Nightmare Before Christmas And Gloomy Bear Brand Collaborations

Oh. My. God. Baby and Meta have been reading my high school diary! I can't believe the two new collabs they both put out in time for Halloween!

Metamorphose did a freaking Nightmare Before Christmas collaboration! Tragically, this is only available at their Shinjuku shop, and will also cost you an arm and a leg. Personally I think the design is a little "meh" for that price, I mean, where are the big epic swirls and Jack heads? There's just a subtle movie logo on the sheer overskirt. The overskirt, I must admit, looks a little weird, but I bet a uber-fluffy petticoat would make it look good. But still, Nightmare Before Christmas in my Lolita?! Fuck yes.
Oh Baby, a Gloomy Bear collaboration! I love the over-the-top-totally-a-freaking-costume apron. But if you want something a bit more subtle, there are skirts, socks, hoodies, and a purse to pick from, all a little less crazy than wearing a big stuffed Gloomy Bear on your chest, but not by much, the skirt features a big detachable gloomy bear thing.

While on one hand, I am completely delighted that two awesome brands put out pieces that make my inner 16 year-old Caro-chan squeal with delight (seriously, the only thing that could have made her squeal more would have been a Johnny The Homicidal Maniac or Sandman collaboration) I am a bit disappointed in the designs. I would have loved to see the brands do an epic over-the-top print on each of these. A black and white swirly print for the Nightmare Before Christmas dress would have been awesome, like the classic swirly landscape that Sally walks on as she sings. Or how about a pastel monstrosity with Gloomy Bear doing what he does best, killing things horribly, printed along the hem of the skirt? Oh well, I guess I'll keep dreaming!


  1. Isn't that apron pretty much the same as the last one they did?
    I'd love a really Tim Burton inspired dress - crooked black and white lines and swirls or a Sleepy Hollow theme.

  2. Ha, I'd keel over if there was JtHM collaboration. I loved those comics when I was in high school. I still have the separates and full collection.

    I really liked the "I Feel Sick" Devi arc too.

  3. I am kind of disappointed at the NBC collaboration, I feel like it could have been done so much better (both capturing the "feel" of the movie- and taste-wise), but oh well. I still think that lolita needs moar grey, so I still... kind of like it, hahah.

    And seconding the first commenter about the Gloomy apron, it really looks way too much like the one they already did.

  4. Somehow I like the NbC one, but I also think it is too pricey for that simple design! But I would love to see more collaborations in the future. :)

  5. *gasp* I just discovered your blog...and it just made my day!!

    I love the dresses...and Lolita to death!

    Im following you cuz ur awesome :)


  6. @ra- I'm pretty sure it is the same apron as before! And oh man YES I want a wiggly Burton-esque striped JSK so bad!

    @ AM Rose- Oh I still have them too XD I only got into the Squee spinoff though, I just never got my hands on any of the I Feel Sick comics

    @Candiesandlaces- XD I love Gloomy Bear!

    @nmrfxxr- Yeess, I think the NBC one could have been so much more Burtony! Grey is such an underrated Lolita color, so at least it's got that going for it!

    @La-vie-en-rose- Oh my yes, the price made my jaw drop! So crazy for such a simple JSK!

    @Lenore- Thank you :D! Glad you found my blog if it made your day!

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