Micropost: Gothic Hime and Bouffants

I've talked some smack about Himegyaru in my day, and I still stand by my belief that Hime styles tend make you look like a Texas beauty pageant toddler, but I have to admit I do enjoy Gothic Hime Lolita. Yesterday I dug up my hair curler, busted out the hair spray, and gave into the urge to attempt to give myself Hime hair. I managed to make only a little bouffant poof, and my hair bow ended up hiding it. I've since looked up some tutorials and, despite my shame at the fact, bought a pack of Bumpits. I've got plans for an outfit consisting of a h.NAOTO knockoff dress, some Moitie, vintage black gloves, and a whooole lot of hair spray. We'll see how this all turns out.

1 comment:

  1. I love hime in general [I'm kinda satured with over-the-top Jesus Diamante, though], but I agree on the beauty pageant thingie. :X


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