Lolita Mentors

In my weekly skim through of EGL I stumbled across the new community, loli_mentors. It's a community dedicated to finding Lolita big sisters (or brothers!) to Lolita newbies. This is such a great idea for anyone new to Lolita! When I first got into the fashion I always wished I had a more experienced Lolita to help me along and give me pointers, or even just someone to talk to one-on-one about frilly things.

A project like this could really help bring the community together a bit. Now, I'm am not one of the people who believes that the online Lolita communities are falling apart and we all need to start having country wide Lolita slumber parties, but something like this could be a great way to help keep the dreaded ita levels down, and to remind some older Lolitas of what it was like when they were new. Some of us made out Lolita debuts in Miracle Candy sets, many of us had to learn through trial and error and experimentation, and having someone else to help you could really take some of the terror out of being a Lolita newbie.


  1. I actually joined and have a mentor now. :)
    I've been into the fashion for a while, but only recently joine dthe EGL community and whatnots, and I felt I could use some pointers and the like. It's a great way to start.

  2. I think it's a really great idea! I've had a few "little sisters" in my local community, but now that they're experienced lolita in their own right I'd love to provide guidance for someone else.

    I tried applying several days ago, but haven't gotten a response.

  3. I applied recently, but haven't gotten any kind of response. I'd love to have a mentor! ^_^


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