Ask Miss Caro-chan: Adding More Color To Your Wardrobe

Today I'll be answering the first Ask Miss Caro-chan in a while! I had gotten reeeaaallly behind on the questions (as well as the interviews) in the month of May, so I'm going to try to get back on track with them this month! This question is from Manda, who asks:

How should one go about adding more color to their lolita wardrobe. I presently have a very gothic/classic wardrobe, but I am getting a little bored of the colors. Any tips?
Adding more color to a wardrobe is a pretty simple thing if you are starting with Gothic wardrobe, since pretty much any color is going to match with black. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking to color your Gothic wardrobe a little bit, and having several colorful coordinates, without having to buy a ton of stuff.
  • Pick a color. Just one color for the time being, try not to go crazy and just buy whatever is colorful and cheap, because you're just going to have to spend a bunch later trying to accessorize each different color. When I first started adding more color to my wardrobe I made the mistake of getting tons of different colored stuff that I never wear because I didn't bother to buy a bunch of matching accessories. Once I learned my lesson I settled on pink as my extra color, because nothing matches black better than pink! Once you have a workable wardrobe in your chosen color, then by all means, go crazy and start buying more colors. The smart way to owning Lolita is to really be able to make the most out of what you have, because that simply means you get to wear it more!
  • Look for prints in a black colorway that feature details of the color you chose. This might be tricky if you want an unusual (for Lolita!) color scheme like black and green. But if you are determined you're bound to find something. A print, either as a skirt or a JSK, in a black colorway will let you wear the color of your choice without having to go out and buy any extra accessories since it will most likely match with black shoes, socks, blouse, and head piece. One thing to keep in mind when you are picking out a printed piece is whether or not you are planning to add things of a completely different style. If you plan on sticking with Gothic, try to avoid prints with super cute motifs.
  • Pick out some all white pieces in your current wardrobe. Most Gothic wardrobes will have at least 1 white blouse. A white blouse will make a coordinate look a little more colorful, even if it is a black colorway with only a little bit of color.
  • Don't be afraid to pair a colorful JSK or skirt with a black blouse. If you really want to add a color to your wardrobe, and add a lot of it, get a skirt or JSK in your chosen color, it can be print or solid, and wear it with a black blouse and black accessories. This might not always work with a JSK, it will usually depend upon the cut and color of the JSK, but a colorful skirt in pretty much any color usually looks good in an all black coordinate, and is something a little different and unique.
  • Find a jacket or bolero in your color of choice. It's another quick way to add your color to an all black outfit.
  • Accessorize! Finally, add some accessories in your chosen color to your wardrobe. Start with little accessories, like necklaces, rings, or brooches, or things you can easily get for cheap at mainstream stores. Then go on a hunt for shoes, purses, and headbows or other Lolita head pieces in a matching color. If you really want a frugal way to add color to a Gothic wardrobe, skip all the other steps except for this one. Just a few colorful accessories will really stand out in an all black coordinate.
If you have a more Classic wardrobe that may already have a lot of color in it, just in either classical prints or more muted colors, you're probably going to have a trickier time and you're really going to have to know which colors will match, but the basic steps are still the same, just add a little color at a time.
Here are the pieces I will be making a few coordinates with, up top are a few pieces from a Gothic wardrobe, and below are the colorful (I chose red!) pieces that can easily be introduced into a Gothic wardrobe, I have 2 pieces in a black colorway with red details (The bodyline JSK and the BtSSB skirt) a solid red skirt (Mary Magdalene), a solid red jacket (Forever 21), a red headbow (BtSSB), some shoes (Bodyline), and a purse and some random accessories. Now, of course, you should probably have your reds, or whatever color you picked, match, but I'm using Polyvore for this so it's a little hard to find exactly matching colors that have been uploaded.
 Here's an example of one of the easiest ways to add color to a wardrobe, a printed piece in a colorway that matches your current wardrobe, but has details of the color you wish was in your wardrobe. As you can see, besides a few matching pieces of jewelry, the rest of the wardrobe is basic black pieces. One printed piece like this can really go a long way, especially if you are on a budget or are simply unsure if you will like the color combo you have picked.

Here's an example of another, a bit bolder, way to add more color to a wardrobe, and that is solid colored pieces. A purse or a couple pieces of jewelry in your chosen color can help balance the coordinate a bit.

I haven't even used all the pieces in the sample wardrobe! There are still some shoes and accessories that can be played with to either make an outfit with maximum red, or a few more accessories that can spice up an all black coordinate a bit more.

Hopefully this has helped a bit! It's really not that hard, technically, to add more color to a wardrobe, I think the hardest part is just choosing a color and stepping outside your comfort zone.


  1. great tips! very helpful!

  2. This totally made my day!

  3. Thanks for this guide, it's very helpful! My wardrobe is mainly black, white and red, but I'm trying to add new colour with a white skirt with black, pink and blue details, can't wait to try it on :)

  4. This is a great guide, but what about navy? It seems difficult to make navy look good with anything but white or red. My complexion doesn't allow me to wear pink. Anyone have any tips?

  5. Thanks for this~
    I'm working on adding white and pink into my all-black wardrobe as well and this is very helpful. Now that I know what to start collecting, It makes it much easier. xD

  6. Navy x peach
    Navy x mint
    Navy x pistachio
    Navy x sky blue
    Navy x mustard

    I love navy! It's one of those neutral-ish hues that seem to go with unthinkable weird colors.

  7. really great and useful information. Thanks for posting that. :-)

  8. Thanks so much! I like navy and mustard, but I don't know, it will take some work.

  9. Try the black colorway of a sweet Lolita dress ^_^


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