Ask Miss Caro-chan: The Difference Between Gothic Lolita And Kuro Lolita

Todays Ask Miss Caro-chan is a quick one, it comes from a girl named Drama Queen. I would have liked to have been posting a few more questions, but Christmas kind of got in the way. But don't let that stop you from asking more questions!
whats the difference between gothic lolita and Kuro Lolita?
This one is pretty easy! "Kuro" means "black" in Japanese, and Kuro Lolita refers to an all black Lolita outfit. Gothic Lolita is a style of Lolita, and can be colors other than black, check out my post Adding Elegance To Gothic Lolita if you're not quite sure what passes as Gothic Lolita. Some Gothic Lolita is indeed all black, but it's not usually referred to as Kuro Lolita. And a Lolita most likely won't use the term Kuro Lolita to describe themselves, because it just means a specific color, but plenty of people call themselves Gothic Lolitas, because it is a whole unique style. It might be a little confusing unless you are very familiar with Lolita as a whole, and specifically the Gothic Lolita style.

A couple of Kuro Lolita coordinates. Their dresses are very basic Lolita, a JSK and blouse or a blouse and skirt combo, everything is simply black.

A couple of Gothic Lolitas, while they are wearing a lot of black, their coordinates both have a very Gothic style.

Kuro Lolita has a sister style called Shrio Lolita, "Shiro" meaning "white" in Japanese. It is, you guessed it, an all white Lolita outfit. Despite the fact that it's the exact same thing as Kuro Lolita, only with white, no one ever gets it confused with Gothic Lolita because white is not seen as a gothic color.

Shiro and Kuro Lolitas are often the themes of many twin outfits!

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  1. Sometimes termonology can get rather confusing (^_^) this kind of clears up what is kuro & what is gosu. But, what about Lolita coordinates with black fabric, black lace up ribbons, white lace, and black accessories(like shoes/boots & bags)? Is it gosuloli, or just amaloli(or possibly even classic) in black & white? Does brand play a factor, attitude, make up, or is it the just colourscheme of the coordination that defines the style term?


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