Putting some romance in Gothic Lolita

I love the Romantic Goth style, it's so soft and swishy and delicate looking. Dollpart made a post a while back that was a bit of a What Is and How To using Lolita brands as examples, I guess I'm going for the opposite with this post. Instead of trying to go for Romantigoth using brand examples, I'm trying to add some Romantigoth aesthetics into a Lolita coordinate. If you can't tell a Cyber Goth from a Romantigoth, or didn't even know there was a difference, go check out her post, it's a great starter!

This probably looks like just a regular Gothic Lolita coordinate! But I've done a few different things that I think really give it a Romantic Goth look. I feel like there are a few difference between the two styles that really stand out. Traditional Gothic Lolita is often times very clean cut, it has minimal lace and it's very opaque, favoring cottons or other very solid and sturdy fabrics.
  • Blouse- I've used a gauzy and ruffly black blouse with a lacy camisole underneath. Look for something with a lower cut neckline, and go for fluttery, rather than ruffly.
  • Skirt- In this coordinate, the skirt is the only strictly Lolita piece, while I've used a Fan+Friend skirt, it can be any black brand skirt. I say this is strictly Lolita, because I think the shape of the skirt is essential in this coordinate to keep it within the realms of Lolita, and not just Goth.
  • Parasol- I traded out a brand parasol with an offbrand one that I feel is a bit softer looking, it's made out of a similarly gauzy material and has a lace trim, instead of a waterproof ruffle.
  • Hair- To emphasize the Romantigoth aspects of this outfit, I would not go with any traditional Lolita hair, i.e. pigtails and a head piece. I would go with something simple and wavy, and instead of any kind of truly Lolita head piece, I chose a black rose head band. Or even pulling a little bit of your hair back and tying it in a ribbon. With hair, you can really emphasize the romantic aspect of the look. Think runaway princess, not a whole bottle of hair spray.
  • Gloves- Gloves are rarely used in Lolita, but I think they add to the romance of the outfit. Go with delicate gloves such as these. Stay away from cheap lace or satin. These would be even more Goth and less Lolita if they were fingerless gloves.
  • Jewelry- There are quite a few pieces of jewelry in this coordinate. A pretty little brooch with feathers would look lovely tucked into the ruffles on the blouse, a bracelet made out of a variety of black pearls and beads, an assortment of rings, a longer black pearl necklace, and Victorian inspired earrings and necklace. Stay away from anything too chunky looking, instead think Victorian, and don't be afraid to really layer on the necklaces. Once more, go with the runaway princess look, like you were trying to take all your most valuable pieces with you. A variety of different necklaces and rings can also add a bit of a distressed look to your outfit, without having to go into Naoto-esque rips and tears.
  • Purse- Instead of any kind of Lolita purse or tote, I've gone with a very Victorian beaded bag. Something small and grown-up looking, instead of the rather large and cutesy purses Lolita brands tend to carry.
  • Tights- I've decided not to use socks, or solid tights, but instead have used a pair of lacy tights. They keep up the theme of sheer and gauzy.
  • Shoes- I think the shoes and the blouse are the most important things that separate this outfit from a plain ol' Gothic Lolita outfit. Instead of chunky Lolita shoes, I've gone with a pair of pointy toed Victorian boots. Anything pointy and heeled is sure to make this coordinate look a bit more romantic.


  1. This is one awesome coordinate!!! I think I'm going to try this!!!

  2. Nice collection. Maybe the hair should be black too?

  3. This truly is an inspiration. I love both goth and gothic lolita and it is nice that it can be used together.

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  6. i like this. it would be good to wear to a grave-yard. ^_____^

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