A Bunch of New Lolita Prints & Anime Boston

There are a few new brand prints out for Spring, so I figured I would lump them all up in one post. Some of these are actually less new than others, so I'm sure you've seen most of them by now, but I've been really wanting to gush over a couple of them.

Metamorphose- Blooming Garden

Let's start with Meta's newest print, Blooming Garden, because I just love it, especially the white colorway. It reminds me of fine china! I'm really loving the OP version of the print too, except for the cheap little bows on the bottom, but a quick snip could fix that. Meta prints are usually hit or miss, sometimes too busy for their own good, but the roses and soft colors on this one look just perfect in blue! There are actually a bunch of different pieces with this print, three JSKs, an OP, a skirt, and a few bows, even a bonnet! Meta also has a few designs on the horizon that are, at the moment, just sketches. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. I'm hoping it's going to be something really cool like embroidery or a screen print.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Cherry Cherry Fallin' Cherry

Baby's newest print is cherry centric and has a really stupid name. I'm not really sure if I'm feeling this one. The red cherries might be a little too much, although it does come in a few different colors so it might look a whole lot better on a non-white background. There's two different versions of JSK in this print, one of which comes in three sizes, and a skirt and a headbow. I think that cherries just aren't my thing, so I'm not too excited about this print.

Angelic Pretty- Happy Garden

I really only have one word for this print "Uuuugh". Easter prints? No thank you. While I insist that you can wear Baby's old Trick Or Treat print any day of the year, how much wear are you really going to get out of a dress with colored eggs along the hem? Ignoring the theme of the print, I find the general color scheme of the dress really lack luster, it just looks like a green blobby mess at the bottom. While I am not an Angelic Pretty fan, I do think a lot of their prints are cute, just not the recent bunch of them, they have just begun to look more and more like blobby pastel messes. At least the cut of this dress is super cute. I love the ruffles around the collar and the crossed ribbons. This print comes in two JSK choices, an OP, and a few accessories.

Innocent Word- Antique Pansy

I love this print, it's adorable and so cool to see such a rarely used flower in a Lolita print. This particular JSK is really cute too, I love the tiers! Sadly the rest of the items in this print line kind of suck. You can get a headband that looks like the pansies from the fabric cut out and glued to a cheap headband, or a necklace along the same lines. The OP in the print really isn't doing anything for me, it has a bodice that reminds me too much of a T-shirt. Non puffy sleeves? I applaud Innocent World for trying out something new, but it just looks weird to me, a little too 1950's.

On a different note, I'll be attending Anime Boston this year, which is this coming weekend! I am actually going to try to get to the Lolita panels this year, as last year I missed out on all of them. And maybe the BJD meetup if I have room left in my bag to nestle a doll in. I'm pretty excited for the first big convention of the year. As always, I'll be in Lolita for the weekend. On Friday I'll most likely be in *gasp* Maid Lolita, something I've always wanted to try even if it is a bit silly. The rest of the weekend I'll be in Gothic Lolita with a huge bonnet on. If you spot me, a tall Gothic Lolita in a huge bonnet carrying around a BJD, say hi!


  1. I oddly don't love the Meta print. The blues blur a bit for me,so it's hard to see the details. I like the Baby and AP prints, and I really like the IW print too. I like the idea of non puffy sleeves, just because you could wear a sweater or cardi over top without odd lumps.

  2. it's Antique Pansy, I love it & should get off my bum and go buy it XD

  3. Thanks for the name! I figured it was something like that!

    Buuuuy iiiit.

  4. That is very true about the pansy print OP! While it does look cute on their page coordinated with a cardigan over it, without one it just looks too blah to me. Puffy sleeves can be a pain XD but I'm willing to suffer for them!

  5. I really like the Meta print, but I'm not so keen on other others.

  6. The Metamorphose is lovely--it does make me think of patterned china, and of the sort of dresses my mom would dress me in as a tiny tyke. Baby could have chosen a less twee name for their new print. That said, I do like the cherries, and would like to see it in an off-white, rose, or black colorway. Innocent World is all right. Not me, but not bad. Angelic Pretty's print? Way too pink for my taste, and too young. I like being young at heart, but at 45, the super-Sweet Lolita look would make me feel like an extra in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

    And I do hope you have a wonderful time at Anime Boston.

  7. You talk all the time about how tall you are, and it makes me feel less alone by a lot.
    Your tips for tall lolitas really helped me (I'm just not leaving this there because you mentioned your height again here, sorry DX) and I've definitely become more conscious of being able to get what I want just with modifications xD

    But if you don't mind my asking, how tall are you exactly? O:

    I'll be at Anime Boston too! I hope to be going to the fashion show myself.
    I'm happily wearing my lolita, but with *gasp* converse. Looks dreadful. But I need to.
    I'm excited cuz it's the first time I get to wear it around my boyfriend's house without being glared at. xD

    ~end rant and random comment~

    On the prints: I love all of them. Even the Angelic Pretty. For some reason, no matter how cluttered or. . . just bad. .. the prints get, I still cling to them. xD

  8. Hey :)
    I was just wondering if any Lolita's have ever ordered from "SweetRococo" or "Vivcore" branda before? I'm new to Lolita and I am pretty much on a budjet, and I need some basic things like a petticoat and such. So I was wondering if anyone has any experience or tips to where to buy cheaper but quality "basic" clothing.
    Hope anyone will answer me :)
    Sorry for using your blog to ask like this, but I don't know anyplace to like .. "get help".

  9. No problem about the questions! I've ordered from Vicore's Candy Violet a few times and I can at least vouch for the quality of the card skirt and the Classic skirt which are both very nice. Although, if you are on a budget I would not really suggest either SweetRococo or Candy Violet, as their prices are pretty much the same (or even higher in some cases) as Japanese brand prices. Check out Bodyline if you are on a very tight budget, I have a few posts about ordering from Bodyline (http://fyeahlolita.blogspot.com/search/label/bodyline) because not everything from Bodyline is amazing quality. If you are looking for a good deal on brand, or even a better deal on offbrand, check the Lolita sales community (http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/) you can often find a really good deal if you don't mind second hand. If you're totally new at Lolita, check out the "newbie tips" tag on the side (http://fyeahlolita.blogspot.com/search/label/newbie%20tips) for a bunch of articles aimed at beginner Lolitas.

  10. I'm not terribly tall, but when it comes to buying Lolita clothes I feel about a foot taller than I really am XD I am about 5'7" but I really love my platform RHS so in full Lolita I can be around 5'10".

    I'll keep an eye out for a Lolita in converse! I understand completely, I am thinking of ditching my real Lolita shoes for a pair of flats or even my boots, something that's not going to kill me by the end of the weekend. If you catch me staring at you and looking confused (that's my "I think I know who that is but I'm not sure" look) wave at me!

  11. I was considering boots myself. But my converse are so well worn in. And have hello kitty shoelaces. Always cute. xD

    I'm 5'8 myself. In my boots I'm around 5'10 or 11. Makes me feel like an amazon in a cupcake. o__e
    But for the frills, I deal with my height. *proudface*

    Thanks for answering! I'll look out for your bonnet as well. I adore bonnets. ~

  12. I love how many of the prints are going to more classic styles with the whole floral thing being a trend right now. It makes me so happy <3

  13. Mymy!~

    I just recently found out about your blog because I've resolved to "lolitify" my life to the extent I would prefer, and I was delighted to stumble upon this post!~

    Will you be attending AB this year as well?~
    And you mentioned in your post that you thought about going to the BJD meet?.... Did you? I've been with the BJD group in Boston for a very long time.

    Ohh If you do go this year please let me know! I'd love to meet you in person to talk about lolita (>u< )~!

  14. Yep I'll be at AB this year :D I'll have a table in the AA so I'll be pretty easy to spot. I would love to chat about loli and BJDs with you! What kind of dolls do you have?

    Last year I didn't make it to the BJD meet because I didn't bother to bring my dolls, but this year, since I'll be stuck at a table all weekend, I'll most likely drag one or two along for company!

    Good luck in lolifying your life :3

  15. Well that makes things easier doesn't it!~ My sister and I will also be in the AA. We sell buttons every year but I think I'll have some loli/deco accessories to sell this year as well. What will you be selling?~ (>u< )~

    I have a DoC Kirill, a DoB Pisce Girl, a DoI Luke, a Leeke Luke, DiL Rydel, a Sora Minimee and a Roxas Minimee both on demon garden bods.
    (I also have a number of floating heads so I'm not sure if any of them will get a body by AB...but for those I have a Migi Miho, MNM Axel, and a SNG Uhui. )

    Ohh~ Well I can't wait to meet you and your dolls regardless :')

    Thank you!~

  16. Awesome! If you've been there with BJDs before I've probably met you XD I tend to stop at BJD tables and ooh and aah over people's dolls.

    I'll be selling the stuff I make in my shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/OphanimGothique as well as some cutsier animey stuff.

    Those are some awesome dolls :D Lots of Dream of Doll! I have like 11 bjds, most of them hybrids but I'll probably be dragging along my AiL Chloe.

  17. Most likely then xD

    Ooooohhh!~ I was just looking at some of the stuff you've made. I'll probably sneak by early to scope out some things ;)

    Well, only 3 out of my 7 and 4 halves. (forgot to mention I have a '10 summery head, but eh :/) Ohh~ Cute! Fttt I can't wait for the con (>u< )~!

  18. I fell in love with Musical Cat in pink by Metamorphose. I love music and animals, so it's so...me. I feel like it's fate that I stumbled upon that dress.


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