swimming, sea or swimming-pools, I think I'm going to buy a basic bathing suit, surely in black... It's hard to stay lolita in a bathing suit, I think !
    You can also find good bathing suits there :
    They are by Fifi Chachnil, a vintage-inspired french brand of lingerie.

  8. What is a good alternative for a lolita who isn't proud to show of her body in a small bikini? Im one of those lolitas who isn't on the skinny side of the parameters so I don't fell comfortable in a small bikini or a bathing suit.
    I would like somthing that covered my tummy, buttoms and legs :(
    Can enyone help out a poor lolit .__.

  9. i love retro bathing suits! im totally buying this one when i have the chance:

  10. If i could find a way to save posts onto my computer. This would be one of them. :D

  11. The bathing suits at Recollections are awfully lovely! I would love the blue one with the sailor collar <3

    Yes, I am all about modesty and I am quite fond of the Victorian times, so a Victorian bathing costume is PERFECT for me.

  12. They're totally cute, but the heart-shaped sunglasses kinda remind me of the OTHER Lolita.

  13. boobs wouldn't fit any of that. ouo ............6n6 </3

  14. Oooh, some of those are really cute! I am definitely going to get one for myself! Now, the only question is, what's a Loli to do about pajamas? XD

  15. IWannaWearIiiit;A;July 12, 2013 at 8:00 PM

    Waaaant ;A;

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