A Valentines Day Lolita Coordinate

Love it or hate it, today is Valentines day, and I hope yours went nicely! Today I discovered that I actually like Egg Foo Young, I spent all of my younger years totally grossed out by it, but it's actually really delicious XD

Just for fun, here's a V-day themed outfit. I went for something a bit more Gothic than the obvious choice of pastel pinks. I am just in love with that bolero from Forever21 and I think a JSK or dress with a sweetheart neckline would look perfect underneath it.

Sorry for the lack of updates this month, but it's been kind of hectic for me. As usual, I do have several things planned for both the blog and my upcoming Etsy shop, I just have to get around to finishing them! Next weekend there is even a Lolita meetup planned, a late Valentines day meetup. I'm very excited for it and have pulled out one of my favorite, but rarely worn, skirts for it. I also get to have super fun dress-up times with my boyfriend, who will be going in Black Peace Now. Expect some pictures of the event when it's over, and cross your fingers that it doesn't snow and we have to cancel like last months meetup! I can't wait for the weather to get warm again and to stop foiling my plans.


  1. can't wait to see you! should be a good time, crossing fingers against snow!

  2. I always loooooove your coordinates! That Vivienne bag is soooo... *_* <3 <3

  3. loved it.... seriously... I love everything you post^^


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