Baby, The Stars Shine Bright to Open New York City Store!

If you're friends with anyone on Facebook who happens to live anywhere even remotely close to the US east coast, this is probably old news to you by now, but if you haven't heard yet: Baby the Stars Shine Bright is opening it's first store on the east coast! The news came alongside the news of the re-opening of Tokyo Rebel, a NYC shop that carried a number of Japanese brands, including Baby. In fact, Tokyo Rebel and Baby will be opening side-by-side. The most exciting thing about this is that it isn't happening in some far-off unspecified future, but it's happening in a month.

This is incredible news, and not just for Lolitas who happen to live in and around NYC! This might be the first brand shop to hit the east coast, but it's the second Baby to hit the US, and one of several Lolita shops. Lolita fashion is definitely on the rise in popularity and it's incredibly exciting to see actual brand shops opening up, not just once or twice, but multiple times, outside of Japan. Just as Miss Lumpy pointed out in her post about this news, even if this new shop isn't local to you, with each brand shop to successfully open outside of Japan, it increases the chances of more brand shops opening all around the world! 

As an east coast Lolita, I've often siiighed with envy at all the exciting events that happen for all the west coast Lolita brands, and here's to hoping that with the opening of this Baby store we'll be getting similar events here!

You can keep your eyes on the Baby NYC website for more news about this exciting opening, as well as the twitter and facebook. I would also suggest keeping an eye on Tokyo Rebel and their blog for news as well!


  1. As someone who lives in NY, I'm super excited about this announcement! Not only is BTSSB opening but Tokyo rebel is coming back too! My sister is interested in visual kei, and I like lolita fashion, so it's a win-win for us <3.
    Is there any news about events for the new opening?

    1. Nothing beyond the opening date has been announced! I assume if anything like that is planned they will announce it closer to the opening :)

  2. I wonder if one would be able to order online from these stores. It would hopefully reduce shipping costs.

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  4. Im in new jersey at that time so im soooo excited to go there!!!! I also cannot wait to start my lolita wardrobe! Please wish me luck and thank you much for this information

  5. I'm excited to go but I'm nervous because I don't have any loli clothes >.< Hopefully I can meet some friendly loli enthusiasts that will give me some advice to get started^^

  6. Very exciting news ^^ I love Baby!! They have such beautiful designs!!

    恵美より ♥

  7. I need to to thank you for ones time for this particularly fantastic read !!


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