Anime Boston 2013

Sorry for the silence this month! I've sort of spent the month in a craft-tizzy getting ready for Anime Boston! I was lucky enough to score a table in the Artist Alley again this year and have been working on all sorts of stuff to fill it with!

This handy map will show you were I'll be at table S31, and it's a pretty easy find, as I'll just be on the back wall all the way to the left. If you're going to be at Anime Boston this weekend, stop by and say hi! This year I had planned on attending the Frill Lolita convention, but as it was so close to Anime Boston I had to, unfortunately, stay home. However, I'll still have some stuff from my shop in Frill's boutique!

Once this con is finally over, and I emerge from my traditional post-convention 14 hour coma, I'll be getting this blog back on track with some more posts.


  1. I've just awarded you with a "Very Inspiring Blogger Award" over at my blog!!

    You can view it here:

  2. Hey. I'm pretty new to lolita so I would like to ask that are blackXwhite stripesocks okay with lolita? Please answer if you have time. Thank you!


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