Invent 5 New Lolita Holidays To Celebrate

I haven't had the chance to do a Lolita Blog Carnival post in a while, but this week's was just too fun to pass up! The topic is invent 5 new Lolita holidays to celebrate. Every good Lolita knows that every year comes with, not one, but two International Lolita Days as an excuse to get together and have some meetups, but what about the other 363 days of the year? Now's our chance to fill the calender up with more excuses to wear Lolita!

Maiden's Day
January 26th
January 26th just so happens to be Novala Takemoto's birthday, and what better day to have a Lolita holiday on? Maiden's Day is an excuse to completely indulge in the lifestyle of Lolita. Put on your laciest Old School Lolita dress, sip your most expensive tea, and watch Kamikaze Girls for the millionth time in your life. The best part about Maiden's Day is that you don't necessarily need other Lolitas to celebrate it with, because who needs things like friends?

World Gothic Lolita Day
March 19th
March 19th is already a familiar holiday for a lot of Lolitas, as it's Mana's birthday! What better day to recognize Gothic Lolitas than on his birthday? World Gothic Lolita Day is an excuse for even the sweetest of Sweet Lolitas to goth it up in some black clothes. Take a cue from Mana's Visual Kei roots and put on some Shironuri makeup and go totally OTT with your Gothic coordinates!

International Casual Lolita Day
Second Saturday in August
This comes a couple months after the summer ILD, in what is usually the hottest time of year, a time when people just generally don't wan to wear Lolita. Come August, most Lolitas probably realize that they haven't worn the fashion in a while! Let's change that with International Casual Lolita Day! Everyone shows up with their favorite Otome-inspired blouseless JSK, big straw hat to block the sun, ruffly ankle socks, and meetups are chosen based on places have the best air conditioning.

Over the Top Day
October 13th
Wearing Lolita in October is sometimes more annoying than it should be because it's so close to Halloween that people tend to assume there's some sort of Halloween party going on that they weren't invited to. OTT Day is a chance to go all out with your Lolita, regardless of your style, and do it in a big meetup group. So now when people ask if there's a Halloween party going on, you can tell them "No, as a matter of fact, it's Over-The-Top Day, just wait till you see our Halloween costumes!"

Ruffle-Butt Christmas
December 28th
Who doesn't love Christmas parties? But the real shame is that once Christmas is over, you have to wait almost a whole week before New Years Eve parties! With Lolita Christmas, the holiday doesn't have to be over so soon. In that awkward week of resting between Christmas with the family and spending all New Years Eve partying we can easily fit in a special holiday just as an excuse to bust out the green and red velvet Lolita dresses you never have a good reason to wear the rest of the year! Ruffle-Butt Christmas is, basically, exactly like regular Christmas, only it's just for Lolitas. You get all your Lolita friends together for one last Christmas party of the year and exchange presents of brand novelties, bake up some cute pastel sweets, and finally get to incorporate tinsel into your coordinates!

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    I translate it!!!

  2. Oh my goodness I LOVE all these holidays! And I'm bitter about having missed this topic! I seriously want Maiden's Day to be a thing

  3. Haha I love the Casual Lolita Day one!

  4. This is a great post, Caro-chan! XD I wish Maiden day was real. I'd go all out for it.
    Also, mfw you kept me on your blog roll. <3 You really are a queen. ;w;

  5. Ahh, Christmas lolita has got to be one of my favourite fake-substyles. I love velvet dresses, and dark red and green really suit me, which when combined with my preference for gold jewellery has left me with a bunch of outfits that look too seasonal to wear most of the year. I'll take any excuse to wear them more often!

  6. Definitely going to celebrate Casual Lolita, Maiden's Day, and Ruffle Butt Christmas for the rest of my life! I think this should definitely become a thing!

  7. Love your holidays! :D (Mana is sooo beautiful~ ;~; Wow!) "No, as a matter of fact, it's Over-The-Top Day, just wait till you see our Halloween costumes!" - favorite line. :D Made me laugh so hard! Haha! Love your post! ^_^

  8. I need the Casual Lolita International Day !!! Why not create an event on FB ?!?! Just love this idea so much !

  9. I Love all these holidays, and especially I Love Love the Gothic Lolitas!

  10. I love lolita combined with Christmas, every year I sew for myself new Christmas lolita outfit, it is fun and the Christmas pieces belong to my favourite garments in my wardrobe.


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