Ask Miss Caro-chan: Exotic Pets For Lolita's

This is a very special special episode of Ask Miss Caro-chan, I recently received the question
What exotic pet would you recommend for a lolita? Nothing like a dog or cat, more along the lines of an anteater or octopus?
Well this is a tricky question, because there are just so many different kinds of exotic animals to choose from! I guess it really all depends on which exotic animal matches your outfit for the day.

Fawns are pretty popular right now, as well as the classic look, so combine the two with a nice tan colored dress, some brown boots, and a fawn print stole. Walk your fawn on a pink leash to match the pink details in the coordinate!

Adorable baby deer not quite your thing? How about an albino boa constrictor? Drape it around your neck as the final piece to a Punk Lolita coordinate, sprinkled with snake print accessories, inspired by the pink colored scales!

Of course, an octopus is a tricky pet to match with your coordinate, as you can't exactly take your octopus out for a walk. But to let everyone know that you're certainly thinking of your cuddly little cephalopod back home by dressing in lots of pastels that invoke the feel of a tropical sea. Wear lots of soft gauzy ruffles (why yes I am suggesting that you layer two ruffly blouses!) and iridescent pearls.

For the Gothic Lolita, try a nice black goat with a shaggy coat. The distressed details in the h.NAOTO dress really compliment the shaggy fur! Accessorize with silver and walk your goat on a silver chain attached to a big black studded collar on the goat, maybe with a few cross charms or chains dangling from it.

If you want your pet of choice to be as elegant as you are, choose a peacock! Wear iridescent dress, flocked with delicate designs to match the peacocks feathers, and accessorize and coordinate deep blues, emerald greens, and golds to match perfectly.

Sorry for the lack up updates these past few days! I both left my laptop charger at my boyfriends house for nearly a week and have been a bit busy with working on stuff for a convention I'll be helping out with next week. So I'm both way behind in updating and reading my usual blogs. I hope this rather goofy post can tide you over till I can get to posting regularly again!


  1. You took this question way too seriously xD I love you Caro-chan!

  2. No parrot for an Alice and the Pirates outfit?

  3. LOL - Best question & answer ever!

  4. You're so good with Polyvore! I like how this isn't the usual "kitties for sweet lolis and bats for gothic lolis ^_^" response.

  5. Love this post ^^
    grea how u get inspiration from nature :p

  6. Those outfits are lovely! I especially like the octopus and the goat. Thank you, they brightened my day, as your blog always does.

  7. Another pet that I think can be perfect for a lolita and her outfits: a ferret.

    Imagine an outfit inspire on Venece's carnival, with a mask as ferret's face mark, with some fur details and a contrast like cream and chocolate or some of the ferret's colors ^^

    Ferrets can be very fluffy and cute ^^

  8. Omg wow, I wrote an article extremely similar to this the other day, it is scheduled tomorrow for posting. We even picked some of the same animals!

  9. I am thrilled beyond description that you included an octopus.

  10. I'd be scared to death walking around with the snake! XD

  11. I drool over the octopus coord. Every. time. I read this. It makes me like octopi. It makes me WANT an octopus just so I can dress like that.
    I know I could without one, but I still want one. I want to invent a way to walk an octopus.
    I want octodogs in my lunch. D: /obsession

    The deer one is cute too, btw.

  12. the octupuse one is so cute!!!!!!

  13. I've featured this amazingggg post on

    Great feature!


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