Valentines in the middle of summer and ducks

I love the Lolita Valentines community, so it was really great to see a meme going around this week urging everyone to make valentines for all your Lolita friends. I was going to make a post before they all went up, but I just got home a couple days ago and have spent my time making a bunch for my friends.

This week there were 626 valentines posted! Usually there are between 20 and 30, and sometimes only a dozen are posted. I can't believe how wonderfully this meme ended. I think this was just about the sweetest idea I've seen in a while, and such a refreshing thing to see in a community that is sometimes overrun with wank. Even if you forgot or just plain didn't have the time to make valentines in time for this week, there's no reason why you can't get out there and start making cute valentines for your friends and Lolitas you admire! Lolita valentines are a thoughtful thing to make no matter when you make them.

A project in a similar vein is DeathxChidori's Duck project, which is a goofy way of saying we've all made some mistakes in the past in regards to basic manners and plain ol' not being a jerk to each other. I'm also planning on participating in this project along with a whole group of friends who will be attending a meetup tomorrow.

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