Do You Want To Be A Featured Lolita On F* Yeah Lolita?

There will be two new things coming to F* Yeah Lolita soon, both of them will feature interviews with creative or unique Lolitas in the community. So if you're interested in being featured on this blog, I'll let you know how you might qualify!

The first will be about Lolita's who break the molds for what is considered Lolita. This can mean a lot of things, from someone who is not physically the "ideal Lolita" either by birth or by choice. Or Lolita's who have very un-Lolita hobbies. So whether you are a Lolita in a heavy metal band, a brolita, a tattooist, handicapped, or anything else that proves just how diverse Lolitas can be, I would love to post a feature about you!

The second will be about creative Lolitas. If you paint, sew, craft, sculpt and love Lolita, I would love to feature you and some of your work! Whatever you create doesn't necessarily have to feature Lolitas, but it would be cool if it did.

So if you think that you would be perfect for either of these, fill out this quick form and I'll get back to you for an email interview if I am interested in featuring you on my blog. You must have at least one good photo of yourself in Lolita to be featured. It doesn't have to be a photo from a professional photoshoot or anything like that, just not a blurry webcam shot. I will, sadly, not be able to feature everyone who fills out the form, as I most likely just wont have the time to!

Each of these different features will have a name, and later a separate form to fill out, I just haven't thought up anything good yet.

I also just realized that I posted this on April Fools day but this is not an April Fools joke of some kind. It wouldn't even make sense if it was XD


  1. This will be an ongoing feature! You can fill it out whenever you want.

  2. eerr.. I doubt people would like to read about me* that is what I tried to say.

  3. Could we recommend people for you to interview?

  4. Yes, so long as they are not so famous that they would never bother responding to me XD

  5. ... It would be cool to be featured, though I don't have any proof of what I do save old photos and Sims2 screencaps. </3

  6. I'd love to be featured when I get better pictures of me in lolita and more (better) lolita clothes :D Especially when I get cyber dreads so I can wear cyber lolita... XD I'm saving this to favourites so maaaybe in a while I can try out.


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