Lolita Blog Carnival: Tips for Surviving the Summer in Lolita

I'm finally participating in another Lolita Blog Carnival! This week is all about summer, with the topic "Tips for surviving the summer in Lolita". I decided to write less of a tips post, and more of a summer Lolita essentials list. Over on Tumblr, this image of the "Goth Summer Survival Guide" has been circling around and I absolutely love the idea of a cute little graphic of summer essentials, so I did something of my own version for Lolita.

My last post about summer wardrobes was more of a trend prediction and some wistful summer window shopping, this post is all about the basics that can be translated into pretty much any Lolita style!

  • Parasol- A parasol is a pretty good addition to any summer Lolita wardrobe because it's like a portable patch of shade! Consider a UV blocking parasol, or at least an opaque one and avoid lace parasols, as they are more pretty decoration that useful at blocking the sun.
  • Cutsews- Cutsews are perfect for summer wear! They're usually much less stuffy than blouses and the jersey knit is better at keeping you cool.
  • Cute hair ties- For those that don't want to suffer through the summer in a wig! Plan on wearing your hair simply and naturally and spice it up a little with a few cute hair ties. Personally, I think pig tails or braids are the perfect lazy-day summer hair style!
  • Summer themed accessories- Whatever theme you feel is the most summer, add a little bit of it to your wardrobe with some themed accessories! Whether summer reminds you of sun-ripened strawberries, roses in bloom, or something more nautical themed.
  • Hats- A hat with a brim is going to further help keep the sun off your face!
  • Short socks- As a Lolita who's been around for a while, I've sort of been waiting years for short socks to be popular in Lolita again, because a summer spent in long socks and tights is a summer spent hot and sweaty.
  • Secret shorts- Skip the bloomers! No one will know if you're wearing a casual pair of lounge shorts under your dress! It's always tempting just to nix the bloomers completely in the summer, because they're just so awful in hot weather, even the shortest pair (It's the elastic, I swear! There's nothing I want less in hot weather than wearing elasticized clothes), but to keep it modest, switch to shorts instead.

What sort of changes do you make in your wardrobe during the summer? Are you one of those Lolitas who is content to melt away in full, and fabulous, Lolita? Or do you have to make changes to how you wear Lolita in the hottest months?

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  1. I totally break "the rules" in summer, LOL. short-sleeved boleros over JSKs with no blouse, and bare-legged with sandals. The idea of layers or closed-toe shoes with socks just does NOT sound pleasant to me in 90+ degree weather!

  2. I translate this for portuguese, ok?

  3. Well, for surviving the summer I changed lolita to roma/himekaji gyaru. Petticoat is killing me, when average summer temperature in my country is 25-30C. But I use my loli parasols with it.

  4. "Secret shorts" XD That's hilarious! But yes, I sometimes turn to some short, light cotton running shorts instead of the bloomers when it's outrageously hot. :) I love the graphic you made, so cute! Is that with your new pad?

    1. Yeah it is! I haven't had the chance to use it a lot, and I've been totally out of practice on tablets in general so some things are slightly wiggly! I'm also still trying to get used to the sensitivity on it. I sometimes miss my old Graphire because of it's super low sensitivity!

  5. Well, I don't own any bloomers...

    I usually just switch to otome in the summer since sandals and bare shoulders are okay with that. Or I go for a light, floor-length sundress and a super-braided Khaleesi hairdo.

    Here it's over 30C for most of the summer. I should get a parasol but I'm a lone loli. Why don't they bring them back into mainstream fashion?

    Also, regency dresses would be perfect for summer. They should produce them, not just for reenactors, but everyday wear.

  6. Seriously, the secret shorts! Totally agree! It is funny that it makes such a difference but it does.

  7. I love it! I'm new to lolita and have been looking for a way to survive the dreadfully hot Texas summer. However, its a little difficult because I'm also plus size . :)

  8. In Las Vegas, our summers are usually 120F everyday during late June to Mid August. Our number one favourite accessory are hand fans! Also, I like chiffon blouses because they're lightweight (often sheer) and still extremely elegant.

  9. I completely agree with the ankle socks, hat, and parasol/ umbrella.

  10. I love those types of hats! Does anyone know where to find some cute ones, maybe on taobao?

  11. Thanks for the summer coordinate inspiration! I am going to go to college in Tampa this fall so most of my clothes will need to be summer/ heat friendly.

  12. I currently live in Tokyo and it was almost 40 degress C today. I'm melting in this heat, creating a small pool of sweat on the floor in my room and slowly drowning in it. It's too hot to be naked dammit.

    My only simple solution is of course not to wear lolita at all. I have no idea how the japanese lolita survive the summer but actually I saw quite a few lolita girls shopping in Shinjuku and Harajuku yesterday in full lolita outfits. Seriously, HOW?!?

    Well, well, my best tips for reasonably hot summer days (that you didn't already mention in this blog post) are as follows:

    1) Wear loose fitting short sleeved OP:s. If you wear an OP you only need one layer and with a loose fit it will be more airy and thus less warm.
    2) If you want to wear jsk:s, skip the blouse and wear it with a thin shawl, cape or short sleeved bolero instead. This is possible to do and still keep the lolita look.
    3) Ditch your organsa or tulle petti and buy a crinoline instead. With a crinoline you will recieve the same poof as with an ordinary petti, but without all those layers, yay for that!
    4) Do it the japanese way and always keep a small towel with you in your hand bag to wipe the sweat of your face. It will prove handy! (Maybe it is common in other countries too? Well, not where I come from at least.)

    I kind of feel like blogging about this too now, maybe I should start using my tumblr again? X)

  13. Im going to be really warm (I live in Georgia) I had just moved. I will attempt to dress up normally in my lolita (I have full outfits of classic, gothic, hime, and sweet) I will just have to seek air conditioning and carry around a parasol! :D thank you for your suggestions!!!


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