Starting a Lolita Inspiration Journal

A couple weeks ago, while digging around in my crawlspace, I found a composition book I kept through all of high school filled with lots of fashion magazine clippings and clothes doodles. I had a blast going through it and looking at my awful tastes in clothes, and I got the idea to start a new notebook full of my current awful fashion obsession, Lolita.

So I grabbed myself an empty moleskin notebook, which is kind of the grown up and hipper version of the composition book, and went to town! So far, because I have no intention of cutting apart my Gothic Lolita Bibles, the book has been more of a sketchbook/waah-waah-I-want diary, but if my printer had any ink in it I would be printing out some of my favorite fashion spreads and gluing them in there. I've found this to be an awesome way of venting about Lolita, somewhere were I don't have to worry about annoying my friends with my Vampire Requiem woes or ramblings about my love of stripes.

I have only yet begun to fill up this notebook, but I'm filled with ideas of what I want to put in it! If you've got a blank notebook, you might want to try starting your own inspiration journal along with me. Some thoughts on what I plan on filling my book up with include:
  • Ramblings and rantings about clothes I don't feel like boring my friends list with
  • Lots of doodles of my dream outfits
  • Listy meme type things
  • Print outs of brand ads and fashion spreads
  • Print outs of coordinates I've made on Polyvore
  • Hand copy any useful tutorials found online
  • Clip outs from mainstream western fashion magazines that I think have a Lolita feel to them
  • Somewhere to put those stickers that come in the Bibles that's not my DS
  • Ideas for jewelery and other Lolita crafts
  • Fabric swatches from my hoard and what I one day plan on doing with it
Once I beef up the contents of this little notebook, I'll start posting some pictures of what's inside! As a side note, the picture up at the top is a stack of a few of the handbound books I've made, I had considered using one of them for my journal, but I can't bear to write in them. I just really like making them and leaving them blank I guess XD


  1. such a great idea! I'd love to do something like that!

  2. The book with yellowed pages looks very tempting to fill with ideas.

  3. Hey, I've got a book like this. Actually I'm on my second! I like to print out my favourite brand stock pics as those little 'wallet prints' and stick them in.

  4. Maybe you could sell the extra notebooks for some extra dress money? :) Or give them to your friends as a gift? Great idea though!


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