Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Prints I Would Like To See

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival question is actually quite similar to an older post I did back in 2010, 3 Prints I would Like To See. Considering it's been quite some time since that other post, and some of the things I talked about hoping brands would one day release, actually have been released! Tarot cards, stained glass, and books are all print themes that brands have since released, so let's revist the topic a little bit with 3 more prints I would love to see.

Gothic Architecture
This is something that Moitie has done a few times but I would love to see some more brands release more dresses with Gothic architecture inspired prints! Anything from more church windows to more border prints that feature Gothic castles along the bottom.
More of this, please!
While it's nice that Moitie has been doing this for a while, I would love some more variety in this theme that would come from other brands picking up this trend. I can imagine pen sketch styled illustrations of flying buttresses from Innocent World, painting styled prints of stained glass window details from Juliette et Justine, and sombre colors and rose vine covered Gothic churches from Alice & the Pirates!

The Wizard of Oz 
I believe this has really only been done once from brands, and that's by Baby the Stars Shine Bright, but I would definitely love to see more Wizard of Oz themed dresses! There are so many amazing scenes and characters from the books that would be perfect for a Lolita print. One of my favorite characters in the series is Princess Langwidere, who is a vain little princess who has a boudoir full of different heads that she replaces her own with. I think Alice & the Pirates  could do an amazing print featuring a gallery of cute severed heads and a haughty princess admiring them.

  Grave Stones
While this is another print that Moitie has done before, I ended up feeling it was sort of lackluster and didn't really live up to what a grave stone print could be. There are so many great ways to do grave stone prints, I think! From just a row of amazing looking gravestones along the hem of a skirt, to a more scenic look complete with mausoleums and mourners, to an all-over print featuring classical tombstone symbols!

I'm not the only blog talking about this topic! If you want to see what prints other Lolibloggers would love to see, just check out the other blogs that are participating in the LBC this week! If you're interested in joining our growing blogging circle, check out the Facebook group!

 I can't believe how much the Carnival has grown in just three weeks! I am so excited to see so many great bloggers, all with distinctly different tastes and types of Lolita, chime in with their opinion on each weekly topic!


  1. Oh, I'm sure than it's the Barcelona Cathedral! <3 I live near!

  2. I love actually all of your ideas! Especiallly the Oz one, but isn't this princess either only in the movie or in book two? :)

    1. Yeah she's just in I think 2 of the books and I think one of the now-forgotten movies! I really loved her character though!

  3. I love your ideas!
    There should be more gothic architecture prints, I hope on of the brands are going to design something new that's really original. There are so many churches, cathedral and other religious buildings, I'm sure there can be lots of variety in prints. I wish a brand, I don't care which one, is going to design a print that shows the inside of a church or cathedral because that's also very beautiful and should not be forgotten!

  4. Our posts are so similar! I hadn't saw yours before i wrote mines and now I come and read and I see we liked nearly exactly the same things! So agreeing here on all counts!

  5. Actually, I'm pretty sure Krad Lanrete on taobao recently released a gothic architecture-esque print!
    but i would love to see more graveyard prints...

  6. I don't know why gravestone prints aren't more prevalent. There's so much potential there!

  7. Yes! Yes to Wizard of Oz!

    When I was little and saw the movie Return to Oz, the character Mombi, who was also an amalgamation of Languidere, freaked me the hell out! And so did her Wheelie minions! Man, that movie was so twisted that I grew up enjoying the dark aspects of it!

  8. As a Kansan and a Dorothy cosplayer, I approve of the Wizard of Oz suggestion.

  9. Oh my God, yes I would love to see gothic architecture prints! I'm studying art history in school and my favorite era is the late medieval-early "Renaissance" period in Northern Europe. Being able to wear my favorite era to class would be great. (I'm sure my professor would love it too)

    Some I'd like to see:
    1. Mosaics, like Ancient Roman, Ancient Greek or Byzantine. It would be neat if the pattern that surrounds the original mosaic was extended to the rest of the dress. This one would be nice, even if there's no pattern around it that could be expanded: Also this if the pattern around the circles could be smaller - more of a herringbone pattern. This one would be beautiful as a border trim if the color was saturated a little more:

    2. The Unicorn Tapestries

    3. "The Three Graces Dancing Before Mars" by Antonio Canova:

    4. Shakespeare illustrations by Henry Fuseli, possibly on a dress with Elizabethan-style details.

  10. I am a great fan of Oz series books, and I also miss a lot lolita outfits and dresses with this theme. Alice is already so mainstream...

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  12. OMG! I would love more cathedral prints too, not the stitch looking ones, but painting looking ones!

  13. I'd love to see angels - but not those putti or creepy stone angels, more like the warrior kind. Imagine having Michael pwning Lucifer on your dress. There are so many pretty renaissance paintings they could use. (There is one where Michael wears a green headbow. No, seriously. He's probably a closeted Loli.)

    Also I'd like a lot of literature-themed prints. Classic book illustrations would look good.


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