Lolita Vending At An Anime Convention & Baby's New Rose Ornament print.

Long time no post! Well, long time for me at least. It's been a whole week! I have had a hectic weekend at the convention, which ended up surpassing everyone's expectations and getting 600+ people. Not too bad for a convention's first year. I made some new friends, met interesting new people, saw some familiar faces, and had a real blast selling stuff! And yes, I will be be opening an Etsy shop soon in the future. I really want to do some more convention vending but I think I may have missed out on any open tables for the conventions coming up this year. Oh well, maybe next year?

I ended up forgetting all my business cards on my bookshelf (oops!) but I gave out my blog URL on quite a few pieces of scrap paper when people asked, so if I met you at the con, say hi!

Now, onto the burando! Baby, The Stars Shine Bright have a few new prints on reserve, but I want to talk about the new Rose Ornament print.

I think I am in love! The design, I think, is just lovely. It has a very old school Classic Lolita look to it. Especially with the bonnet! Check out that print! It's absolutely gorgeous and completely decadent. The name sounds very familiar, has Baby released a Rose Ornament print before?

Can you believe how pretty this is? I'm usually a fan of black colorways, but I think the blue and white is even more beautiful.

Besides the Rose Ornament print, baby has a few new prints up there sleeve.

Strawberry and Cherry, misspelled as "Chetty", is another new print that comes in two JSK versions, including a shirred version. The print is adorable, and both JSK designs are really cute. I love the retro look of the first one, and the shirred one is just perfect as well. I am not a fan of the black colorway though, it just looks very busy. I am a bit tempted to pick this up in a pastel color though!

Mary's Sweet Sheep is another cute print from Baby, this time, I think it looks much cuter on the dress than I think the Strawberry and Cherry print does. And up close the print is just so cute. I love the little lambs most of all! They have a very retro look to them, which I just love. This reminds me of a sweet 1950's print. This print is used on a few different pieces, a skirt, and two different styles of JSK. One of those styles is sold in 3 different sizes! Finally Baby is releasing another print in multiple sizes! Although, the JSK sold in one size is, while not fully shirred, has quite a bit of shirring in it, so it's probably going to fit a few sizes. I am, sadly, not too much of a fan of the various JSK styles. The one size one is empire waisted, and while I do love empire waist dresses, I really just like them in the Gothic prints, I feel a bit too much like a toddler in pastel empire waists. The multi-size JSK has a cute design, but probably too plain. I personally think it could use a ruffle or two.

Sleeping Beauty is lovely print that everyone is talking about from Baby's Alice and the Pirates line. I, personally, am not that big of a fan of it. Maybe it's just the two colorway choices, but the black and red doesn't really do it for me, I think, from far away, it looks like too many other AatP prints, and I am just not that big of an ivory fan for the other colorway. The design is lovely, I love the crisscrossing straps on the front, a feature that I think is perfectly Lolita.


  1. I love the strawberry cherry but also find the black too busy. It's a really dense print but I definitely like it on the blue and kinari colorways. Chic vintage!

    And yay for a shirred version! But I wish it had some cross straps halter straps. It just seems plain up top.

  2. Just thought I'd say that the Sleeping Beauty print came in a third colourway - Navy. :)

  3. baby has been impressing the hell out me lately.

  4. I love reading your blog. Nice article. One small comment...the angel in your background makes it hard to read the beginning of the text. At least on my pc. Teh feet are under the first four lines.

  5. Just wanted to say that the sleeping beauty is also available in navy


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