Cheap and Easy Gift Ideas for Lolitas

Christmas is right around the corner, just a little over a week away, and most of us are quickly trying to cross off names on our lists. But what if you have a bunch of Lolitas on your shopping list? Maybe a lot of your friends are Lolitas and you simply cant afford burando for each of them, you have a meetup around the holidays and you would like to give a little something to everyone showing up, or you're doing a gift exchange and you have gone a bit blank about what to give. The hardest part about giving a gift to a Lolita is matching to their particular style, especially if it's a blind gift swap and you really don't know what their own personal style is. Try not to worry too much about that because while Lolita has a very wide range of styles, there are a few things that are pretty much universal, and unless someone only wears one very niche style of Lolita, these things are sure to please just about anyone in the frills.
  • Cupcake or candy flavored lip gloss- Look for something in a sheer and pink shade, maybe with a slight shimmer, so that it can suit just about anyone's makeup style. Even the Lolita that doesn't go all out in terms of makeup is sure to appreciate a little sweetness and sparkle every now and then. Sweet flavored lip glosses can be found just about everywhere and most are going to cost less than $5.
  • Cameos- A nice neutral white or cream cameo on a black background can go with pretty much any style, even Sweet Lolita in a black colorway or that has even a little bit of black in the print. It's also a very easy piece to wear, just clip it anywhere, and makes a cute addition to any Lolita's jewelry box. Cameos are very popular in mainstream fashion right now and can be picked up at just about any trendy clothing shop for around $8.
  • Knee high or OTK socks- Can you think of anyone who gets more excited opening up a gift of socks than a Lolita? Keep the socks relatively style neutral, either an all black pair, or an all white pair. They don't even have to be a lace topped, or print covered pair for a Lolita to be grateful for them. Everyone in the frills can usually use an extra pair of plain socks in their wardrobe. Knee socks are easy to find pretty much anywhere and are typically less than $10.
  • A sweet or flowery scent- Pick up a body spray in a sweet or flowery scent and it will be the perfect finishing touch to just about any outfit. The holiday season is the perfect time to find a scent that smells like warm vanilla or fresh baked holiday cookies. Cute scents can be picked up just about anywhere, especially this time a year when bath and body gift sets are always a good choice, you can usually find a cute scent for around $6.
  • Pretty decor- A fancy frame, a cute little jewelry box, or some other pretty doodad that can sit on a Lolita's vanity is always a good choice. Cute decor can be found at any store that sells home goods, and will range in price from $5 and up.
  • Crown motif jewelry- Crowns are a very popular symbol in the Lolita fashion, it's been featured on dress prints and brand jewelry for years. It's also a symbol that's easy to find in mainstream shops. Look for a cute necklace, ring, or even a keychain that can be clipped onto a purse. Again, look for a store selling trendy clothes and jewelry, or even children's jewelry, and you are sure to find something for around $10.
  • Bloomers- For the craft gift giver! If you know your way around a sewing machine, consider making a pair of bloomers for all the Lolitas you know. Check out the tutorial section for a few links to different bloomer patterns and tutorials. Materials for a pair of bloomers will cost between $5 and $10 and only take a couple hours to make.
Any of these (except the bloomers) can easily be picked up at almost any mainstream store for a reasonable price and are all relatively style neutral. So they are perfect for any last minute Lolita gifts you need to pick up because so long as you can get yourself to a mall or even a Kmart, you're pretty much guaranteed to find something on this list.

While all of us don't get rare Angelic Pretty or the newest Moitie prints as gifts, many of use do get cute loliable gifts from loved ones and relatives who know we love the style. What have been some of your favorites? Some of my favorite loliable gifts from my friends and family have been the assortment of vintage gloves that my mom picked up for me at a flea market and a pretty little pocket watch that was actually filled with flowery smelling perfume balm that my sister got me a few years ago for Christmas.

December has been a bit busy for me! If you couldn't tell by the not even once-a-week posts I've been making. I've been working on a variety of hats and bonnets as well as making a whole lot of jewelry for some Lucky Packs I plan on getting up for sale, hopefully before the new year. Nearly every minute has been spent with either a needle and thread or a pair of pliers and a length of chain in hand! And because of that I've hardly had time to do some much needed blogging. Once things cool down a bit (for the week or two before I need to pick up the crafting materials again and get to work on making stuff for an upcoming convention) I hope to get back to my regular blogging schedule. I even have a bunch of posts in the works, I just haven't even had the time to sit down and finish them!


  1. one great cheap gift would be bath products! I've seen rose petals that melt in the bath, bath beads, or Sephora's bubblegum shampoo/body wash/bubble bath... *drool* smells so good!

  2. The bubble gum bath stuff sounds awesome! I'm nearing the end of a teeny tiny wedge of bubblegum soap I got last Christmas.

  3. For some reason, the amount of loliable items in mainstream stores these days always surprises me. I think some of the cutest things I've seen are jewelry stands and clip-on decorations for shoes.

  4. You had some great tips in here!

  5. There are some really excellent ideas here, I love the cupcake flavoured lip gloss suggestion <3

  6. wow.. cute all stuff.... (^_^)

  7. Thank you so much! Was SO totally hoping to find this, a sort of punk Lolita.

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