Some After Halloween Treats

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween. As a little after Halloween treat I want to share a fashion spread in the most recent Kera Maniax (vol. 13) with everyone. This wowed the hell out of me as I was skimming through my newly downloaded volume. And I don't even usually go for the whole "Rococo" look.

Click on the thumbnails to get a full sized picture

These are honestly some of the coolest pictures I've ever seen in a Kera Maniax, and I have since come to prefer Kera Maniax over Gothic & Lolita Bibles, because Kera Maniax has a bit more originality than the all-one-brand coordinates that make up most of the Bibles.


  1. Sweet, downloaded all the pics. They are indeed gorgeous.

  2. I went out and bought the Manix because I saw part of that photo shoot in a friend's copy xDDD
    I wish they were bigger though- it's a bit of a waste having such tiny photos of a gorgeous shoot like that ;3;

  3. oh my! is that dog real?? it's too cute!!
    I love everything about this pics but especially the wigs >3<

  4. Belinda- Indeed they are!

    Andrea- I know! This spread needs to be about a dozen more pages long. Some of those pictures are just too pretty for a little 2 inch space.

    Violetlunchell- OMG Yes the wigs, they are indeed epic! I'm pretty sure the dog is real XD

  5. I'm a really big fan of Marie Antoinette and the clothes they wore in those days, and I love the shoot. <3
    The pics really should be bigger. D: *sigh*

    Thanks for sharing them with us!

  6. Wow, looks awesome! :D
    Thanks for the scans <3

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