More Meta WTFery

Well Meta has come out with a few new pieces. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Well... they sure do like that fabric, they seem to be making everything out of it. There's a pink one too, but it's so pale it looks nearly identical to the white on in photos. This dress I think can be filed under "so ugly I sort of like it" for me. The more I stare at it in disbelief the more I kind of want it. Especially the black/black and red/black colorway. They would both look pretty awesome if you Gothic'd them up a bit with some accessories. What's with the migrating bows? On the red dress they are on the bodice, but on the other two dresses they are on the sleeves. I'm assuming this is Meta's subtle (Meta, subtle?!) way of telling us the bows are detachable.

Besides dresses of questionable taste, Meta has been releasing a lot of bonnets lately. I think all of these are really awesome looking, and don't seem to be the big floppy head ruffles that are sometimes released and called a bonnet. I'm especially loving the ones that match the new tacky dresses. If only I had a spare 400 bucks that I didn't mind blowing on something of completely questionable taste so I can have a set!

Just as a friendly reminder, don't forget to enter my Christmas giveaway! There are still a few days to enter!


  1. God that dress is hideous. Such a nice fabric ruined by crappy lace and horrible designing.

  2. XD Oh, Meta, I worry about you. Sometimes I feel it goes like this:

    AP Trademark : Bows
    BTSSB Trademark: Lace
    MM Trademark : The A-line silhoutte
    MMM: Electric Blue
    Meta: WTF-ery

  3. Hi ^.^

    Can you put some tips for wa and qi lolitas, please?

    I'm new and I quite lost.


  4. I'm agreeing with you that the black/black version is oddly alluring. I usually stay away from garments with really large/wide lace accents, but I also sort of like this. Still it's the kind of thing that should really be tried on/seen in person before deciding on

  5. Sobbb, why must you mention that dress again. ;~; For some reason I really adore the red one. *reminds self she doesnt need it*

    Wanntttttt. ;^;

  6. I adore frills, lace, bows and pintucks. I couldn't imagine how someone could design a dress with those characteristics and make it UGLY! But here they are.

    After looking at these dresses for awhile I actually like the black one. "Oddly Alluring" is the right way to describe it. But not enough for me to buy it.

  7. There's always room for a black bonnet in one's closet. ;)

  8. @Talia- But Meta's ugly clothes are so addicting XD I do love this fabric though!

    @Anon- That is sooo true!

    @Lukaina_aulladora- I might in the future! They are not styles I am too familar with, but I am trying to work my way, slowly, through the different styles of Lolita.

    @carouselofcrowns- Very true, I'm not going to rush out and buy it, but I'll keep my eyes open and hope it shows up on D_L one day.

    @cessin- The red one is strangly pretty.

    @loliandrea- XD Meta always manages to go overboard and make a bit WTFmess. The black one, I think, is the best of the lot. Maybe because the dark color hides the mess of lace and ribbon.

    @Maria- So very true!

  9. I really kind of want the red/black dress, too! n.n;

  10. :O I need those bonnets! *o*
    They look a lot less "baby" like than those floppy ones XD

  11. I actually (don't shun me) completely love that dress in the red/black...


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