Accessory Obsession: 1928

An accessory brand that I'm kind of obsessed over at the moment is 1928, which you can find at Khols or through their webshop. Their prices range from affordable, to something you're going to have to save up for. If you live near a Khols you probably stand a good chance of catching their stuff on sale too. I love their vintage, antique style, which is pretty refreshing since so many accessories sold at the moment are a bit cheap, or too modern, looking for my tastes. If you check out my Polyvore account (or check out the "coordinates" tag on my blog), most of my Lolita coordinate accessories are from 1928. In this post I just want to show some of my favorite pieces from 1928.

This is just a sampling of the things I love from them, as you can see they have a rather wide range of decadent styles, ranging from sweet and pretty, to elegant and Victorian, to decadent and gothic.


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