Lolita Blog Carnival: 2015 Lolita Trend Forecast

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival looked like a fun one, so despite quite a long time of not joining in, I just had to do this one! The topic is: 2015 Lolita Trend Forecast.

In the past year or so, a lot of really interesting new trends have been popping up in Lolita and the very idea of what the "traditional" Lolita looks like has vastly changed! I think 2015 is going to be an exciting year for Lolita trends, so for the topic of this Lolita Blog Carnival I've chosen 5 trend predictions for 2015 that I think are very likely.

I definitely think that in 2015 we're going to continue stepping away from the "traditional" Lolita shape of a very fitting bodice that flares out to a cupcake at the natural waist and stops short above the knees. I definitely think we're going to see the continuation of the trend of longer hemlines, increasingly deflated skirts, and higher waists. One of the reasons why I think this trend is going to continue to grow is because of just how versatile this look is! An a-line dress can have either a mature and sophisticated look with a longer hemline, or a youthful and retro feel with a shorter hemline. Lolita designers are no longer confined to "coloring within the lines" of the traditional silhouette to evoke a mood or aesthetic, but have much more room to fiddle with the overall look.

 In 2015, I think that there will be many more accepted styles of headwear, just like with the silhouette, the "traditional" will be set aside for the more adventurous. For years it seemed like the only headwear of choice was either an Alice bow by default, a rose corsage if you were going for a very grownup look, or an old school headdress for a select few who were stuck in the past. While there have always been a few crazy few out there who would do something so ridiculous as stick a cake on their heads, this was always the exception and usually reserved for the daring.  In the past couple years people have obviously gotten rather bored with this and have been experimenting with what they stick on their heads! No longer do people go for the default Alice bow and save the birdcage for fancy meetups, but even the most casual Lolita get together calls for creative head gear. From halos, to veils, to rose crowns, to books, to picture frames, to giant bonnets covered in flowers, there seems to be no limit to what a Lolita can stick on her head. I definitely think that this is a trend that will continue into 2015 and will be picked up more by mainstream brands, rather than just the DIY spirited Lolitas.

 The cross motif was at one time probably one of the fashion's oldest and most iconic prints, hitting big when Gothic Lolita was at the forefront of the fashion in the early 2000s. Recently this religious twist has come back, with a vengeance! I think that 2015 will see much more of this religious iconography trend in everything from more nun dresses, prints of classic religious paintings, to accessories that evoke a holy feel. No longer will the fashionable Lolita strive to look like a cupcake or a fairy princess, but rather she will want to look like she stepped right out of a church fresco.

 Does anyone else remember how over the top wacky it was when Angelic Pretty would release a dress with a pompom trim? "That's just... too much!" people would exclaim. Well, those days are long behind us and more and more dresses are being trimmed with just about anything other than lace. I think that 2015 will see more brand releases with much more variety of trims, including many different kinds of trims on the same piece, for a more lush and opulent look. I think that in 2015 we can expect to see beading, tassels, fringe, charms, and pretty much anything more adventurous than a grosgrain ribbon adorning the newest looks from brands.

 I have noticed a big Boystyle or Prince comeback within the fashion! For years Boystyle was just sort of there as an option that most people only chose to dabble in with off-the rack clothes, and honestly the style was stagnant for years (This old post of mine has very quickly become hilariously out dated!), but now all the sudden brands seem to be interested in releasing creative takes on the style beyond the typical black knickerbockers, white blouse, and a top hat. In fact, a handful of years ago if you would suggested Boystyle in either a Classic or Sweet option, you'd be met with a lot of skepticism. Nowadays Boystyle is just as diverse as Lolita. I think that 2015 will see a lot more Boystyle, both from brands, and in general at Lolita friendly events.

Overall, I think the theme for 2015's trends will be variety. We'll be seeing a lot of the old classics be reimagined, and the traditional take the back seat for the more avant-garde. I think that a lot of trends we're only just now seeing the beginning of, such as longer more relaxed silhouettes and religious iconography will really begin to take off in the upcoming year in a big way! The last year or so has seen a huge influx of indie brands releasing really creative pieces, as well as a lot more DIY spirit among Lolitas, and I really feel like this new variety in the fashion is really speeding up the evolution of Lolita fashion.

What do you think 2015 will hold for Lolita?
The Bloody Tea Party also joined in on this week's LBC topic!


  1. My love of headdresses and your link to the "Pure Maiden" post reminded me that is still the era I am stuck in. XD

  2. I'm curious about what everyone (including you, Miss Caro-chan!) thinks of these predictions. Of course I understand that it can get boring for those who have been involved in the fashion for a long time, especially since lolita is rather rule-heavy. Of course the fashion will evolve. But for me personally, they all sort of make me go, "noooooo!" I really have an aversion to high waistlines; I think they're almost universally unflattering. I know it sounds silly, but I fell in love with lolita because of the silhouette and the lace. I hate to think that these things won't be "what lolita is about" now that I'm finally starting to wear it. I just bought a few sweet pieces, and I'm already scared that I'll seem sort of...behind? Or, not fashionable, just because of how much I've read about the sweet craze being over and classic being the Next Big Thing.

    Another thing this makes me wonder is, when does it stop being lolita? When I see salopettes, or high- or low-waisted dresses, I wonder this too. I've always read that the silhouette is essential, yet everyone acts like these other shapes are just as loli. If they are, then what is there to differentiate lolita from other, similar fashions? This isn't exactly an original question, but I have yet to see an answer that satisfies me.

    1. I think it's important to remember that just because something is popular doesn't mean it's the only way to wear Lolita. Even glancing at the brand sites will show you very quickly that the old standards are still in stock! In fact, they are most of the stock, it's just that a select few are becoming more attention grabbing, rather than going unnoticed.

      Lolita, just like literally any fashion, isn't just about running down a check list of clothing items to wear. That's not what any style is about! Aesthetic is honestly more important than having a "standard" silhouette. A Lolita outfit isn't going to be any less Lolita because the waistline of the dress has migrated a few inches higher!

    2. Don't worry too much about being fashionable. We're nearing 2015 and there are still plenty of people (myself included) that revel in the beauty of "oldschool" lolita and the way it was a decade ago (think Momoko from Kamikaze Girls), with complete disregard to newer trends and to people who say that "oldschool lolita is ita".

      The good thing about fashion (and alternative fashion in particular) is that you have a choice whether to be trendy or not.
      You don't have to follow any trends and fads if you don't want to. Take for example wigs, circle lenses, and false eyelashes: None of those things were acceptable in lolita many years ago but they were assimilated into the style in the last few years - They're perfectly acceptable now, but that doesn't mean they're mandatory.

      Your personal style is entirely up to you, and you can continue to wear AP's sugary sweet prints or BABY's classic black and white designs for as long as you like, so don't be discouraged.

    3. I am not a fan of any of these trends either. But, one thing I have noticed about lolita is no matter what you like - you'll meet like-minded folk! There are still people that love military, guro, wa, even though you rarely see them.
      I am a big fan of simple coords and pre 2010 sweet and I would certainly enjoy seeing your coords. Also I post coords like those on CoF and they usually get a positive response. Heck I just posted a coord right out of Kamikaze Girls and people seemed to love it. So I would not worry about being unfashionable. I think it can actually be a bonus, it helps you meet like minded people to do something that isn't trendy at the moment, and it's easier to bond with people over your more unpopular tastes! I would rather have a conversation with a couple of people about our favorite old AP prints than get 100 likes on a coord with some elements I didn't really enjoy wearing.

  3. To be perfectly honest, the majority of these is not to my tastes.
    The high waists are rather unflattering on any person who isn't petite, and BABY's new (should we call them "experimental"?) prints and pieces are probably beautiful and detailed up close but in my opinion they look muddy, overly "busy" and...not very good from a distance; the religious motifs are impressive (especially the halo headdresses!) but for some reason make me feel a bit uncomfortable; and tassels and fringe trims would take Meta's gobelin prints to the next level (OTT Grandma's Couch, anyone?).
    Okay I have to admit that last one actually sounds incredible.

    That said, I do hope to see more boystyle this year! There have been some very interesting interpretations of the style going around lately (Sweet Kodona is adorable!) and I'm really curious to see more.

    All in all, I think I prefer to watch these trends evolve from the sidelines but it's going to be an interesting year in lolita, for sure!

    (Also: Happy International Lolita Day!)

    1. I totally agree with what you said. I really hope these new trends won't become the norm because it will stop feeling like lolita to me anymore. I don't mind boystyle since I never considered it lolita, more like a sibling style of lolita.

    2. I know this is an old/past prediction post but I feel like I'm the only one commenting on here who actually likes the high waist/empire dress style, especially if its a long length dress. I disagree about high waist/empire dress only being for petite people, its good for apple-shaped people like myself who have bulging belly problems, I like how it hides my stomach and how flowy it is. It was used in old school lolita back in the 90s with the gothic lolita look (old school gothic example: simple solid black empire waist dresses paired with a black bonnet). Empire waist dresses were part of the Italian renaissance fashion (watch the Borgias and you might change your mind about this silhouette, the dresses are stunning in this show) and also the silhouette returned in fashion during the early 1800s (Jane Austen time period). And it saw a return in some Edwardian clothing.

  4. Eh. I don't find the high-waisted silhouette flattering on really anyone -- and certainly not on me! -- and religion/religious iconography as a fashion accessory makes me alternatively uncomfortable and angry. The increased variety in headwear and trims makes me excited though.

  5. I really like the idea of longer hemlines, not necessary empire waistlines though. Longer hems would work on a lot of styles and make us taller folk pretty happy too.

    With regards to religious long as they leave my paganism alone, I don't really care. :)

  6. As an ex-Catholic apostate, all the Catholic iconography makes me really uncomfortable on a number of levels, from feeling it is appropriating a faith many people hold dearly, to not wanting to wear the symbols of my old faith now I am a convert to a new one... Don't get me wrong, I adore Gothic ecclesiastical architecture, and have a strong appreciation for religious art, but it some of what is being done with it seems a bit tasteless, especially the headdresses meant to emulate the halos, radial crowns, etc. - it kinda seems like giving yourself saintly trappings when you're not a saint, which seems like a pretty egoistical statement (to be fair, that's probably why I haven't bought any crowns or tiaras, too; it always feels like people will read it as me thinking I have inflated "princess" opinion of myself). I don't mind the more subtle and sensible takes on using religious iconography so much, it seems less disrespectful than some of the co-ords that seem like "lets dress up as saints and nuns!". I wonder if there are Christian Loltias who actually really like this trend? As a Pagan, occultist and witch, I think it is a bit like the occult trend in Goth and hipster fashion right now - part of me is really angry that my religion is being used as a ironic edginess and "ooo, look how spooky!" sort of trend, and part of me really likes how I can get so much pentagram jewellery and stuff right now.

    1. As a Catholic, I pretty much agree. I mean, some symbols of my faith are meant to be worn, like crucifixes on necklaces, but it makes me sad to see people doing so just because they think it looks cool or "dark," not because they believe in what it means. And some coords I've seen which are basically like dressing up like Our Lady, while beautiful, outside of things like religious plays or certain kinds of ceremonial processions (generally in Latin countries) they're really kind of irreverent, disrespectful, and weird.

      That said, I did really appreciate this one lace that Moitie had at some point with upside-down crosses, because they called it St. Peter's cross. Most people think an upside-down cross is Satanist but originally it goes with St. Peter! Also I don't mind most of the stained glass prints. I think it's just a matter of good taste; like HouseCat says, subtle and sensible.

    2. Agreed tbh.
      Appropriating a religion -- whatever religion it is -- is not okay if you don't believe in it or it doesn't hold some significance for you at least. The stained glass prints -- I agree, they're fine, but when people are holding their hands in prayer and putting on a faux-religious act just for the sake of a fashion, that's where I draw the line.

      Nun lolita weirds me out tbh. Is there a buddhist monk lolita? No, because obviously it's only being worn because of the aesthetic. So please people, just don't... It's just strange and disrespectful.

    3. I have the Restyle.PL skirt with the statues of angels in Gothic arches, but that's because Gothic ecclesiastical architecture is one of my favourite things, and while there's a bit of a mixture of periods in the print itself, it connects to one of my dearest interests, and that's about the closest I get to Christianity in my co-ords; I don't wear crosses, except for the one that came on my coffin handbag (before it got dismantled and I replaced the cross with roses). I certainly wouldn't act fake-religious while wearing it, that really does seem weird.

      I nearly got a 'nun-Lolita' dress; I think it was by Ichigo15, and when I first saw it, I thought of it as a Lolita/Aristocratic take on the 'Wednesday Addams' type dress, but then someone pointed out that it was quite nun-ish, and I felt a bit awkward.

    4. This seems to be one of those things where the way Japan interacts with religion is different than the West. They already use crosses as a fashion piece so this is probably the same thing. Granted, it makes me feel weird, the nun thing being so far from the original Rococo and Victorian aesthetics.

    5. This seems to be one of those things where the way Japan interacts with religion is different than the West. They already use crosses as a fashion piece so this is probably the same thing. Granted, it makes me feel weird, the nun thing being so far from the original Rococo and Victorian aesthetics.

  7. Thank you for this nice article.

    I actually agree with the longer hemlines with various decorations and less voluminous skirts. I can also see the the religious symbolics more often. I think we might also see the development of the classic style into more queen look. I would say the hemlines, decorations and religious symbols might be implying that :)

  8. I want more musical instrument prints that feature concert band instruments (flutes, trumpets, etc.) rather than pianos and violins.

  9. In 2012 you wrote about replicas...What i can do?
    Can you help me ? I want to buy angelic's pretty skirt from candy trojans or milky planet collection,but the real -branded skirts are too expensive for me. Can i buy a replica? you know where i can buy a good replica? Its not that i want to have this skirts only for a brand...skirts from this shop are other in other shops...and amazing!.....

  10. I'm really into lolita but never felt I fit in with the fashion. I've owned a few brand and indie pieces but sold most of them as I'm FtM and genderqueer, and except for one piece I own, all of them proved to be too femmy in all the wrong ways--the classic doll/cupcake silhouette is definitely not me. I tried it, and hated it. Which sucks, because I really love prints--all over as well as border--and many of my favorites came in such unflattering shapes.
    I'm super pumped about seeing the fashion change and I hope that the traditional silhouette will still be around for those who love it, but I'm so excited because I can actually wear the new silhouette and feel comfortable! When binding, it looks really good on me.
    If you have a big chest, it can look a little weird, but you can wear a binder or compressor to make the silhouette look more flattering.
    Also the return of religious motifs is really exciting. It's my favorite design motif, as I'm an art history major and I also love traveling. Plus I practice Western mysticism and study esoterica, so the themes are actually appealing to me on a spiritual level, as well.
    I love boystyle too but never really wore brand for it as, like you said, it was typically an indie or offbrand thing. Hoping all these trends are true!

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