Old School vs. New School, Round 3: Metamorphose

My final brand to get its own entry is Metamorphose. A brand that is known for pushing the limits of good taste. PVC, weird shapes, questionable prints, and general WTFery has been a Meta calling card since the beginning.

Round 3: Metamorphose

Metamorphose now, volume 32

Metamorphose then, volumes 1-3

Meta's older pieces are all rather similar in style to Baby's early pieces, with a few notable differences. First of all, the colors! A whooole lot more colors than just black and white and red! They've even got a couple pastel blue and pink pieces, which was quite the rarity in the first few Bibles. Another thing they have, which at this point I honestly don't think any other Lolita brand did (feel free to prove me wrong!) was unique printing and embroidery on a few of their pieces. Up until this point in the Bibles, brands were pretty much exclusively using classic style floral prints on their outfits. In my peek back, I never expected to see Meta as the first brand to start using custom printed fabric, as they seemed to be one of the last to hop on the OTT print trend that nearly all the brands are riding steadily into OH-GOD-MY-EYES-ville.

I think the final thing to note about Meta's older pieces is that many of them could fit right at home in their current fashion lineup. While most other brands have been refining the Lolita style down to an exact science and following the many different trends in the fashion, Meta really hasn't evolved much with the rest of Lolita. They have mostly stuck to the anything-goes aesthetics of the fashion's early days. And, while they do often release pieces that are right on top of current trends, they are usually released side by side with whatever wacky shit Meta feels like putting out that season. Detective Poodle anyone?


  1. I've been a Meta fan girl from the very start. I love, love, love Meta and I forgive them for everything they do. Even the omgwtfbbq lacemonsters. It's all worth it for stuff like Detective Poodle, Antique Bouquet and the old school cross lace items.

  2. It's so interessting to see how the brands grown up ^^ I'm stil a beginning Lolita, but I also like to see the older stiles!

  3. And this is why I'm a meta girl! xD
    You keep doing your own (crazy) thing meta!

  4. I totally love metamorphose! definitely my fav brand

  5. It's definitely my fave brand, too! x3

  6. The fact that "they have mostly stuck to the anything-goes aesthetics of the fashion's early days" is what I feel makes them more authentic, interesting and unique. I respect them for that! They're not trend-following they're trend-setting.


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