Shop Spotlight: Days Long Gone

Days Long Gone is an Etsy shop specializing in Steampunk and nostalgic jewelery. Besides being a great place to shop for Steampunk, they also sell many other pieces that would go perfect with Classical Lolita. Most of the jewelery at Days Long Gone is made of stamped brass, vintage beads, and antique watch parts.

One of my favorite pieces in the shop is just this little bird hair clip. I love the look of verdigris and I think this would pair up perfectly with a green Victorian Maiden dress. Either holding back wavy locks, or tucked into a bunch of cream colored roses on a corsage hair comb. A pair of their vintage faux pearl drop earrings would go with just about any lolita outfit you could imagine, from Sweet to Classic, to even Gothic Lolita. The honey amber drops necklace is a sweet little necklace with amber colored beads and faux pearls, it's perfect for when you need to accessorize with something beautiful but not intrusive. If you want something bolder to liven up a somber dress, I really love the angel bee necklace, but that might just because I think Lolita could use a little more bee related pieces.

Steampunk shops are a dime a dozen now a days, but the Steampunk pieces at Days Long Gone are elegant and subtle. It would be so easy to work a little bit of steamyness into your Lolita outfits with their lovely winged watch pendants. Or if you want to shout your steamyness from the mountains, their vintage grunge watchmovement necklace is a whopping 4 inches wide and made from a vintage drawer pull, but is still manages to be delicate looking.

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