Unicorns? In My Lolita? Baby's Newest Print!

I was getting my much needed dose of Lolita news when I stumbled across a picture of Baby's newest print and was completed delighted to find that it featured my favorite animal in the magical animal kingdom, the Unicorn! I really don't understand why unicorns aren't a more common theme in Lolita prints, they are pretty much the perfect Lolita animal- they're magical, they're elegant, they're a princesses best friend, and they can come in rainbow pastel colors, what more can you ask for? But, for whatever reason, very few Lolita brands, indie or otherwise, have even ventured into the magical realm of unicorns. Metamorphose's Twinkle Journey is pretty much your only big brand unicorn release, and the indie brand Pink Macaroon has released a unicorn themed print, but that's really your only options when it comes to unicorn-centric Lolita prints. But now we can finally add another unicorn print to our closets since Baby has decided to finally bust out some unicorns with Unico in Bloomland.

Unico in Bloomland comes in a few choices, two different styles of JSK, a skirt, a pair of print socks, a headbow, and even a printless blouse meant to complete the set. Printwise, I think this is completely adorable, it includes Baby's typical flower swag garlands, bows, crowns, and other more elegantly styled motifs, as well as a liberal splashing of pastel pink baby unicorns. While this is sort of their trademark style (of the moment) it does get a bit boring sometimes, as the general print layout is very similar to a number of prints they have done in recent years, but really, the unicorns make up for that. So much so that the pink version is really tempting me as being one of my very few "fancy pink prints" for the rare occasion when I feel the need to go out in all pink. But, perhaps I'm letting myself get carried away with uniconlust.

What do you think of this print? Does the mere fact that it's covered in little pink unicorns make you want to bust out your wallets and throw money at your computer screen? Or maybe it's just not your style? It is awfully pink and adowabuwle, and I do think that unicorns can be so much more than just cute fuzzy animals.

More of the 30 day Lolita meme! I obviously haven't been doing of these every day, so I'll just be grouping a few of them together for missed days whenever I post. This way this meme wont drag on for half the year, and I wont have to bore you with daily posts about silly meme things!

Day 6- 10 things in your Lolita wardrobe you can't live without.
♥ A black chiffon petticoat, setting this day's unintentional theme of black Lolita clothes! ♥ Simple black underskirt because without it so many things would be too short! ♥ A comfy h.NAOTO cutsew to throw on over JSKs on lazy days ♥ A big black head eating bow ♥ My black and pink crown emblem Emily Temple Cute purse ♥ A pair of simple black Tea Party knockoffs that I can throw on and pretty much match everything, they're comfy and I don't have to worry too much about wearing them down to the soles ♥ Lacy tights, for extra fancification and when I can't find matching socks ♥ Bloomers! ♥ My Stained Glass print skirt, I just really really love that print! ♥ My very first brand dress, a black BtSSB shirred JSK, it's comfy, fancy, and can work it's way into just about every Lolita style out there! ♥

Day 7- 10  5 people who inspire your Lolita style
I think a lot of people are finding this day very difficult! It's so hard to pick out 10 people who you know inspire you, inspiration sort of comes from all over! So instead of 10 Lolitas, here are 5 Lolitas who's style I find very intriguing, I might not draw direct inspiration from them (that is, wear clothes because they do), but I certainly admire them and their styles!
♥  Sachi from Kokusyoku Sumire ♥ Maria of Paperlace ♥ Hitome of Grimoire fame ♥ Martha of Mossgarden ♥ Mana, by no means am I a Manatard, but the dude's got style ♥  


  1. i know! unicorns man! uni-fricking-corns! i saw it on tumblr first, and my jaw dropped. i love the print! i like JSK style 2, the pearl swags make it so pretty. that, and huge chest bows only emphasize the size of my breasts. XD if i had the money and i could fit my 5'10" frame in it, yes, i would buy it in a heartbeat! i'd get it in black, that way the flowers and unicorns will pop better! i love it! gotta add it to the wishlist!

  2. The print is really adorable!

  3. I'm pretty in love with it. I'm usually not too keen on BABY's sweet prints but this... is irresistible. It appeals to my maidenly heart xD

  4. Well, I like unicorns but it's to cutes for me, pastels, pink and wotnot. xD

  5. Unicorns are awesome, but this one is just too adorable for me.  However, if they made a unicorn print that looked like this Bavarian renaissance collar (http://ornamentedbeing.tumblr.com/post/6620474047) I would freaking swim to Japan for the thing.

  6. God I love that black one!!! HAVE TO BUY!!!! o_O'

  7. Unicorns get lumped in with stuffed animals on the list of "print themes I won't touch" because I fear that they look too juvenile and make lolita come across as age play.

  8. i about died when i saw this yesterday, UNICORNS!!

  9. Very cute ^^ But I don't like unicorns very much ^^' ...
    I prefer teddy bears and rabbits and koalas * - * ... 

    The print btw is really cute, I wouls buy it anyway if I could -^^- !!!

    Have a nice week :D

  10. I wish they would release a unicorn print that would look much more like those old mythological images. The type of unicorn with a very long horn, goat hooves and a lion's tail ^^

    I really wish they would feature a unicorn that's a bit... larger....
    Twinkle Journey dissapointed me because their lack of horns made them pegasi instead of unicorns, and I can barely ever find a Pink Macaroon skirt in my size (it's always custom made to much larger than mine)
    As much as I want to buy this print on the sheer premise that it features unicorns, I can't help but think stars and rainbows would be much more fitting than roses.  Even a forest or something...

  12. I LOVE the white one to death but for some reason the black one....I dunno I'm not crazy about it. From a glance it looked like something had spilled bleach on the middle of the skirt to me. 

  13. I'm also a little confused as to why unicorns aren't more common in lolita... but perhaps it has to do with unicorns being a mythological creature from the West?  They might not be that popular in Japan.

    What I like most about this series is the navyxpink colorway, just because navyxpink isn't terribly common in lolita.  The print itself is asorable and beautifully illustrated... but you have to get up close to appreciate it; from a distance, it really blends in with so many of BABY's other prints... and that kind of kills the magic for me.

    And I totally second you on wanting a badass medieval unicorn print.  If JetJ can put a whole Fragonard painting on a skirt, then I don't see why another brand can't do the same with the Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries.  That would be so amazing *__*

  14. I really love the navyxpink colourway :O Is it blackxpink or navyxpink? I love the pearls across the chest <3 Unicorns are so cute ^-^

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