Wearing Sugary Sweet Pastels With Classic Lolita

It's pretty obvious that Classic Lolita is this year's big thing. Take a look at almost any large-scale Lolita gathering where everyone dons their most impressive outfit and it's a sea of Classic Lolita as far as the eye can see!

But what is the Lolita to do who isn't ready to give up her pastels, but wants to get in on this opulent decadence that everyone is excited about and aren't exactly ready to go full Marie Antoinette or in a Sweet-Classic hybrid? Luckily nowadays Lolitas are much more open about what sort of colors different styles can wear! No longer are Classic Lolitas confined to jewel tones and mute colors, but they can dabble in sugary sweet pastels just as much as the Sweet Lolita can.

Finding Classic Lolita styled dresses in Sweet Lolita true pastels is probably the hardest part! But there are a few pieces out there, especially now with Classic Lolita on the rise and brand's spring releases already in stores. Look for traditional Classic designs, cuts, and materials, only in soft and sugary pastels.

The easiest way to make this style work is to make sure that your accessories are all unquestionably Classic Lolita inspired. Nix the tea parties for a pair of Victorian styled boots or a more grownup style of heels in white or pink. Ditch the headbow for a Victorianesque hat or a corsage of pastel roses. Loose the twin tail wig and choose either a romantic flowing hair style or an elaborate updo!

 Two fantastic Classically inspired Lolita outfits using soft and sugary pastels! Taken by Crazy Kitch at Enchanted.

Adding in a second (or even a third and fourth!) pastel color to the mix, à la the Sweet Lolita trends, is a fantastic way to make the outfit even more decadent. A pastel blue jumperskirt paired with a pink bolero, a mint green OP with a pink ribbon tied around the waist and a pink underskirt peeking out, lavender jumper skirt with a yellow blouse: these are all common Sweet Lolita pairings that can easily be translated into Classic Lolita!

Sugary sweet pastels don't have to be just for Sweet Lolitas! For those that want to get into this new trend of over-the-top Classic Lolita looks, but aren't ready to give up their pastels, this is the way to do it!


  1. I translated this for portuguese!!


    I love this post!!!! ♥

  2. Very nice article, I love some of the sheer dresses on the pictures, they will definitelly inspire me the next time I go shopping some fabrics to sew from.


  3. I think this pale pastel style is so cute! :D

  4. I'm so down for this! I consider myself in-between sweet and classic so my wishlist has a lot of pastel Mary Magdelene. However I tend to opt for more dusty pastels!

  5. I looooooove this. I'm a very pastel-enthusiastic person, but I also really love the more elegant style of classic lolita, so this is right up my alley. *A*

  6. Great post! I definitely identify myself as a classic lolita, but I looove pastels desperately. I've been having a hard time working those colors into my coords. This post gave me some great ideas! Thanks!

  7. Really loving this trend at the moment! :D

  8. The hats!!! Love this article! I personally have been swayed by all the classic pull this year and struggling with how to take the AP in my closet this direction. Very inspired right now. Thank you.

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