20 More Things Every Lolita Should Have

I'm still getting back into the swing of things after a pretty busy month, I guess my announcement about being back from my break from blogging was a bit premature! I hope to get back to a more regular schedule sometime this upcoming week. I hope I haven't left some of you wondering where I was!
Back in February I made a list based on another blogger's post of 30 things every Lolita should have. I thought 30 should be plenty, but ever since I wrote the list I have been wanting to expand it, just a little bit. So with this post I'll be adding 20 more things to my list, to round it up to a nice even 50 things every Lolita should have. It sounds like it might be a whole lot of stuff, but really, lot of it is quite easy, and just like the first list, is probably stuff you already have but never realized it was a necessary part of your Lolita life before!

  1. A headband with a subtle corsage or side bow, something you can easily slip on your head without much hairstyling or worrying about.. Suggested by Seitou.
  2. A cute purse that works well in and out of Lolita, because constantly switching purses is annoying. Suggested by Seitou.
  3. At least one pair of elegant lace tights, this is great for making Gothic Lolita more elegant, making Sweet Lolita look a bit more princessy, or just making Classic Lolita a bit more fancy! Suggested by Seitou.
  4. A couple pairs of solid colored knee or over-the-knee socks. They're easy to coordinate with just about anything, cheaper than brand or even knockoff printed socks, and much easier to just toss out and get a new pair when you wear them out!
  5. A beauty routine. It doesn't have to be circle-lens-and-fake-eyelash full-face makeup routine, but it's a good idea to have some sort of routine, even if it just involves your favorite moisturizer and a little bit of mascara and some lip gloss.
  6. A versatile shade of nail polish that matches your style, so you can easily give yourself a quick and cute manicure.
  7. Some lace print nail decals or stickers, for when a simple coat of nail polish isn't going to cut it, but you don't have the time or patience to go all out with fake nails. Sephora carries Hello Kitty lace decals for a reasonable price, but you can pick up lace printed nail decals just about anywhere.
  8. A Lolita friend! Either online or in real life, it's always nice to have someone to share the frills with. If your friends aren't really into wearing the style themselves, at the very least hopefully you have a friend who is supportive of your frills and who will let you ramble to them about brands and new releases and give you support and suggestions on coordinates.
  9. A couple pairs of bloomers. They're great for warming up in the winter, looking cute peeking out from hems, or making sure you avoid flashing people! They're also easy to make!
  10. One quick and tasty recipe that is sure to please everyone the next time you go to a pot-luck picnic meetup. If you don't exactly know your way around a kitchen, then switch this to a good local deli or bakery!
  11. A "Lolita" perfume or scent. Whether it's a special perfume in a fancy bottle who's scent goes well with your style that you only save for special Lolita occasions, or a whole arsenal of different scents that you wear with different styles or to different places. I tend to like to wear sweet candy scents with Sweet Lolita, dark and musky scents with Gothic, and flowery scents with Classic.
  12. A relatively simple, solid colored skirt, in the perfect length, that works well with most of your wardrobe. This is a great addition to a Lolita wardrobe because you can do so much with it! Besides just wearing it on it's own, you can use it as an underskirt to add a couple inches to too-short skirts, wear it with an open dress or skirt that's meant to have a separate bustle, or you can wear it under a regular Lolita skirt and gather the top skirt to create a bustle effect.
  13. A favorite easy hairstyle that looks great with most any style you wear and you have perfected doing in about 10 minutes. Something you can do on days with minimal time to get ready but still look polished.
  14. A cute Lolita themed set of stationery or notebook, so you have something cute to write on!
  15. A folder filled with cute and inspiring Lolita pictures, or even an inspiration journal or sketch book.
  16. A favorite "secret" place to shop. Maybe it's a cute store in the mall or a local vintage store, but knowing about some place to pick up unique and cute Lolita accessories or even pieces you can mix in with your wardrobe is something every Lolita should try to find!
  17. A lint roller! Especially if you have pets and are fond of dark colored velvet, but even otherwise, it's a good idea to invest a couple dollars in a lint roller.
  18. A good, trustworthy, seamstress. Either a Lolita with sewing skills or a local tailor, it's always good to know of a seamstress just in case you need something altered, or made from scratch.
  19. Knowledge of how to make an LJ-cut. A lot of Lolita business is done through Live Journal, and knowing how to make an LJ-cut can really save your hide!
  20. Confidence! It's so obvious that I completely forgot it in my last list! Suggested by Julie Doll.
I hope this didn't add a ton more things to some of your Lolita to-do lists! But, just like the first list I made, I do think that a fair amount of the things that every Lolita should have are very basic things that most people have anyways (nail polish, lint rollers, the ability to learn an lj-cut) but just used in creative ways with the fashion!

Do you think that these 20, plus the original list of 30 is enough for any Lolita? What do you find most vital in your daily Lolita life?


  1.  A lint roller, most definitely. 

  2.  I just have to say that I love list like this :Dwww.chouji.blogg.no

  3. What woudl you suggest for decorating short nails? I can't grow them because I practice Aikido and don't want to accidentally scratch my partners. Not to mention they'd break.

  4. Definitely seconding the inspiration journal!  I've got a folder on my computer just for everything loli-related ^^ 

  5.  You were quite right about most of these things already being something I owned. ^_^

  6. Does anyone have an example of 12, a simple solid colored skirt?  I've seen so many patterns and designs on skirts that I can't seem to visualize a simple solid colored skirt.  (How terrible is that?)

    1. English Charm has solid-colored skirts in a variety of shades. :)

  7. Love these tips! I also recommend that one keep an emergency mini-manicure kit (nail file, clippers, tweers). They are so helpfully for uneven and broken nails that bother you in the middle of the day.

  8. Great post, as always! I LOVE the lint roller, too. My hair is everywhere on my cloth so, it does indeed saves an outfit! :

  9. I did some skirts some time ago in velvet, which are quite simple, just a gathered skirt with a ruffled hem. But pleats, gathers, bows and lace would look lovely too.

    Here's a great template for a basic skirt:
    Enjoy! :)

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