Happy Thanksgiving!

Just want to do a quick post to give a little shout out to everyone who's celebrating Thanksgiving today! I can't wait to dig into some pecan pie later tonight! As I mentioned last year on Thanksgiving, I am, of course, thankful for the little things, the day-to-day things, and the important things in my life. But, as I gather around my traditional Lolita meal of pink frosted cupcakes and bow my head to the great and powerful Mana-sama, bringer of all Lolita, what am I thankful for in the more frilly parts of my life? This:

Mana-sama sent his little Jrock angels down and made it so I chanced upon stumbling across this deal. A size 2 (which I am shocked and surprised to find fits me perfectly, as Juliette et Justine's size 1 seems to run incredibly small) Juliette et Justine print dress, covered in a gorgeous brown floral print complete with little cherubs. I got an incredibly good deal on it too, like BtSSB second-hand lucky pack old school style JSK good deal! I just got it in the mail yesterday, so I get to wear it for the first time for Thanksgiving today!

I also want to point out that for today until the end of tomorrow I'm having a little Thanksgiving sale over at my shop Ophanim. You can get a whopping 20% off your order with the coupon code THANKSGIVING20. Last year around this time I did lucky packs, but my scheduled has been so hectic I haven't really had the time to make any! I do hope to get some done for the Christmas season though!

I want to end this post by mentioning that I guess I'm officially going back to my blogspot address at fyeahlolita.blogspot.com. On the topic of thankfulness, I am truly thankful to all my readers who have stuck with me through this sort of confusing move, and all the people who were distraught at the thought that my blog may have just disappeared! I am very glad to know that those of you out there care as much as you do for this blog. As upsetting as it was to find out that I lost my dot-com due to my own forgetfulness, it really made me very happy to hear from those of you who were worried! Within the next week or so I plan on having a back-to-blogspot giveaway, to help get the word out about my url change!


  1. Congratulations on the JetJ find! I too hope to find a JetJ, MMM, or VM dress that fits me without the wonky full shirring. I might just take advantage of your Thanksgiving sale! I have been eying some things for a while...now I can snag some!

    I do remember you dishing out some awesome lucky packs last year, and I had hoped you would do it again this year, but that's fine--'cause I can still pick up some stuff from your sale :D

    Sorry to hear that your old host wanted to overcharge you. Welcome back to blogspot~


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