Some Art I've Been Working On

Recently I've been trying to pick up the tablet and open up the Photoshop a little more than I normally do (which is to say, at all!) So I decided to put my rusty skills to use and make a few Lolita illustrations for my Etsy shop. And I want to show them off here, because I'm actually happy with them!

Click for a bigger picture

I tried to cover the three different styles of Lolita that I love and like make things for, Classic, Sweet, and Gothic. Making these was actually kind of addicting, and it was really fun to, once again, be able to sit down and be able to finish something. I kept the shading really simple in order to keep me interested in finishing them though! I used to go all out and try to shade as realistically as possible, but it takes so long I typically lost interest before I got to any interesting part of the piece.

Clearly, Lolita has pretty much completely overrun my life when I sit down and all I want to draw are fancy dresses I want to wear! Hopefully I'll stick with art, for a little while at least, and try to make a few more Lolita-themed pictures. Because these ones are shop related, I'm actually getting these printed on post cards to include with orders from my shop. I've already got one set! Now I'm just trying to decide if there's anything I need to fix with the remaining two before I get them printed up!


  1. I love your drawings! They're really nice.
    The cake in the sweet one reminded me of the dress in the Disney Sleeping Beauty movie, when the blue and pink fairies were fighting over what colour it should be. I'm not sure why but yea, it did ^^
    I also really like the bonnets in the classic one ^^ Great job!

  2. The drawings are lovely! The classic lolita drawing is especially outstanding.

  3. I love the last picture, I would also kill to own the dress she's wearing xD

  4. Awh! I love the designs on the classic and gothic dresses ^^
    I would totally wear those outfits.

    And, what a great idea to make them postcards to give in your shop! That's so sweet ^^

  5. i like the gothic lolita pic the best! it's so cute!!

  6. I love your art style! It's so cute! I think my favorite may be the classic one, but I really like the sweet one, too.

  7. The sweet one is so lovely and funny *o*
    I liked the use of yellow and... magenta? Fucsia?
    Yellow and pink are generally more pastel, even in lolita art, so seeing then so colorful and bright it's refreshing!
    The details are well done and the patterns are truly wonderful!

    But I can't belive how AMAZING the gothic dress and matching bonnet is - is it based on a real dress?
    I also loved the shoes that the classical brunette is wearing ^.^

    And I'm sorry if there's some errors, my english is not one of the best (I'm brazilian o/)

  8. These are such lovely pictures!! I absolutely love the classic one <3

  9. these are great.
    im really loving the first one
    keep up the good work : )

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