Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has got all their last minute shopping done and can spend the next couple of days relaxing and cramming your face with as many holiday snacks as possible.

Do you have any Lolita holiday traditions? Do you give out lolified Christmas cards, host a frill filled Christmas bash, participate in any Lolita Secret Santas, or just use the holiday to wear your finest ruffles? If you have yet to make your Christmas a little frillier, you've still got a day left! Dig through your wardrobe for your fanciest dress in red, green, or white and add some pretty gold accessories, bake some cookies and decorate them to match your favorite dress, or make a cute lacy Christmas tree ornament!


  1. I'm still deciding whether to go frills or nod to a more traditional mode..

    Maybe I'll change halfway through? Yeah.

  2. Merry Christmas to you!
    I used to host a more-or-less traditional Christmas dinner for my friends (sadly, they're no Lolitas at all. No frilly dresses here...) with old-fashioned British food and a movie, but keeping the own dress clean while cooking for about ten people is a little difficult, so my outfit was always toned down. But at least I'm having this wonderful red cardigan this year as a lolita-ish accent to my outfit. ^^

  3. I just did ur Qs on my own blog :3

    sorry for commenting on wrong post but I caouldnt find the comment things on the other one ^^

  4. Oh oops! I had accidentally turned commenting off! I switched to a different comment system and am still getting the hang of it. Thanks for doing the meme :D


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