Lolita Movie: Mister Rococo

While checking my blog roll, I noticed mention of an upcoming Lolita film, Mr. Rococo. Mr. Rococo is an upcoming Lolita centric-film about a Lolita who falls for a guy who only likes strong girls, so to win his heart, this frilly little girl starts lifting weights and training. While this upcoming movie isn't actually a feature length film, like Kamakazi Girls was, it's apparently a short film, to be show at the Short Shorts Film Festival, a Film Festival featuring shorts that clock in at under 25 minutes.

This sounds like a cute and fun film, a guilty pleasure for Lolitas everywhere. The plot sounds like silly fun, and the main character is at least a departure from the frail and helpless girl that Momoko aspired to be.

There are a few things about this movie that kind of rub me the wrong way, mainly the way that movies like this often seem to be like feature length commercials for our favorite burando. But, all in all, I don't think this movie is meant to be taken very seriously, it seems like a silly romp through the frills that probably has a heart warming message at the end. So I'll try to quench my apparent rage at being advertised to, for something I already buy in abundance, whenever it is I get around to watching this film.

If you want to check out a trailer for the upcoming short, click here to head over to their official site!

So, what do you think about the upcoming Mister Rococo? Silly Lolita fun, or obnoxious feature length commercial? What kind of Lolita movies would you like to see made? More light and fluffy pieces about Lolitas that live in a pastel dreamworld, or more realistic pieces where Lolitas are just normal girls in fancy dresses that have relateable problems?


  1. I kinda want to see it. It looks silly, but amusing. I think it would be interesting to have a movie where the lolita isn't caught in a pastel-rainbow world and instead a lolita who is more like many of us. A girl in pretty dresses dealing with life and its little troubles.

  2. This looks like it's going to be cute. Odd. But cute. I am looking forward to it.

  3. Not gonna lie, it looks like it's going to be really cute. I'd rather see a lolita who's aspiring to be something real than something that's just a pedestal ornament. (Momoko~)

    I'm just glad it wouldn't be like feature length. It'd be more suited for a drama length like 3-4 episodes of her overcoming these problems w/ being a little doll because not everyone wants a doll to be glass. -nodnod-

  4. I can't help it, but it looks so cute! I really hope I can see it sometime.

  5. I have to see this! I am very feminine, but I also weight train. I really hope they show the two can go together!

  6. It seems like a trend in Japanese movies about people in subcultures to show them improving themselves for someone else. I don't know if the guy will accept her as she is in the end of Mister Rococo, but it's still pretty interesting.

    This does look cute and lighthearted, but honestly, I kind of want to see a lolita movie with a more serious tone. Like the life of an older lolita trying to be herself in her frills while still being an adult and mother/wife. Or a movie about a group of friends who went through something traumatic together, so they use lolita as a way to escape the memory but also as a way to keep them united as a group. I guess a lot of girls get into lolita as something fun or silly and probably don't take themselves too seriously in it, but I would rather see a film that has lolita characters for a reason rather than just throwing one in there for the sake of having one.

  7. I think rather see a fantasy-world type of Lolita movie. I don't really enjoy realistic stuff, although I like when characters in fantasy type settings have to deal with issues common to everyone. I think this movie will be cute. Even if it is a bit like an advertisement, I don't really care. It's a chance to look at frills!

  8. I can't wait to see it!
    It's also worth mentioning that Anna Tsuchiya does some of the music in it. She played Ichiko/Ichigo in Kamikaze Girls, so it's pretty cool that she gets to do a little bit for this lolita themed movie too.

  9. I personally like it. I mean I think it's going to be cute :D
    I think it's going to be a light-hearted movie, though researching the love interest, Neko Hiroshi, I'm quite nervous about it, although I know this film is suppose to be a comedy film,..

    But I would love it if it's more of a romantic comedy, not really a serious tone, but like a Lolita girl maybe, perhaps inlove with a guy who's a bit more into normal girls (such stories that normal Lolita girls can relate to) a bit more romantic comedy I guess but edging to the romantic side..

    Since some Lolita, like me, considers ourselves as princesses..
    Well, I'm dreaming but I don't care haha.. XD

  10. The obviously advertising doesn't bother me a bit, but I'm feeling a little disappointed now because I didn't know it was only a short film. :(
    But I didn't know the plot either until just now! Not sure if it's really my cup of tea, but I suppose if it's only 25mins I can spare that much of my time to find out.

  11. *obvious advertising x__x

  12. It seems questionable to me becuse its moral seems to be that changing yourself to impress someone else is right, when it clearly isn't.

  13. XD I'm not sure I want to bother with this film, it seems gimmicky, and the target audience seems questionable(but, maybe its just my perception). I'm a little bored with films that appear to use only brand, and its usually Babyssb. I'm also tired of the generalising stereotype that all Lolita~chan are obsessed with the colour pink, and seem to use it in everything from outfits to decor(I personally prefer blue, yellow, and pale greens). I'm rather unhappy(and just a bit dissapointed) with Baby after my last order with them. I put my full address, with Scotland as my country on the order form, and got an email back accusing me of not stating my country on the orderform! Last time I checked Scotland is officially a real country (>_<) I felt rather mistreated & insulted as a customer, since I've ordered a quite a bit from them over the years(mostly what I consider the basics). It was either an uneducated/ignorant mistake, or the company is getting arrogant & complacent. Either way, I completed that order, but I'm not ordering from them in the future. As I'm worried about the possibility of the same attitude from Baby staff happening again. Which is a shame since I like some of the designs(blouses, long drawers, hairbow combs). Whatever I can't sew yet(due to lack of torsion/cluny lace in Scotland, or not having a decent pattern, or just lack of experience/confidence), I'll save up so I can buy from a brand that I respect. I'm changing to Innocent World for blouses, socks, pannier, and drawers, whatever else I need I'll just have to sew for myself from now on (^_^)
    If anyone wants a drama with a Lolita~chan in it that sews her own clothing, give "Cat Street" a go. She's a teenage girl, with the usual worries(like dealing with bullies, confidense, finding somewhere she'll be accepted as herself, finding friends she can trust) that doesn't seem to be obsessed with brand Lolita clothing(or rather, doesn't rely on it too heavily for everything).


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