Mini Moo Cards and My Deco Adventure

I have been dying for a reason to get Mini Moo cards for some time now! And I've finally found a reason to get some, my blog and shop :D If you don't know what a Mini Moo card is, basically, it's like a business card, cut in half, only you can get them printed, both sides, in full color, using as many different pictures as you want. I purchased mine so I have something to include with orders from my shop, and because I go to a fair share of conventions, so now I will have something to give to people who ask about me or my bonnets, besides just a URL scribbled on the back of a schedule. As well as a pack of Mini Moo cards, I also got a keychain holder to hold them in, which, as you may have guessed from the title, I did a little bit of decoing to.

The packaging the Moo cards came in, so cute! I love how excited the boxes were for me XD

Oh my gosh, look at them all! Because the cards are really cheap, I went a bit crazy and ordered 100 of them.

All 6 different designs, plus what the back looks like. I have 3 for F Yeah Lolita, and 3 for Ophanim, even though I have links to both F Yeah, and Ophanim's blog and Etsy shop on the back.

And here's a picture of the little case! It fits about 15 Mini Moo cards in it, so I'll always have some on me.

Now, while the case is really cool, I think it needed something a little more Lolitastic, so I busted out all the deco supplies that I have been hoarding and got to work! While I have glued rhinestones and cabochons to things in the past, this was the first real decoing project of mine. And I actually found it really fun and I'm really satisfied with how it turned out. I was going for a "classy" look as opposed to a sweets look that many deco things have. Mostly because I am really not that great at working my silicone icing tube!

Here's a Photoshopped with fake sparkles and gaussian blur and everything picture of the finished case! The cameo and the cross keeps it classy and out of the tacky category right XD? I like to pretend it does.

A not-too-great-photography-wise closeup of the bottom part of the case. I added extra rhinestones to the big rose and even added a hanging cross charm.

Here it is hanging with my couple other cell phone straps, it's almost as big as my actual phone! And I told myself when I got this phone I wouldn't weigh it down with a bunch of junk. I've actually since taken this off my phone, as it kept clanging into a big pink pearl charm I keep on there and I'm really afraid of breaking it. So I guess I'll just be tossing it into my purse, or maybe taking the pearl charm off my phone.

This has really given me the urge to try to deco some more things. I am now on the hunt for little cases that I can slather in glue and rhinestones and plastic things!


  1. Your case looks so amazing! And the cards are great too, I may have to get some myself!

  2. Those cards are adorable. I've haven't seen non-sweet deco before and that case is simply awesome. The only thing saving my phone from a legion of phone danglies is the fact I can't see how to get the damn things onto it!

  3. The cards are adorable but the real win is your gothic deco <3 beautiful :)

  4. Really cool cards and keitai strap! We are happy to find your blog. :-)

  5. very cute cards! and that's one gorgeous deco! Love the cameo ^^
    haha I have the same urge, when I decoded something, there's no container safe anymore :D

  6. I've wanted mini moo cards for myself for a while - just to pass on my contact information to a variety of people, not always lolita related, since I do a variety of graphics work too. I love what you did with them. The deco is also very nice.

    Time to get my rear in gear and get some of my own, with some cute versions in time for otakon. ;)

  7. I like the cards, looks so cute ^____^
    I need some cards too *_*

  8. omg I love the decoden <3
    until now I have mostly seen decoden in cute style, but this just proves that gothic/aristocratic decoden does not look trashy! really great job <3

  9. Ahh I've been meaning to get Mini Moo's forever! I think I'm going to get some soon, if you're so happy with yours. They're just so cute and little!

  10. It looks awesome! I couldn't imagine that deco could look this gothic and dark! *love*

  11. Hi Carolyn, I just read your famous ItaLolita post and have a question for you about my own jewellery line, but I'd rather talk over email. Is that okay? My address is clockworkfantastica(*at*) gmail (*dot*) com please drop me a line.
    As for your case - the cameo clinches it! A pleasing, slightly ethereal balance.

  12. I'm emailing you right now ^^ Check your Spam folder, as my emails sometime end up in there!

  13. Love the cards and your deco. It's so cute.

    Love how we have the same phone -laughs-

  14. Omg awesome deco! That is an awesome card holder idea :D And yay for mini cards, my blog ones are half size too though not from Moo cards.


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