New layout & Twitter

,A new layout yet again! Please let me know what you think, specifically if it's easy to read and if the loading time is okay. There are a few remaining bits of the old layout I've got to fix!

I also made a Twitter account for the blog, I have a personal Twitter, but this one is going to be only Lolita related stuff, like links and quick clothes ramblings, so you're not going to be hearing me tweet about eating lunch, unless lunch is pink cupcakes or something. If anyone out there has a Twitter account, I would love to have someone to follow!

Follow me on Twitter!

I was going to make this my blogs new banner, but I wanted something a little more fancy XD I just love this picture, that girl looks so demented! It's a Metamorphose ad from like the 4th Gothic Lolita Bible.


  1. I really love the new layout, it's very elegant and makes a cool contrast with the name of your blog, hahaha!

    Btw, I'm following your new twitter too :)

  2. I like the layout, it's pretty. And I like the "Oh my, yes" because it makes me think of Professor Farnsworth yelling out your blog name.

  3. That picture's grant! She suits being the mascot - but I miss the chibi! <3 she was real cute. Of course, the fanciness is pretty great for the name. haha

  4. possibly it's just internet explorer (what I have at work) but the layout is displaying very messed up. The banner interferes with the latest entry and a lot of elements (links, images, etc) are askew.

  5. I love the new layout, though it's taking sometime to load, very cute!

  6. Thank you all! I fixed the IE layout display, so that should look okay. And I'll probably resize the images so they are smaller file sizes, but I think the loading time might be in part the widgets fault. They just seem to want to load before some of the background images do.

  7. hello!
    Following you on twitter as Wazzra



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