Back From Anime Boston!

First of all, thank you to everyone who is interested in being featured on my site! I got so many responses from some really awesome people while I was away for the weekend, the whole convention I kept checking my email on my phone to read them XD. Keep an eye out for some upcoming interviews!

Now, about Anime Boston. It was both a nightmare and one of the best cons I've been to in a while. The nightmare happened getting to and from Boston. What was originally going to be a two hour train ride turned into a, I kid you not, eight hour train ride due to track flooding. And despite the fact that before they gave us our tickets they assured us the tracks would be back in tip-top condition on Saturday, by the time Sunday came around all trains to where we needed to go were cancelled. We ended up having to take a very cramped bus back home. In conclusion, you suck Amtrak.

A bunch of the Lolitas attending the meetup. There were so many more Lolitas at AB than this though!

The convention itself was awesome though! So many people recognized me from my blog, which was really exciting for me. I actually managed to miss both the Lolita fashion show and the real meetup though, which kind of sucked for me, but I still got to see everyone. I bought home a fair amount of loot too. Those new shoes, a bento box, a few volumes of manga (I'm currently reading Mushishi, which is awesome I might add), a Hangry & Angry cellphone strap, and a few little things. I have a really bad plushie addiction and had to seriously resist blowing all of my money at the Hangry & Angry table in the vendors room and on Sanrio or Gloomy Bear plushies.

One of my outfits. Excuse my completely durrr pose and expression. Caro-chan seriously needs to practice her loliposes. And lolifaces

Besides that I also managed to commit a pretty big Lolita no-no and bought a pair of fairly overpriced Lolita shoes from the vendors room. Hey, they were emergency shoes, I forgot to bring my flats and my current black sensible heeled Lolita shoes were pretty much falling apart. They could have made it through the weekend, but not any longer than that. So I sucked it up and spent $50 on a pair of $37 dollar shoes. Hey, I guess with shipping it would have worked out to about 50, and I really did need them right that instant. After I put them on I happily marched over to the trashcan and tossed out my old shoes.

A chibi portrait of me by Iris Chen of She actually recognized me from my LiveJournal XD

There were so many Lolitas this year at Anime Boston! I kept thinking I had snapped pictures of them all and then I would notice new ones that were too fast for me and I couldn't snap a picture of. But here are all the ones I could get a picture of.

Wow! Going through the pictures, there are a lot more than I thought there were XD I remember my first convention , years ago, I saw a mere two Lolitas, but now there are just so many. I can't wait for next year, hopefully we'll manage to get up there in a timely manner and not have the threat of being stranded in Boston looming over our heads on Sunday. Next year I am going to remember to sign up for a vendors table too!


  1. So many Lolita's! I'd love to be there!

  2. That bonnet is really flattering on you!

  3. It was very nice to meet you in person! I am totally in love with your bonnet!~ (I was the lolita in Berry Sweet Pie/a giant epic furry hat).

  4. That's OK about the shoes XD It's not your fault! And yeah they do even out to be about the same price, I just ended up making a Bodyline order a couple days after I got back from the con, so I could have saved some money by buying them then. But I clearly needed them right then! I love the shoes though, they're even better than the ones I threw out originally were!

    I don't think you looked ita-y at all! I thought you looked really cute in so much pink!

    BTW, your blog, you go to A LOT of cons! Do you vend professionally or something like that?

  5. Phew, that's good. For work, I don't really want to pack a curling iron, mousse, etc (cause my hair can't stand being curled) so I prefer to wear wigs. Although because I wear wigs..I'm afraid lolitas frown at me because my fruity coloured wigs are cosplay-ish.

    As for my blog, I guess I vend professionally XD I'm one of the two assistants my boss prefers to travel with to cons. If neither my coworker or I can work a con...he usually asks a local to work the booth. But I love conventions and dressing up so it's an ideal job for me. Only disheartening thing about the job is that I don't have time to go to the panels..or get autographs (-___-; )

  6. I don't think I did. I am the one with the rose melody rosa crusafix skirt =3

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