Old School vs. New School, Round 4: Victorian Maiden and Innocent World

Round 4: Victorian Maiden

Victorian Maiden now, volume 32

Victorian Maiden then, volumes 1-3

Round 4: Innocent World

Innocent World now, volume 33

Innocent World then, volumes 1-3

I've combined Victorian Maiden and Innocent World in one post, just because I don't have much to say about either of them. I think that Innocent World, much like Metamorphose, has stuck to its roots, while Victorian Maiden has more or less joined the Lolita mainstream. Many of Innocent World's older pieces would fit right at home in some of their newer lines, and they are a brand known for having a few signature cuts of dress that they re-release in various color combos and prints over the years. On the other hand Victorian Maiden has gone from the early anything-goes attitude of Lolita, long velvet dresses, skirts that can't fit a petticoat, and satins, to the more up-to-date style of full cotton skirts.

I also feel that Victorian Maiden has sort of lost a bit of their charm with the mainstreaming of their ways. They still make beautiful things, but I used to love the fact that Victorian Maiden was the odd gal out. Sure, every now and then they'll put out something reminiscent of the good old days, but I'm not exactly rushing to pre-order it. It would have been very interesting if Victorian Maiden had evolved with more emphasis on the Gothic style that they looked like they were leaning towards in the beginning.


  1. I'd say IW has really buttered up the mainstreamers these past couple of years. Seeing as they have had an increase of crazy brain eating kittens and other various cute fuzzies in their prints.

  2. @Maria- Ah that is true! I had forgotten about that because I don't really follow IW too much.

  3. I don't see too much of a change in either of them. Classic lolita nearly never changes(not that it's a bad thing). I think the only change I see is IW models!

  4. The IW models all look the same to me x_x
    It's always been my favorite brand though. I wish that "now" jsk was one of their shirred waist ones, it's SO gorgeous!

  5. I like IW, too :D I think Victorian Maiden actually looks better now than it used to XD but the classic-ness of both brands is still there I think... :3


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