Old school vs. New School, Round 2: Angelic Pretty

Up next in my trip down memory lane is Angelic Pretty, one of Lolita's most over the top sweet brands. Angelic Pretty did not just emerge one day, fully formed and decked in a Twinkle Mermaid riding a frill covered clam shell drawn by two over sized pink bunnies. While Angelic Pretty was always a bit over the top, it had a much more demure beginning.

Round 2: Angelic Pretty
Angelic Pretty now, volume 33.

Angelic Pretty then, volumes 1-3

While Angelic Pretty has always been rather over the top, they used to be much more toned down. They tended to make the most use out of prints, but *le gasp* these aren't neon rainbow candy bunnies at all! The prints are all the typical of the time classical styled flowers, in fact, most of their printed dresses tended to look straight up Classic Lolita. While the colors do tend to be more on the lighter side, there still aren't yet pastel dresses. That blue dress in the last picture is the closest we get, but it's such a bright blue! This color is hardly ever seen any more in Lolita, unless it's used as an accent in a black colorway.


  1. Haha, I remember staring at those old school bibles thinking "WTFBBQ" even back then. Good times.

  2. Wow...so simple...O.o
    I love that picture with the blond girl in blackxwhite. It was one of the first pictures I've seen that got me into lolita and I've always wondered how she got that skirt shape! X3

  3. @Lulu- Yes! It's such a perfect skirt shape! I can't imagine regular petticoats doing that, it has to be some kind of crazy contraption under there XD

  4. You are tagged! ;)

  5. I used to love those AP dresses more than the actual ones; the "Sweetie sweet full of candies and cakes" is too sugary for me; but these old ones were so beautiful!


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