A Lolita Meme!

I love silly little memes, and here's a Lolita one that was going around my friends list a few weeks ago. Feel free to do this meme for yourself in the comments, or if you post it in your own blog, let me know! I would be very interested in knowing people's answers.

1. Best Lolita fashion advice you've ever received?
I don't think anyone has ever given me any advice. I learned Lolita on the streets! But I would have to say the best Lolita advice that I have learned would be to wear socks of appropriate lengths. Don't wear knee socks with very short skirts, huge amounts of skin showing on your legs just looks silly.

2. Style icons?
I don't really have many Lolita style icons, there's a few girls who's posts on Daily Lolita that I always look forward to, and certain brands who's styles I really love, but I don't really keep up with Lolita 'celebrities', and I just don't get famous Lolita models. Sure, some of them are cute, but they usually just model one particular brand's clothes, so you rarely see them in a style all their own. So, these are my style icons, Lolita and otherwise, in no particular order.

Yuka and Sachi

Sshh, I don't really listen to Kokusyoku Sumire, I just think they are adorable and really love their style. These two don't always wear "real" Lolita, but it's still cute and doll-like. My favorite part of their style is their use of indie brands and great big bonnets combined with big wide eyes.


Of course, how could he not be? I used to really like Malice Mizer and Moi Dix Mois, but haven't listened to them in years. I'm certainly no Manatard, and I don't really care about Moitie, but Mana still holds a special place in my heart. My favorite part of Mana's style is that it's just so gothic. I love all the velvet and crosses and even the satins and PVCs. Plus, I just love the black and blue combo!

Anna Varney Cantodea

Anna Varney is the voice behind one of my favorite bands, Sopor Aeternus. Anna Varney has not always looked so refined, most of her musical career has been spent naked, in tombs, eating dead crows while screaming. But I've just been so in love with her recent Victorian look. Especially her use of a hint of pale, pinky-purple with black.


Melora, the one in the middle, is from the band Rasputina. I think I have a liking towards the Mori Girl look because it reminds me of the band. My favorite part of her style is the way she combines a dusty Victorian look with an eccentric tribal look.

Dame Darcy

Dame Darcy is a musician and comic book arist. One of her comics even appeared in a Gothic Lolita bible. I love her comics and her music, and she seems like a very charming and talented girl. I just love her vintage look. She has a similar dusty Victorian look, only a bit less eccentric and more elegant.

3. Describe your personal style.
Hm, this one's tricky, how about "Can I match it with black?" I like sweet prints, but I don't want like to go all out PINK and PASTEL so I just really like pastel and black combos. Mostly pink and black. Aside from that I would say "Forcing my regular goth clothes on my Lolita wardrobe", fancy ubergoth bustiers combined with Lolita skirts, granny boots, coffin purses, and so forth.

4. Favorite designers/brands?
That I actually own: Baby and h.NAOTO. I love Baby because I've just always been impressed with the quality, the lace is thick and beautiful, the cottons are soft and dreamy, and they have such a wide variety of designs and colors. I also love how Baby is usually really cheap on the second hand market XD. I love h.NAOTO because it's just so fun to wear! I love the print over-loaded pieces, and I love wearing them all at once. Brands I love that I don't own any because of cost, availability, and size: Juliette et Justine, Atelier Pierrot, Antique Beast.

5. Most cherished items?
My corsets. But other than that, my Stained Glass Print high-waist skirt and my black/pink Virgin Mary JSK.. The Stained Glass print is my dream print and I was ecstatic to get my hands on something of my own in that print, it's even the original print! Not the newer, somehow less pretty, Stained Glass print. I really love religious Lolita prints, so I fell in love with the Virgin Mary JSK, and it's in my favorite color combo! I see it being sold in cream sometimes and am always tempted to buy it in that color as well.

6. Most used item?
My plain black fully shirred BtSSB JSK. It was my first piece of burando (besides some totes)! And I wear it all the time. It's just so easy to wear and you can match it with just about anything.

7. I feel best wearing?
Whatever I happen to like most this week. Usually something black because I feel most comfortable in black.

8. The first thing I look for in another Lolita's outfit...
Texture maybe. I like outfits with lots of different kinds of textures. Either lots of ruffles, interesting fabric, fur, or something like that.

9. Lolita Fashion rule you never break?
What one haven't I blindly broken?! Honestly though, skirt shape. It's just not Lolita to me if it isn't poofy. If I wear something with minimal poof, I just feel like I'm wearing it wrong.

10. Never caught wearing?
I bet no matter what I put here I am going to fall in love with in the next month or two! I used to hate rocking horse shoes, bonnets, and polka-dots. Now I love them! But honestly, probably super casual stuff like ETC and MILK. It's cute, just not me at all. I would feel like I'm wearing just regular clothes in them, and where's the fun in that?

11. Dress to impress who?
Dress to impress yourself :P

12. Your next "must have" purchase?
A black and white striped JSK and an all black Marie Antoinette styled dress, probably from Anna House.

13. Favorite type of head accessory?
My head bows! I like big ones most of all, but little classy side bows are cute too. They're just so easy to wear and you don't really have to over style your hair to make them look good.

14. Favorite cut of clothing (shirring, high waist, princess seams etc)?
Well, for brand: shirring, because it will fit me that way, but I do really really love high-waisted skirts. I also love really poofy skirts, I'm not too much of a fan of A-line skirts.

15. Current obsession?
Bonnets! I could never really wear one for everyday wear, but I love oogling over them!

16. Best Lolita fashion advice you can give to anyone:
Cute prints and expensive labels can only go so far to save a train wreck of an outfit. If it doesn't fit you or flatter you, don't wear it. Period.

Thank you to everyone that's been doing this meme! I'm going to be keeping a list of everyone that has done it. Remember, if you do this meme and post it to your blog, let me know and I'll add your link.


  1. Nice idea : ) but I don't wear lolita long enough to have answers to some questions
    I'm kinda the opposite of you I look good in pastel and cutesy ap prints but bad in gothic although I love both so I think cute punk is a nice alternative for me.
    Kokusyoku Sumire are awesome they're so dramatical!

  2. Did it here, on my blog!

  3. Nice Meme! ♥
    really good one =D I´ll spread it around with my lolita friends too =3

  4. I really liked the meme!! :3
    I posted it in my blog :D
    Here's the link: http://dream-of-lolita.blogspot.com/2010/05/leyendo-f-yeah-lolita-un-meme-muy.html


  5. This Anna lady looks like Voldemort in drag... or an odd female Death... and still very pretty.

  6. I don't know yet, but you I don't really know what is a meme!

  7. Yay! A meme *v*

    I like black a lot too !
    I Enjoyed reading your posts for some time now *3*)
    I have did the meme in my journal too 8D

    Happy Holidays :)

  8. I've done it on my blog^^
    here: http://hydrangeadix.blogspot.com/

    It's so cool you love Anna Varney Cantodea too :)

  9. I had never heard of Anna Varney Cantodea until your post but I certainly won't forget her now!

  10. It's on my blog. Fun meme! Thanks!

  11. what a fun meme! (this is deadkitty on Poupee Girl and MissWonderlandx on twitter, by the way. i recently added your blog to my 'following' list!)

    i love Kokusyoku Sumire--they're amazingly huge bonnets are so inspiring~ :]

    i stole this meme and did it myself on my blog, here: http://mayheminwonderland.blogspot.com/2009/12/lolita-meme-from-f-yeah-lolita.html
    it was very fun! thanks for sharing!! <3

  12. hello again~ just wanted to say thankyou for adding my blog to the list here, as well as following me. <3 i'm looking forward to your next post, as always! :]

  13. Hi!! wow, that`s a lovely and fun meme *-*
    I wanted to ask u, if I could translate it to spanish and post it in a forum I am a member of (dedicated to lolitas living in Peru ^^), i`d love to know their answers

  14. Yeah sure! I didn't make the meme XD I just found it somewhere and answered it!


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